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Top 10 Tips to Lose Weight While Eating Whatever You Want in 2022

Lose Weight While Eating? Do you ever wonder or dream about how to lose weight while eating whatever you want?

There are many fad diets that one can follow these days to lose the extra pounds quickly, but it is a guarantee that you will get left feeling hungry.

How to Lose Weight While Eating Whatever You Want

Lose Weight While Eating

According to experts, you should lose your weight slowly to lose the weight and maintain it that way.

It can be especially hard for those people who love to eat but also wish to lose weight.

However, you need not worry because there are ways to lose weight while eating whatever you want.

Some may find diet supplements effective. However, Health Canal dietitians also warn that not everyone can use the pills. Given that, natural weight loss strategies are definitely a wiser choice.

We have the best 10 tips covered for you in this article, so you can lose weight while eating whatever you want!

Tips to Lose Weight While Eating Whatever You Want

How to lose weight while eating quickly by following Easy Steps is a common question.

  • Never Miss Breakfast
  • Reduce Your Appetite
  • Cause Fast Weight Loss
  • Improve Your Metabolic Health At The Same Time
  • Cut Back On Refined Carbs
  • Eat A High Protein Breakfast
  • Avoid Sugary Drinks And Fruit Juice
  • Drink Water Before Meals
  • Choose Weight-Loss-Friendly Foods
  • Eat When Hungry Not When Starving
  • Eat Soluble Fiber
  • Drink Coffee Or Tea
  • Chose Lighter Alternatives
  • Base Your Diet On Whole Foods
  • Smaller Portions
  • Do Not Waste Calories On Liquid
  • Eat Slowly
  • Add Protein To Every Meal
  • Become More Active
  • No Overdoing
  • Eat At A Slower Pace
  • Move Your Body
  • No Eating After Dinner
  • Get Good Quality Sleep

Never Miss Breakfast!

Many people who wish to lose weight while eating well often think that missing out on their breakfast will help them lose weight.

Most people will not have breakfast, thinking it is an excellent way to cut lose calories.

However, studies show that people who miss out on breakfast will have higher BMIs, lower energy levels, and eat more throughout the day.

Never miss out on breakfast!

Eat a nutritious breakfast to give you the energy you need and stop snacking.

No Eating After Dinner!

Stop snacking or eating after you have your dinner.

Moreover, ensure you eat your dinner before 7 pm.

You might be wondering why?

At night we do not have a lot of activity, and whatever you eat will most likely turn into fat.
When we snack late at night, we eat and go to sleep, slowing our body and not letting our body do its work to keep us relaxed because they are trying to break down the food or snack we have just had.

The best way to stop yourself from snacking is eating your dinner, having something sweet or tea, whatever you want, and then brushing your teeth. It will help you not to eat or drink after 7 pm.

Eat when hungry not When Starving

It is best to eat as soon as you seem to get hungry. Many people will often wait till they are starving and their stomach starts growling.

It causes them to eat more and will not be able to stop themselves.

Learn to know when you get hungry and have a meal plan, as it will train your body to not snack at unhealthy times and put your body in a good routine.

So, eat as soon as your body gives you the signal that it is hungry. Do not wait for yourself to starve by depriving yourself of food. Or else, you will eat double the amount!

Chose Lighter Alternatives

The best way to lose weight while eating whatever you want is by being smart.

How? You may ask!

When shopping for food, buy everything you love, but choose the lighter alternative product of that food item.

For example, buy low-fat yogurt or low-fat mayonnaise and salad dressing.

Find healthier alternatives for your to snack on.

This way, you will be eating whatever you want without gaining the extra weight and, in fact, losing it. You can find healthier alternatives to everything, even chocolate, and desserts in this age and time.

So choose smartly!

Smaller Portions

Do you know that lessening your meal portions even by 20% will help you lose weight?

Mostly, we have more extensive meals, whether we are at home or restaurants.

It would be best if you got a grip on your meal portions.


You can do that by getting portion control bowls and plates and cups to help you eat the right amount without going overboard.

Such dishes will make your food look more than enough and trick your body into thinking you have plentiful food to eat. Therefore, control your portion size! Eat whatever you want but in moderation.

Do not waste calories on Liquid!

Most drinks will only pile on the fat you have with its many calories and not reduce or help with your hunger. Switch to drinking water, a small glass of fresh fruit juice, coffee with low or skim fat milk or a low-calorie vegetable juice between meals.

Moreover, limit your alcohol to only a glass a day and only on weekends.

Fizzy, sweetened, and other drinks and juices tend to have a lot of sugar, which does not help the person lose weight while eating.

Therefore, when it comes to using your calories, why waste it on a drink that will do more harm for your body than anything beneficial?

Add Protein to Every meal!

No matter; whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, ensure you have protein in every meal. Often people toss out protein for vegetables thinking that it’s low in calories and will help in their weight loss journey.

Let us tell you that is not the fact!

When you eat protein, you get full and stay full for some time which will help you not to snack unhealthily. Many celebrities like Kim Kardashian say that they have lost weight by ensuring they have protein added to every meal of their day.

So, you do the same.

Have protein, stay fuller, no unhealthy snacking, which means losing weight!

Become more Active

If you wish to lose weight while eating whatever you want, you will have to become more active to burn your calories.

You can start by doing simple cardio like 10,000 steps per day or for work or shopping, talk or cycle when you can instead of using transportation.

For many, it can be hard to go to the gym or take time out for the gym.

Therefore, we suggest you become active as much as possible, like pace or march on the spot while talking o the phone or watching TV. You could even dance to your favorite song.

The more active you are, the more you likely to lose weight while eating whatever you wish, as you will be burning it as you go on.

No Overdoing!

For many, this hits home.

Many of us find ourselves in a complication, where we have delicious food in front of us, and we can not stop eating it. The problem is that we eat not because we are hungry but because we love it.

Therefore, when your body tells you that you are full, stop eating, it will not be easy, but it will be worth it.

Keep the leftovers for the next day, so you can look forward to eating and not overdo it all at once. Train yourself to stop eating as soon as you are full, no matter how much you want it.

Eat at a slower pace!

When we eat at a fast pace, we will eat more than needed, and our brain will not get the signal on time that the food is in and will take more energy than needed. Eating at a slower rate will give you a chance to enjoy your food and know when you are full.

A way to practice this is by eating half first, and if you are hungry 20 minutes after, then eat the other half. If you cannot do that, then eat what you have in front of you at a slower pace, ensuring you chew your food correctly.

Trust us when we say that this is an essential tip for losing weight while eating whatever you want.

Final Words

Overall it is not impossible to lose weight while eating whatever you want. It all depends on your meals, how you eat them, and how active you are.

You have to ensure you have a better eating environment. Eat whatever you want but choose its healthier alternative. So, you will lose weight without starving yourself.

Can a person lose weight while eating whatever they want and exercising?

The truth is, if you eat out your exercise, then it will not do much for you. To lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, you have to eat right and exercise. Both are important to lose weight. If you eat a lot, then you will only burn the calories you’re eating and not get around to burning your stored fat.

What happens when you work out without dieting?

Nothing much will happen, but that workout will not help you lose weight or make your muscles. Exercise is good for you but can be useless if you’re overeating or eating too little, as it can mess with your energy and make you fatigue.

Do fruits make you fat?

If you overeat it, you will gain weight instead of losing weight no matter what you eat. However, fruits and vegetables are lower in calories and higher in water and fiber when it comes to fruits and vegetables. You will not gain weight but lose weight.

How much water should one drink to lose weight?

To lose weight, one should drink up to 2 liters of water a day before meals and at least an hour after meals.

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