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5 Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

Do you struggle with a bad neighborhood or are you just concerned about protecting your investment? Whatever your reasons are, making your property more secure can lead to peace of mind and long-lasting safety.

Securing your home no longer stops with the physical. We are living in the age of digitization, and that digitization extends to cover our homes, our devices, and our individual property. These 5 tips and tricks will help you to keep your home and family safer. Protecting your home isn’t the core of the matter. It is protecting the people inside it that counts.

The 5 Ways to Increase Security in Your Home

Before you rush off to buy a new top notch alarm system and electric lock-in doors, let’s review ways you can improve security without breaking into a bank.

1 – Insure it

When you have a property that you like, whether you own it or rent it, insuring it should be at the top of your list. Finding an insurance type that suits you can be tricky. Make sure you cover your home, the contents, and your grounds. Insurance should protect you from lawsuits, as well as protecting the goods in your home and the building itself. Not sure where to hop? Start with the Architectural Digest’s review of American Home Shield. It might help the average consumer decide on the right insurance product for them.

2 – Light it

The next thing you can do to deter potential harm is to light it up. Burglars don’t like motion detecting lights. It is far more difficult to break into a house flooded with light than it is to tackle a back yard door in the dark. Security lights go a long way. With millions of burglaries in the USA every year, lighting can make those thieves pass your house by.

3 – Lock down the tech

Part of modern world safety means locking down the WiFi network. Password protect apps and don’t trust insecure sites with payment details. There are thousands of little ways you can protect the digital devices in your home. Email viruses are on the rise again. Stay sharp and download a good antivirus software for your home devices.

4 – CCTV

CCTV deters criminals, but it’s not just CCTV – it’s the threat of CCTV. Those who couldn’t afford a working system could invest in a mock camera and a few signs. The signage suggesting you have CCTV in place works as effectively as the camera itself. You don’t need to be rich to be safe at home. You just need to be smart.

5 – Doors and Windows

Making your doors sturdier or adding locks to the windows are both fine and good. Consider this, though: that your home extends as far as the property boundary. If your house has a secure door and locked windows, and it is additionally behind a wall or fence and a gate, plus you have security lights, this will keep burglars away.

Home security works because it makes your house look defended. It is no longer a target. Remember this when it comes to making safer upgrades.

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