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Factors to Consider While Applying Vinyl Decals

From laptops and cars to windows and storefronts, the vinyl decals will help you decorate any surface with your promotional message. The application process of the vinyl decals might seem complicated and time-consuming at the beginning, but you can complete the process with a few easy steps. The vinyl decals are one of the best ways to personalize your brand which can further boost the success of your business.

The vinyl decals come in different sizes and shapes. As they are highly customizable, you can print anything you want on the vinyl decals. There are many places you can install vinyl decals. However, sometimes the places might not be ideal for the application process. Therefore, you need to ensure that you’re applying the stickers properly.

Apart from checking the surface thoroughly, you also need to ensure that the surface is smooth. Despite the location, if the surface is uneven, you will face problems applying the vinyl decals. Don’t forget to check the smoothness of the surface because it might create visible bumps after the installation process. Here are some factors you should consider while applying vinyl decals.

Make Sure the Surface Is Flat

You don’t want to misuse your customized and promotional vinyl decals. So, it’s imperative to choose acceptable surfaces that apply the vinyl decal. If you don’t want any mistakes to ruin your decals, you should always choose flat surfaces.

The surface might look like wood, vehicles, or glass. The glossy enamel is one of the best indicators of an acceptable surface. Choosing a flat surface is the first criteria you need to fulfil while applying vinyl decals. The shine on the glossy and smooth surface will prevent the decal from creating bad results.

If your vinyl decals suffer from air bubbles, they will not look eye-catching. As a result, unappealing vinyl decals won’t be able to capture the attention of your customers.

Make Sure You Don’t Start the Installation Process in Extreme Temperatures

The decal might suffer from sensitivity under different temperature conditions. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to their sensitivity so that you can avoid any complications from installing the vinyl decals under extreme temperatures. If you start applying the vinyl decals under extremer temperature conditions, it will make stretched and smoothen the vinyl.

The temperature of the surface should be around 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature of the surface can also damage the adhesive. So, don’t forget to check the temperature so that you can maintain the proper condition of the decal.

Clean the Surface Thoroughly

This is perhaps the most important factor you should consider while applying vinyl decals. The cleanliness of the surface is extremely important. If the area has dust, dirt, or smudges, it will undoubtedly affect the adhesive and lifespan of the decal.

This is why you should always clean the surface thoroughly with a cleaning mixture. Consider using dish soap and rubbing alcohol for the cleaning process of the surface. As per Healthline, rubbing alcohol is a great household cleaner.

Make sure you avoid any type of recontamination. Use a clean cloth and remove any debris in one direction.


These are some factors you should consider while applying vinyl decals. Make sure you contact us if you need high-quality vinyl decals.

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