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Top Causes Of Truck Accidents And What To Do If You’re Involved In One

Truck accidents happen for a variety of reasons. Some are caused by the driver, some by external factors such as weather or other cars on the road. When you’re involved in one it’s important to be aware of what happened and how to protect yourself. In this post, we will discuss the top causes of truck accidents and what to do if you’re involved in one!

Causes Of Truck Accidents And What To Do
Causes Of Truck Accidents And What To Do

Driver Error

Driver error is one of the most common causes of truck accidents. It’s important to understand that just because someone drives a big rig it doesn’t mean they are an expert. Many people who aren’t qualified drivers get behind the wheel due to a lack of options or dire circumstances, which can leave you at risk on the road! If your accident was caused by a truck driver that didn’t know how to drive it or took risks on the road, you will need legal representation. If this is the case we can help!

If you find yourself in this situation take pictures of the scene and any injuries sustained immediately after an accident! This is critical to getting help from attorneys’ teams like trial lawyers at Madia Newville LLC.  Immediately contact your team following an accident to discuss your situation!

If another car causes your accident they may be liable for damages and injuries sustained in an accident with a big rig. In most cases, if there is enough information, weather conditions, road conditions, and visibility were not a factor. Accidents caused by weather should be taken seriously but it may make proving liability more difficult.


Fatigue is also another major cause of truck accidents. Drivers are often told to take breaks so that they can avoid fatigue while driving but the average American worker only gets around 30 minutes break per day! It is extremely important for drivers on long trips, particularly nighttime drivers who must constantly monitor their speed and position to remain safe.

Drivers should look into taking more frequent breaks or even longer ones if needed because not doing so could result in a serious accident which will affect you financially as well as physically with injuries sustained from impacts during collisions. Taking regular breaks when fatigued has been proven scientifically through research carried out by Drowsy Driving Prevention Week (DDPSW) who have reported that 83% of large truck crashes involved some sort of driver fatigue.


Weather is another common cause of truck accidents. Trucks are designed to operate in specific weather conditions and can be dangerous when it’s too hot, cold, or snowy outside. If you find yourself in an accident with a big rig on slippery roads keep your distance! It may not seem like the driver has lost control but they might skid out of an intersection or into oncoming traffic.

Another weather-related accident that can happen is when a snowplow pushes snow onto the road. If this happens and you get in an accident it’s best not to assume liability right away. It could be another car or truck that has caused the snow to be pushed onto your lane of traffic!

In this situation, it’s important to take pictures immediately after an accident and call your lawyer. If liability has been determined we can help you get back on track with a new car, truck, or other transportation options if needed.


Speeding is one of the biggest causes of truck accidents and can happen due to a variety of reasons. If you’re stuck behind a speeding truck on the highway, slow down as much as possible and be aware they may change lanes quickly or cut you off!

Some truckers will try to catch up with everyone in front of them if traffic slows down even slightly but this is more dangerous than when people drive faster since trucks take longer distances to come to an actual stop due to their size and weight. Remember that commercial vehicles require extra stopping time as well as the extra space to come to a complete stop so always leave room between you and them.

Another reason truckers speed is because they are often in a hurry themselves or have something important that needs to be delivered on time so it’s important for everyone else on the road not only to slow down around trucks but also allow them plenty of room since accidents could happen if either party isn’t paying attention! If you’re driving behind one try your best not to get into their blind spots by moving lanes when possible, passing if necessary, and don’t drive beside them unless it’s safe. It can be dangerous trying to pass large vehicles like trucks especially at high speeds due to their size which reduces their ability to maneuver over long distances.

Drugs Or Alcohol

Whether drivers are under the influence of illegal drugs or prescription medication, they can cause serious injuries and fatalities for themselves and other people on the road.

Alcohol is a drug too which if consumed excessively will greatly affect your driving ability as well as slow down coordination speed causing you to drive slower. Drinking alcohol also reduces your reaction time by 40%! If this isn’t bad enough heavy drinkers have been found to take even longer deciding what action to make in a potentially life-threatening situation because their decision-making process has slowed down immensely due to consumption of alcohol over an extended period.

The best way for drivers to avoid accidents due to drug or alcohol use is not to drink at all before getting behind the wheel! If you’re going out drinking, make sure that someone else drives home because if they do then there won’t be any accidents caused by drunk driving. When taking drugs users mustn’t drive right away since these substances will greatly affect their ability while operating heavy machinery like large trucks. 

Drugs Or Alcohol
Drugs Or Alcohol

Many factors go into causing a truck accident, including driver behavior. If you’re involved in an accident with a large vehicle, make sure to take care of your health first and foremost by seeking medical attention if necessary. Make notes about what happened during the crash so that you have evidence for any future claims or lawsuits against the other party’s insurance company. The more information available on your side, the better!

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