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The Best Self Defense Knife for Your Money (Updated 2022)

Knives are a popular self-defence tool, but the evidence points against using one in your situation. We must look at what types of blades work.

The legal implications of drawing out a knife during an assault can be tenuous at best; not even being friendly with blades will help you if there’s no other option available! Add onto this unfortunate fact that successful use requires luck and skill, which most people don’t possess – meaning they may hurt themselves rather than their attacker while trying (and often failing) to protect themselves using only blades as tools…

Did we mention how unhelpful it would’ve been for daily activities?

Best Self Defense

What is the Best Self Defense Knife?

The Best Self Defense Knife will be a sturdy enough knife to take some abuse and still do its job. This means it has to withstand repeated use as one would expect in an assault situation. It’s also not such a high powered blade that it’ll don’t break easily or slice up your arm on accident – so we’re talking about something between a pocket knife and a machete. Best Self Defense Knives:

Most people believe small knives like pen knives and Swiss Army Knives will suffice for self-defence needs, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! A Best Self Defense Knife should ideally have complete tang construction (the metal of the blade runs through the knife’s handle). A Best Self Defense Knife should also be between six and twelve inches (15.2 to 30.4 cm) long and not too thick (no wider than one inch or 2.5 cm).


The Best Self Defense Knife is the Spyderco Matriarch 2. It has a clip point blade design, meaning it has an angled tip which makes it ideal for stabbing but at the same time can be easily concealed in your pocket. Plus, its 4-inch steel blade is long enough to do some damage if necessary – yet not so long you can’t carry it around in your pocket without people knowing! Best Self Defense Knives:

Primal Instinct Law Enforcement Knife

The Best Self Defense Knife for Females, the Primal Instinct knife is a much-loved option among ladies who need to defend themselves. At 5 inches long, its blade is only about an inch and a half long, but it’s still a Best Self Defense Knife for those who need the smallest knife possible. Best Self Defense Knives:

*- Please note that this is not a paid endorsement, and I have no connection to any of these companies! All legal disclaimers apply as they usually would!

Knives Are a Tool

The Best Self Defense Knife or not, it’s important to remember knives are tools and should be used. Knives should never be used for throwing at people (especially in self-defence), nor should they be thrown out of anger towards others! Knives can also cause serious injury if you aren’t careful when using them, so don’t play around with one just because you have it – the best thing to do is leave them in their sheaths until needed and then use only in dire situations.

Please Be Aware of the Legalities of Carrying a Knife in Your Area

Please note that I can’t possibly keep up with every law about knives all around the world, so you should always be aware of your local laws before carrying any blade – even if it’s just to have in case you need it. If taking this knife around is illegal where you are, don’t do it! It’s not worth getting arrested over.

Choices on a Self Defense Knife

Always keep in mind the limitations of your Best Self Defense Knife.

– If it’s a fixed blade knife, then you can’t fold it up and take it with you when not using it.

– If it has a very sharp point on end, chances are you may hurt yourself trying to use it since a lot of weight is concentrated in a tiny area.

– It also makes stabbing much more complicated since there’s no place for hands to go aside from where the attacker is holding their body.

– The Best Self Defense Knife isn’t going to be enough on its own, so don’t think otherwise!

– You need to know how to use this particular knife if it’s different from others (such as the Matriarch, which has a four-inch blade over the usual three).

– Don’t use it on thick objects like wood, plastics or metal unless they’re torsion-resistant. Otherwise, they’ll break your knife!

– Keep away from serrated blades; they’re challenging to handle and can easily cut your hands rather than your opponent. They also take more time to use than smooth edges.

– If you want the Best Self Defense Knife, though, purchase one with a highly sharp blade, so cutting through clothing/tissue/skin will be easy for you. Be aware of what types of knives work for you.

Training to use them Knifes

Knives are considered offensive weapons, not defensive tools. Training to use them is very important anyway, but many people won’t even bother learning how to use one effectively because of the heavy stigma attached to knives.

The fact that you’re reading this means you’ve probably already done some groundwork in self-defence and looking into what would work for you. It’s safe to say that training with a knife will give good results if your goal is protection provided the proper precautions are taken – but it’s also worth mentioning that having a gun or pepper spray would be an infinitely more accessible way of defending yourself. I seriously recommend getting trained on using both should you have the available resources because guns are safer if things go wrong.


The best self-defence knife you end up using is only as good as its wielder. So please be aware of all these limitations and choose your self-defence knives wisely! Thank you for reading my article; please share with anyone who might find this article interesting!

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