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Things People Don’t Know About Trucking

As of now, trucking is acknowledged as a huge part of the US Industry. In simplest terms, most of us depend on truckers to supply the goods and services we need. Whether it’s about shopping for a t-shirt online or looking for the best moving company, trucking will always be a part of it. According to recent stats, more than 70% of the freight alone in the US transported around 12 billion tons in 2018.

This explains how crucial the trucking industry is to the modern world. If you’re a trucking company owner, there are various things you wouldn’t know. You must have gone through Amazon box truck requirements but wouldn’t have read about other stuff. Thus, it’s important that you learn more about the trucking world. Below, we will mention a few things that people don’t know about the trucking industry:

Drivers are Educated

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of drivers are educated. According to the US Central Bureau, around 35% of professional drivers have elaborate education. Most of them have completed a bachelor’s degree and wish to pursue this job of their will. Since trucking is a versatile industry, drivers enjoy exploring different locations.

Traveling is a lot of fun when you’re a part of the trucking world. Sometimes, this percentage goes up to 45% of drivers who have less than 5 years of experience. Thus, every driver you wish to employ for the job must be educated. Even setting high criteria for professional conduct and education will be fulfilled by a large number of people.

Trucking Doesn’t Make You Rich

Most people believe that working long hours can help them make a fortune. However, the trucking industry is quite contrary to what they think. Truckers’ mean wage is around $37,930. This, too, is earned after a lot of hard work. And it is $4000 more than the median wage for all the jobs. Only the top-rated drivers make it to the top of the list. They earn as much as $58000 per year.

You might think that trucking is lucrative but staying consistent in this industry is hard. If you start a trucking business, you can expect to earn high profits in the first few years. You’ll have to cut expenses and focus on routing as a business owner. Since fuel prices are rising, drivers are complaining about making less money.

Around 80% of Americans Depend on Trucks For Deliver

Whether you’re shopping online or in person, the larger things you order are packed, shipped, and delivered to your doorstep. This means you can skip the chaotic process of bringing your stuff home yourself. Even if you’re buying groceries, clothes, or even books, they will be delivered to you via trucks. This goes for rural areas where they don’t have a local station or an airport.

Thus, for more than 80% of the people in the US, trucking is the only way to get what they have ordered. Even when it comes to acquiring services for home improvement or home relocation, trucking will be a large part of the game.

Truck Driving is a Dangerous Job

As a trucking business owner, you’ll have to do a great deal of work in protecting the lives of your people. After all, trucking is one of the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the US. Driving is dangerous if a person drives for long hours during the day. Even more so when they’re driving during the nighttime. Additionally, the chances of an accident are very high.

Especially when the weather Is bad, drivers are at great risk of losing their lives. They can’t play sports or enjoy healthy meals during the trip. They don’t even get enough time to check with the doctor. Thus, it’s important to get them a health insurance plan.

Truckers Work More Unpaid Hours Than Any Other Profession

Even if your trucking company pays them well, they will still outperform. Truckers get paid according to mileage. They say, if the wheels ain’t turning, you ain’t earning. So to get paid, truckers have to keep the wheels running on the road. But if a trucker has no order, they will be left idling all day long. Truckers aren’t even paid when they stop at the traffic signal. Waiting time at some docks doesn’t even get counted.

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