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12 Ways to Use Glass Jars at Home

Glass jars arrive in an assortment of shapes and sizes. Rather than throwing them in the dustbin, give them new life by attempting a portion of these upcycle thoughts. If you are ready to begin your no waste journey, your priority must be to eliminate all the plastic waste from your kitchen. Doing this will make you purchase a lot of glass jars.

Jars made up of glass are incredible to have around, yet we have amassed so many that we want to track down different ways to use them at home. There are so many ways in which you can reuse a glass jar. If you are not aware of them, do not worry. We have prepared a whole list for you.

1. Storing bulk goods:

Anything present in bulk in your kitchen, such as pulses, rice, flour, etc., can be stored in your old glass jars. No doubt by filling these items in the jar, it will become heavier, but you should think about the good cause you are doing this for, i.e. saving the environment from plastic waste.

use glass jars
use glass jars

2. Soap dispenser:

As we have been discussing the waste products, think about all the plastic that could make hand cleanser bottles. When they’re unfilled, many individuals throw them in the garbage and purchase another one. All things being equal, why not make your soap dispenser bottle? They’re not difficult to make and substantially produce less waste.

3. Gifting item:

If you do some research on the web, you can track down many plans for gifts in a glass jar. From brownies to treats to cereal, store the essential dry fixings in them. Add a mark with the directions and improve the appearance of the container by using some paint for glass jars. It can be used as an excellent gifting item for your neighbors, friends, and colleagues.

4. Store leftovers:

Additional jars are ideal for putting away extra items, mainly when you are inclined to dinner arranging, make a ton of fantastic food, and work ahead. Trench the harmful plastic compartments and reuse the glass jostles that you as of now have. The tops fit tighter than on plastic, and there are fewer chances of any spilling or leaking. We can even take lunch in these glass jars for climbing trips.

5. Pretty candle:

Do you love lighting candles at different places in your home? If yes, then this is the perfect opportunity to convert your glass jars into something that you like. You can find various ideas online on how to make pretty candles out of your used jars. Just make sure to decorate it well and use the fragrance in it that you adore the most.

6. Decorating kitchen:

Like the tables, you use as centrepieces at your home, utilize the containers to style the kitchen. Arrange a couple of jars on the highest points of our cupboards. Make sure the glass jars look compatible with the design and theme of your kitchen. You could likewise utilize them for corks or look for some vintage cooking wares to enrich with.

7. Herb garden:

Are you a lover of herbs but do not have space at your home to grow them? If this is the case with you, then you should consider using this method. Turning your old glass containers into planters is indeed a great fun activity to do. Herbs do not have extensive root systems, so they can ideally grow and survive in small spaces. Ensure to use some rocks at the bottom for smooth drainage.

glass jars for homes

8. Keeping homemade items:

Some people enjoy making skincare and beauty products at their homes only. And sometimes, they can find difficulty in storing these homemade items. Here comes the role of a glass jar that helps you keep the things you made yourself, such as perfume, lotions, scrubs, etc.

You will not have to waste your money on purchasing separate containers for storing your homemade skincare products.

9. Congestion relief:

The colds and hypersensitivities both can prompt stodgy noses and clog your system. In any case, with the assistance of an artisan container, you can soothe clogging quickly. Utilizing some cotton balls by missing a couple of essential oils in them, you can make your own versatile “inhale container” that will assist with diminishing irritation and open your airway routes.

10. Sewing kit:

Are you fed up with losing your marbles or buttons? If yes, put them in some tight glass jar, add a cover and forget about it. You’ll realize where to find them when you want to make fixes to your cherished attire. That being said, feel free to add a few spools of string, sewing needles, and a tiny pair of scissors. You will be astounded how much goodness can squeeze into a small glass jar.

glass jars at homes

11. Air freshener:

A glass container is an ideal thing to keep your handcrafted gel deodorizers or room fresheners. They’re adjustable, and you can make them your own by picking your beloved tones, embellishments, and fragrances. If you have a plethora of jars, you can make many similar room fresheners for every part of your house.

12. Storing garden seeds:

Another way you can make use of empty glass jars is to store the garden seeds in them. Please do not make a mistake keeping different seeds in the same jar, as it will be difficult for you to differentiate between them later on. You can also add a label outside the jar to avoid forgetting what is inside it. It will make it easier for you to pick the seeds whenever the next planting season approaches.

use glass jars at homes

To Sum Up

We purchase plenty of glass bottles and jars along with various food items. You don’t have to throw all of them into the bin when they get empty. There are different ways in which you can use them at your home. Study the points above to get some ideas on utilizing your empty glass jars and generating less waste.

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