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Top 15 Small TV Stands For Bedroom & Small Spaces

In this modern age and day, there is not a house that will not have a TV. Whether it’s a 23-inch one or a 70-inch one, every house apartment, the dorm has a TV. One of the main problems that buyers face is getting a Tv stand that will take less space because mostly are large and require a lot of floor space. The ideal choice for a person is getting a TV stand, but if you live in a compact place, it can be difficult to find one that suits your requirement. Most TV stands get made for large spaces, and if you don’t have that, it can get frustrating to buy one that will give you features like a large one, accommodate your TV and take less space.

To lessen your frustration, research, and save you time, we decided to make a list of the top 15 small TV stands for bedroom & small spaces. We have done extensive research from reading views and finding the best items we can. We have listed many different styles, colors, and prices for small TV stands for you to view and buy. So, no need to worry about the finding as we have got that covered for you. You only have to worry about which one you like and buy it.

Small TV Stands
Small TV Stands

Things TO Consider Before Buying A Small TV Stand

Space Available

Outline the space where you see your TV stand or your TV and measure it. Making sure that it will not block or get in the way of doors, windows, or pathways. If you get the wrong size TV stand, according to your room, it can get difficult and can end up causing your or someone injury.

Size of the TV

You will need to measure the TV size diagonally to ensure the TV stand meets the TV size. You would not want the edges of the TV out of the TV stand. You will want to set the TV in the middle of the stand to ensure it’s safe and stable. Buy a TV stand that will leave an inch or two after you put your TV.


Many buyers forget to factor in this point. You would want a TV stand that gives easy access to the cable and which plug-in from the behind-leaving all cords and cables at the back. You would not want to move the whole thing when you want to plug something in or trip over a wire because it had to get plugged from the outside. So having some kind of arrangement that will hide and give easy access to the cable is a plus point for many, especially those with children.


You have to consider the type of storage you want or if you want any at all. Do you want it open or closed, and how much storage do you want on your TV stand? For displaying, decorations you can get open ones, for a house with children you can get closed ones, and if you want you cannot get ones that give both options.

AMOAK Industrial TV Stand

What’s more astonishing than having a small TV table that you can use for many other purposes also, like a coffee table, sofa table, or even a cocktail table? The industrial small wood TV stand by AMOAK is a piece of furniture that one can use for multiple uses.

This industrial TV stand, crafted using MDF board and metal, makes it sturdy perfect even with the simple look. Furthermore, the MDF Board is P2, which means it’s not only anti-scratch but also waterproof-so it will not lose its original appearance for a long time to come. It has a smooth finish, and will not give any foul smell or harm, also made glossy, for easy cleaning.

This small rustic TV stand will not take a lot of space, length-or-width-wise. It features two open shelves for you to store your TV and media components. The legs, made of metal, give the whole structure strong support, so it doesn’t fall on you.  You get it is a beautiful vintage brown color, and it has a weight capacity of 100lbs.

Anyone looking for a cheap small TV stand for their bedroom, which will hold their TV and also give enough storage space, should consider buying this industrial TV stand by AMOAK.

Monarch Specialties Corner Glass TV Stand

Looking for a small corner TV stand that will not take place and look great also?  The corner with glass doors TV stand by Monarch Specialties is a great piece of item one can get.  Imagine the empty corner that is staring at you in your room, wishing to get filled with something stylish yet simple.  Why waste that perfectly empty space when you can put your TV there?

This corner TV stand is small but with a length of 42-inches, making it perfect. You can put it in your room and view the TV without any neck strain. This small TV cabinet has a thick panel structure, which guarantees to give you a TV stand that is sturdy and firm at the same time.  Moreover, it can fit any size of TV without much problem, so if you have a large TV but cannot afford to give a lot of space for the TV stand then this is a good option.

For storage, it gives to a closed double-door cabinet. It has two closed-storage spaces for you to store whatever you wish, and if you have kids or pets; a perfect thing to keep them from messing with the TV and media components.

An exceptional small corner TV stand wood made, with a sleek grey wash color and glassed double door cabinet, is something that will be worth the buy and eventually become your favorite piece of furniture.

Convenience Concepts Designs2GO 3-Tier TV Stand

A wood TV stands small, which you might love for its simple minimalist design, is the Designs2Go 3-Tire TV stand by Convenience Concepts. It will look exceptional no matter where you put it, in your bedroom or your children’s room.

This small dark wood TV stand has legs made of steel legs, making it durable, and has a beautiful cherry woodgrain finish. It has dimensions of 15.75 x 31.5 x 22.25 inches, which is a fairly good TV stand size, making it a moderately average-sized TV stand. You can fit a TV that is 32-inches. It will add a refined contemporary style to any decor.

This small cherry wood TV stand has two open shelves, making it great for people with TV boxes and gaming systems, as they have easy access without having to move the whole thing forward. A feature of this TV stand that many will love is the fact that you can assemble it in four easy steps, nothing complicated, and no tools or extra personal help required. Amazing… Right?

The stability, beautiful cherry finish, and price make it worth the buy. It will not only look great but will not take much space, so if you happen to live in a compact place and can not give too much space to a TV stand, then this small TV shelf design would be one for you to consider buying.

IANIYA Swivel Floor TV Stand

A Small glass TV stand with a mount made by Ianiya is something one would not miss on. It has many features that you will be thankful for, and its height ensures you will not strain your neck when watching TV for a long time.  You might be wondering, why do I need a stand with a mount? Well, the main reason being it secures your TV in one position, and you will not need to worry about it not being firm in place or falling over.

This small TV stand has a conventional design, allows you to place it in a corner or next to a wall. The elegant and glossy ambiance gets created by the tempered black glass. This TV stand is easy to assemble and will not require you to use any tools.

It has Three open shelves made of thick black glass so that you get a sturdy glass TV stand, which will not break easily. The shelves have a weight capacity of 88lbs, giving you not only enough space but weight capacity also.  It has a cable management system at the back to organize and conceal the wires for a tidy look. The swivel feature that the mount has is something you will love, It allows you to move the Tv 45-degrees to the left or right side, so if you happen to be working on the side of the room, you can swivel and make it easy to watch and not miss your show. The mount has safety screws, so you will not have to worry about it slipping or falling off.

Moreover, you can also adjust the height to view the TV better. This small tv stand with a mount not only needs less space but also offers a lot of features that one would not regret having.

Homfio TV Stand

Another small TV console with an industrial style that we could not prevent ourselves from adding is by Homfio.  A TV stand is less than $100, with a style and design that one who likes Mid-century items would not want to miss out on.

This TV stand for small places has attractive industrial and vintage combination wood tones that give the decor a homey, warm look. It will look spectacular anywhere and made using high-quality particle board, makes the whole structure not only sturdy but ensures to last you a long time to come. The extra stability gets given to the construction using four legs; it will not fall into pieces; that’s for sure.

To provide you with enough storage space’ this small modern TV stand gives you two lengthy open shelves and one cabinet with a push-to-open door design. Providing you both open space for things you want to display and close for things you wish to conceal.

The small TV stand with storage has a flat and smooth surface, and it’s easy to clean.  There will be space left from the floor to the stand so you can clean easily from underneath without having to move it. This beautiful rustic brown TV stand is not only easy to assemble but will also go with any furniture.

Sauder County Line Panel TV Stand

A small media center that we could not prevent from sharing because of its quality, is well-designed, with a traditional and condensed appearance is the Sauder County Line TV stand. It is perfect for a 47-inch TV weighing less than 70 pounds.

The feature of this small wood TV stand is the design using natural wood and the whole aesthetic aspect. It also has an urban touch with framed doors and fixtures. This fabulous piece has gotten designed to match any shade of decor. It has the steadiness you need because of the solid wood used.

You also get a combination of open and -closed storage spaces. There are two open shelves in the middle, and behind each door of the cabinet, it has adjustable shelves to meet the height requirement of any media or TV component that has quite a height.  It gives you all the storage space you might need.

Overall it a small wood stand that one can buy, which not only has a good design but is durable and will look great anywhere you put it.  Moreover, the Sauder County Line Panel TV stand with the salt oak finish will not be too hard on your pocket and does not give a cheap look.

Furinno Turn-N-Tube Entertainment Center

This small media stand is not exactly intended for extravagance but only for one’s convenience. If you want one of the best cheap small TV stands, costing less than $50, then the Furinno Turn-n-Tube is one you can consider.  It is exceptional for people that have minimal space to spare and would like a lot of shelves.

Even though this product is not from a high-end company or appeal, but it does follow the industry standard needed. This small TV shelf received a certificate for composite wood design and good-quality material. Moreover, if you are a green person, you will be happy to hear that this is environmentally safe and has a green label.  It has a simple yet stylish design and is functional and suitable for any room or place.

This small media stand has one long rectangular shelf and four smaller squared shelves, all open. It has a beautiful French oak finish and will be sturdy and stand firm on a flat surface.  A thing that many would love is that it required no tools for assembly and can be done in under 10 minutes.

This small TV stand wood is inexpensive, and if one looks after it, it will last a long time to come. However, one thing is not to put too much weight on it as it will not support it. So, if you’re looking for something that will take less place and cost not too much, we will recommend you buying the Furinno Turn-N-Tube.

Ameriwood Home Galaxy TV Stand with Mount

A small TV stand with mount is an ideal TV stand for people with limited or compact space. You can get quite large TV stands, but we have one, the Ameriwood Home Galaxy TV stand with mount.  It has a modern, sleek design that you can place anywhere without a problem.

This small TV shelf with a mount has a spectacular design, making it unique and great.  It has a sleek black finish and constructed using glass, laminated particleboard, and MDF. Even though it is compact, it can hold a TV that is up to 50-inches and has a maximum weight of 70lbs.  It has a dimension of 49″h x 29.5w x 23.625d, making it pretty much perfect for small-sized apartments, bedrooms, dorms, and other such spaces. Look at the picture and imagine in the place you would like to place your TV, look great, doesn’t it?

It gives you two shelves and cubbies to use as a storage space for media or TV components, books, and CDs.  Overall, it is a sturdy, compact TV stand that you will love. You will need a helping hand to assemble it, as you will not be able to do it yourself. The Ameriwood Home Galaxy TV stand with mount is the best TV stand for small spaces.

Leick Riley Holliday Westwood Corner TV Stand

Are you looking for a small TV stand for a bedroom that has a hardwood finish, which will blend with any furniture in your home? The Leick Westwood Stand is the stand with an elegant finish and a sensational aspect.  It is enduring and a solid piece of furniture you would not want to miss out on.

This small dark wood TV stand, constructed using hardwood solids and wood veneers, with a beautiful brown and cherry finish, adds warmth and glamour to any room you put it in. Leick Furniture is a famous brand for having spectacularly finished furniture since 1910.  Overall has a sophisticated design that you will not regret buying.

Furthermore, the small cherry wood TV stand provides you with the extra storage space that one would need.  We would recommend you to buy this stand if you children as it has all closed cabinet shelves.  The middle cabinet, made of tempered clear, glass provides you with close shelving and a view of the inside- While the side ones have wood cabinet doors.  You can adjust the shelves to accommodate your item heights and offers easy cable management, so you do not have to worry about how you will plug the cords in.

Anyone wanting a small dark wood TV stand with plenty of storage space, a beautiful finish that has a traditional appearance will love this Leick Riley Holliday TV stand. The cherry finish and the fact that you can place it in a corner if you want, makes it worth the purchase.

Iwell Mid-Century BOHO TV Stand

Imagine a small, retro, rustic oak TV stand. Got your attention?  The Iwell Mid-Century Boho TV stand is the one. If you are a fan of furniture with a simple design and a retro look, then this honey oak TV stand will be something you would love to buy.  No matter where you put it, it will get everyone’s attention.

The construction of this small dark TV stand using a particle board ensures the buyer gets a product that will last them a lifetime. The legs got made using solid rubberwood, and with a smooth, meticulous finish and no chemical smell or side effect, you will for sure love it. The rustic brown finish means you can place it anywhere, and it will look great.  It is an attractive piece of item. It also has a rubber layer on the legs to ensure you are not scratching the floor when moving it.

It has two open middle shelves and two closed cabinets.  It also has easy cable management and two beautifully made small wooden handles. It has a fresh-cut appearance, and the cabinets allow you to hide clutter or things out of children’s reach. You can store TV components and anything else you want; also without worrying.

This small rustic TV stand has neither a too plain or artless outlook. This Iwell mid-century TV stand has a minimal attractive wooden structure, which is stylish and will suit many decors.

Tangkula White Wood TV Stand

A multipurpose small white TV stand that one can get, which is all tall, is the Tangkula wood TV stand.  Many small TV stands on our list are also low. However, if you wish to buy one that will fit snugly in a small place and look great, then we recommend you to consider this one.

This small media center has a reliable and durable structure. It has an elegant white finish with four pinewood legs to hold it firmly in place and give it the stability it needs. Moreover, it gives a simple, unique vintage touch with the cabinets knobs made of metal.  A small TV stand that has a sleek, smooth whole look and catches the attention of anyone. A piece of furniture you would want to buy.

It features middle open shelves, with think, sleek cabinets on each side. It is made to resist any corrosion and has a scratch-proof layer. Imagine a beautiful delicate looking stand under your TV, won’t it look amazing? If you have a 45-inch TV or smaller and want a small white TV stand that has storage space with a great outlook, then we are sure you wouldn’t want to miss the Tangkula small media center.

Ameriwood Home Southlander TV Stand

Do you wish to update or get a new small TV stand that will not take a lot of space but will hold a TV 65-inches wide and weighing 120lbs? If yes, then you can check out the Ameriwood Home Southlander TV stand. Ameriwood is popular for making items that are a combination of classic and modern design. Who does not want that?

The particleboard used for the construction has a black oak woodgrain finish and is made to give you the durability and stability you would want in a TV stand. It takes less space and makes your room look larger.  It has an H designed panel feet for firmness. You can get it in four finishes; Espresso, Dove grey, black oak, and golden oak.

For storage, this small dark TV stand gives you open and concealed storage. You get two long-drawn, middle open shelves and cubic cabinets on each side. It gives you one fixed and one adjustable or removable shelf on each side- for your convenience.  The two center shelves have a weight capacity of 20lbs, while the shelves in the cabinet have a 15lbs weight capacity.  The assembled dimensions are 18.03” H x 60” W x 17.13” D and weigh around 66.9lbs. You will need someone to help you assemble it, as it is not one person’s job.

A simple, decent looking TV stand is the Ameriwood Home Southlander. A great item of furniture at a good price. It is something that you will have your doubts about before getting, but once you do buy it, you will love it.

Furinno Andrey Entertainment Center

A small TV stand wood made with a smart design is the Furinno Andrey TV stand. If you have not heard of Furinno, well it’s the one company that provides the best small furniture, for compact places. They aim to provide buyers with furniture that looks good, holds firmly, all at an affordable price.  A simple with plenty of storage space that one would want in a beautiful oak TV stand is the Furinno Andrey small TV stand.

As mentioned before, they create their furniture with recycled material, making them and you green.  This small wooden TV stand, made of dense composite rood and recycled rubber, makes you green without giving you any foul smell.  It is stable and has a stylish outlook, with rounded corners to prevent any injuries from happening.

It gives you two wooden shelves with woven-bins that you can decide to put or remove and only use as shelves. It has an uncomplicated design, and the French oak and black finish really stand out. You can use it for multiple purposes, like using it as a TV stand or a simple coffee table. It gives you the choice of using it as you wish and is able to hold any TV up to 40-inches.  If you are a minimalist person, then this would be ideal furniture for you.

Modway Render Mid-Century Low Profile

Modway Render TV stand we had to add to our list. It provides the buyer with a quality that one would not get in such a price range with such a great TV stand. It comes in four astonishing colors; white, walnut white, charcoal, and walnut, making sure you don’t get limited with choosing the one that fits your room decor.

This small modern TV stand has a low structure, keeping the TV at eye level, and if that doesn’t suit you, you can always mount the TV above this stand. The veneer looks nothing like a veneer, and one can mistake it for real wood, and only find out when they look close or give it a touch.  It has a smooth finish, and the unique slatted sliding doors make it eye-catching. It has a strong frame making it unyielding.

This small media stand has a unique storage space. It allows you to store everything easily in one place, without a bulky or sticking outlook. It has two sliding doors, to leave the part you want open and close the side you wish to conceal. You can store anything you want from books, DVDs, consoles, even gaming systems. To make it easy to access the cords and cables to the switch, it has holes drilled at the back.

This small TV table is more durable than most ready to assemble stands and great for someone wanting a low heightened stand.

Sekey Home Entertainment Center Wood TV Stand

Imagine a small, oak wood TV stand, with a modest appearance and a handy storage space in your bedroom. Sounds amazing? The Sekey Home wood TV stands a small size that many buyers love because it is easy to assemble and does not empty the banks.

Made using engineered wood with a laminated and metal accent finish, makes it dense, durable, and long-lasting.  One of the small TV stands for a bedroom that can easily hold a 60-inch TV is this stand. It has a good grain finish that can clean using a soft cloth. The best feature is the dark Smokey finish, which allows it to go with any decor.

This small dark TV stand provides you with multiple storage options that got loves by buyers. It has a combination of closed and open storage spaces. There are cabinets on each side, with wooden doors and shelves, which you can decide to keep inside or remove.  Furthermore, it has two long shelves on the top and two open middle shelves.  A feature that you will thank the manufacturers for is that it has holes at the back for easy cable management- the back of each shelf, not just one.

We could not hold back from adding the Sekey TV stand because of its elegant design. You can choose to place the TV on it or above it with a mount; no matter how you use it, it will bring out the room and lighten it.


We understand how hard a burying decision can be because you want something worth the price and give you the item you wanted.  That is where our Top 15 small TV stands for Bedroom & small spaces come in. It gives you the best choices to choose from, with many designs, colors, materials, and storage. We would hope that our article helps you find what you need.

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