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Top 9 Creative Bathroom Faucet Trends for 2022

Do you ever feel like your bathroom is a little bit bland like it needs some color? Unless you’re a fan of blue-tinted tiles and floral prints, chances are your bathroom is probably fairly neutral when it comes to design. If you feel like your faucet is basic, affecting the bathroom as a whole, then you might want to consider replacing it.

The faucet is one of the first things you see when you walk into your bathroom. It’s also a key design element that sets the tone for the rest of your bathroom. This is why you should be paying attention to the upcoming faucet trends.

Faucet trends change all the time, and they affect the design of your entire bathroom. Some faucet trends are also more popular than others right now. So, with that in mind, here are the top nine bathroom faucet trends in 2022.

9 Trending Bathroom Faucets for 2022

Designers are always searching for the next trend to incorporate into their designs. Sometimes, these trends become so popular that they are instantly incorporated into every single bathroom faucet on the market.

I give you here the nine trending modern bathroom faucets for 2022.

1. LED Faucet Lights

One of the most popular trends in the faucet industry right now is LED faucet lights. You see, these lights are highly energy-efficient. This is great for a few reasons.

First of all, you won’t have to buy new faucet lights for a very long time. And, the prices for these bathroom sink faucets are cheaper. So, you’re not only getting a more attractive design, but it also saves you a ton of money.

Many of the designs of these new lights also change color according to the temperature of the water. This will help prevent scalding with hot water because you will be able to tell the temperature of the water before you touch it. And isn’t the color-changing feature a fun addition to your overall design? I bet it is!

2. Hands-free Faucets

Another popular faucet trend is a no-touch smart faucet. While faucet designs have been evolving, so have the technologies behind them. That is why you see the incorporation of so many new technologies into the designs of these modern bathroom faucets.

One of these new technologies is a high-tech touchless faucet. What this feature does is it allows you to turn the tap on without touching it. Simply put your hands under the faucet, and the sensors in it will turn it on for you. The touchless faucet turns itself off once it doesn’t detect hands in its proximity.

This feature prevents water wastage, and it is prevalent in households with children. Many kids have a habit of not turning the faucet off after going to the bathroom. A hands-free faucet can be great for solving this problem.

3. Colorful Faucets

Say goodbye to your plain, old, and boring bathroom faucets; fun, colorful ones are in. Colorful faucets add a touch of color to your bathroom, and they are taking over in 2022. This hue is often contrasted with a dark or light base to give it that extra pop of color.

Colorful faucets aren’t just for bathrooms. You can also find them in kitchens, laundry rooms, and even outdoor spaces like patios and decks. Gold bathroom faucets just give a statement and add that extra hmmpf to your bathroom.

4. Freestanding Faucets

Another popular trend that is taking over this 2022 is freestanding faucets. These faucets are usually used for bathtubs, and you mount them on the floor of the bathroom.They are a bit pricey when compared to regular bathroom faucets. However, they are worth every penny.

Bathroom Faucet Trends

The concept behind this trend is pretty simple. Many of us spend a large portion of our time in our bathrooms. So, it makes sense that designers design them to be as comfortable as possible. With this type of faucet, you can have complete freedom to soak in the bathtub uninterrupted. You won’t have the tap or spigot poking you in the back while relaxing.

These faucets are trendy, classic, and give your bathroom a fashionable look. Freestanding faucets are especially popular for bathtubs. But, you can apply it to other spaces like laundry rooms.

5. 360° Swivel Bathroom Faucet

Another trend you can find this 2022 is 360° swivel faucet spouts in bathrooms. This can help you save some water each time you use it. It is anti-splash, so it is a great design feature if you are looking to use less water.

This faucet design is slightly extendable so it helps you get to areas in your sink or bathtub that might have been unreachable otherwise. A 360° swivel can help you clean your tub or sink with just a few swishes of the faucet.

6. Wall-Mounted Faucets

This trend has been all over for some time now and you can still expect to see more of it this 2022: wall-mounted bathroom faucets. This trend often combines the aesthetic appeal of a faucet handle coming out of the wall with exciting shapes and colors to add class to any bathroom.

You can find exquisite wall mount faucets in all types of materials. That includes stainless steel, brass, ceramic, and even glass. This design element often comes with valves instead of taps to further add an alluring modern aesthetic to your bathroom area.

7. Matte Black Faucets

Matte black bathroom faucets are another popular faucet trend. This design element has been popular the last few years, and it is still going strong this 2022.

Matte black faucets spell elegance and add a modern, luxurious, and extravagant feel to your bathroom. Black goes well with everything, so this faucet will easily blend with your overall bathroom aesthetic.

This faucet comes with hidden swivel aerators to control water direction. It also helps reduce splash, so it would be perfect for conserving water. Matte black faucets will add value to your home with their inviting appeal.

8. Widespread Faucets

Widespread faucets no longer belong only in the kitchen as has been the trend for years. These days, you can find widespread farmhouse faucets more and more in bathrooms. They are impressive and come in different heights, shapes, and sizes.

These faucets blend especially well with modern, contemporary designs. They do this by adding a softer and charming appeal to your bathroom. The faucets are your best bet for giving your bathroom both a timeless and modern appeal.

Bathroom Faucet Trends

9. Waterfall Faucets

Another popular faucet trend is the waterfall faucet. The aesthetically pleasing waterfall faucet is one that will compliment your bathroom beautifully. This faucet has a waterfall design that comes in various styles, shapes, and colors.

The sound of the water coming out of the faucet is relaxing and the faucet also has a trendy and stunning look. The waterfall faucet creates a peaceful oasis in your bathroom. It also doesn’t splash, reduces water use, and is easy to clean.


The design of your bathroom faucet is one of the most important design elements that you can incorporate into your bathroom. It is important to make sure that it looks great, but it is also essential to make sure that it is also efficient and saves water.

The best way to make sure that you incorporate these design elements is to make sure that you choose the right faucet for your bathroom that still expresses your desires without going overboard. With so many bathroom faucet trends to choose from in the next few years, you will surely find the perfect faucet for your bathroom.

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