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Top 10 Indoor Plants To Purify Air And Make You Happy

Indoor plants are one of the most unique decorations to add to your home as well as purify air. They change the entire ambience of your home and look extremely pretty. A home with plants looks so much more lively and has a homely feel to it, but did you know that besides making your home look incredibly amazing, indoor plants also purify air of your adobe.

Purify Air

It’s a proven fact that many indoor plants purify air naturally and make the environment happier and healthier. From our end, here’s a list of the top 10 indoor plants that change the atmosphere you live in.

Purify Air
Purify Air


Found in beautiful colors such as red, pink, yellow, and orange, Gerbera Daisies also known as Barberton Daisy, are one of the most enchanting indoor plants. These plants will change the entire look of your house while providing you with dairy fresh air. These flowers clean the toxins like formaldehyde and trichloroethylene from the air, which are found in most households.


The most interesting fact about this plant is that it stays green throughout the year. Also known as common ivy, English ivy is an easy-growing vine and works as an excellent ground or wall cover. This plant reduces air-borne faecal particles but requires a lot of water and at least four hours of sunlight. Therefore, if you are thinking about getting an English ivy, make sure to place it somewhere, where the sunlight reaches for a long period of time.


If you are someone who forgets to water the plants, then the snake plant is the perfect indoor plant for you. Also known as Mother in law’s Tongue, snake plants don’t need much water, in fact, the roots actually die if overwatered. Keeping it in your bedroom is the best option as this beautiful plant with yellow corners actually releases oxygen at night. It also filters formaldehyde, xylene, and benzene from the air.


The plant with pretty silky white and green leaves is more than just decorative. This plant filters toxins like carbon monoxide and xylene from the air and also doesn’t need much attention. If you have pets, it’s the perfect choice for you as this plant is non-toxic for animals.


Aloe vera is more than just something you find in beauty products, This plant clarifies the air of formaldehyde and benzene. It is also an instant remedy for kitchen burns etc. The only problem with this plant is that it requires a lot of sunlight, therefore it’s better if you keep it on your balcony or near your window.


With incredibly attractive red-edged leaves, a dragon tree is a perfect indoor plant as it grows really slow and grows max six to eight feet indoors. This pretty little tree filters toxins like Trichloroethylene and xylene from the air while making your home look absolutely amazing. The combination of red and green color leaves makes it even more appealing.


If you have never had an indoor plant, this is a great way to start. Chinese Evergreen is a perfect indoor plant that grows in almost all indoor conditions and can survive in low light conditions. This plant effectively eliminates formaldehyde and benzene from the air. The only thing to remember is that this is a tropical plant, therefore needs a bit of humidity. Keep spraying a little water every now and then to keep it fresh.


Devil’s ivy or pathos as it is commonly known, thrives in natural lights and needs watering once a day. This plant with heart-shaped leaves reduces the levels of formaldehyde, benzene, and toluene from the air while making your living area look completely stunning. This plant grows as vines and looks great in a hanging pot or basket.


One of the most elegant-looking house plants, Kentia Palm is one of the best air-purifying plants. This plant is a perfect choice for indoor plants as it grows really slowly and can tolerate being in shade for long periods of time, though it is advised that you keep it somewhere where it gets some bright light.


If you need a plant that has health benefits as well as looks absolutely enchanting, then Flamingo Lily is the one for you. The bright red color of the plant will look gorgeous anywhere you place it, the plant cleans the air and makes the area look more lively. It is also a great choice as it does not require direct sunlight, just any bright lighting will do.

Indoor plants are a great way of changing how your surroundings look. Every plant has its own qualities and now you don’t even have to search for an indoor plant shop near me as you can get these plants right where you are sitting at home through online shops. Plants will not only purify air around you but they will also put you in a better mood, try them once.

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