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What Is E-Commerce Packaging?

When buying things online, it’s essential to use a package to protect your products from damage. E-commerce packaging can come in many forms, from paperboard to custom branded tape. It can complement your e-commerce business or serve as a counterpoint to it. Read on for more information.

E-Commerce Packaging

Learn more about e-commerce packaging options and tips for using them to get started. Here are some ideas.


There are many advantages to using paperboard for e-commerce packaging. This material is recyclable, which makes it a green choice. It is the perfect size for shipping items, and the packaging is also ideal for small packages. In addition, paperboard is more resistant to rips and tears than plastic. These are two significant reasons why paperboard is the most popular choice for e-commerce packaging. You can find many paperboard mailers, including Stays Flat(r) and rigid mailers.

The growing popularity of e-commerce has made paperboard containers popular for online retailers. Because of the rapid growth of the middle-class world, many online retailers use paper and paperboard containers. To meet this growing demand, market vendors focus on creating specialized e-commerce packaging solutions. H Using paperboard containers will make your products more attractive to consumers and save you money.

Custom branded tape

Using custom-branded tape for e-commerce packaging is a great way to reinforce your brand image. By making the packaging look professional, you’ll be making a lasting impression on customers and increasing the brand’s value. Your business’s branding is represented throughout the unboxing process, and custom-branded tape helps make the experience more enjoyable. Custom-branded tape is also an excellent way to protect your brand’s reputation. Only the company that purchased the tape can use it.

Tape Jungle is an online service that offers custom-branded tapes. Customers can browse through several styles, specifications, and colours and see how they will look on the products. They can also view their selection in 3D before making a final decision. Tape Jungle will send a digital proof within two to three days to approve or reject the design. After the proof is approved, they will ship the custom-branded tape to their clients.

Air pillows

Using air pillows in e-commerce packaging has several benefits. They provide impact resistance, but they also have a low weight, making them easier to handle and dispose of. Packaging peanuts are sticky, and their disintegration can cause a huge mess. Moreover, they do not contribute to the overall weight of the package so they will add no extra weight. Additionally, these pillows are easily recyclable, and their compact size allows them to take up less floor space.

Air pillows are easy to use and come in a variety of thicknesses. They are a convenient way to fill voids and protect products. Furthermore, they are eco-friendly and make use of HDPE and biodegradable film. The packaging material used to manufacture air pillows is also biodegradable, so it will not end up in landfills. Lastly, air pillows are an environmentally friendly alternative to other packaging materials and can be easily composted.

Custom folding boxes

Printed boxes are an excellent option for e-commerce. They are sturdy, lightweight, and environmentally friendly. Since they are flat and stackable, these boxes save space and money in transit. E-commerce companies can use these boxes for various products, including paper items and dry foods. Aesthetic design can make these boxes stand out from the competition and inspire consumers to buy. In addition, the box can be custom designed and customized to suit your company’s branding.

If you’re selling a product that is too fragile to ship in regular boxes, custom folding boxes are a great choice. Unlike other packaging materials, folding boxes offer a thin, durable finish and can even be used to store fragile items. Folding boxes are an attractive option for small businesses that want to avoid dealing with bulky packaging. Folding boxes also look great on retail shelves and social media platforms.


Ecommerce packaging must protect products from damage and friction while at the same time remaining functional. It should also look great and impress customers. Amazon’s slogan, “Frustration-free packaging,” is also applicable to e-commerce. Here are some tips for creating a memorable, durable package:

Make sure the packaging material is durable and strong. It should fit the product tightly. Otherwise, it could get damaged or smashed into pieces during shipment. Packaging must fit perfectly, and oversized packages can cause an effect to get damaged or lost. In addition, if e-commerce packaging does not work correctly, a customer might have trouble opening the box. Finally, if the product is not adequately protected, the packaging material will not protect it.


The sustainable e-commerce store focuses on the end product while minimizing the environmental impact of its packaging. This requires intentional processes and careful attention to the size and shape of the packaging. Sustainable packaging utilizes shipping materials in the most efficient way possible. Cardboard, for example, can be reused for multiple consumer packages. In addition, by using the most eco-friendly inks, e-commerce companies can minimize the amount of packaging used.

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