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Best 60 Tv Stand With Mount

How to buy 60 TV STAND WITH MOUNT an Entertainment Centers & TV Stands deals at the lowest.

People get a television for enjoyment, and there is no house that will not have one. Some people consider it to be an expensive investment and wish to place it where one would notice it immediately. A TV adds a touch of style and gives your room a modern look.

Some get a TV mount, which is something that will hold your TV onto the wall, while some get a TV stand on which they place the TV. The question is, why not get something that has a TV stand with a mount? It will give you a place to hang your TV, and the storage space like a stand.

Tv Stand With Mount

60 Tv Stand With Mount

There are many different types of 60 inch TV stand with mounts that you can get. No matter what your room décor, style, TV weight, and height. It is secure, with no need for drilling holes in the wall or any mess. It also gives you the storage, a cable management system, swivel, and tilt functions.

Why only go for a mount when you can get a TV stand with mount for 60 inch TV, which many features and functions? The best thing about buying a TV stand with mount is that you do not have to spend a lot to get a product that will suit your needs.

Kanto Height Adjustable Mobile TV Stand

Looking for a 60 TV stands with mount in which you can maneuver your TV around your home or office setting? Do you want a 60 inch TV stand with mount that is adjustable, has excellent durability, sleek design, and is overall a secure stand? If yes, then we would recommend you to have a look at the Kanto Height adjustable mobile TV stand, which offers an all-in-one solution from having a storage place, webcam shelf, and height adjustment.

The Kanto adjustable mobile TV stand has a minimalist design, with an added modern-classic façade design. This TV stand with mount for 60 inch TV, made from high-quality, durable steel, and finished with a powder coating. It gives you a simple-looking design, which may look simple but is strong, durable, and sleek.

It has a small top shelf for you to put your webcam on and an adjustable plastic tray for you to put your laptop, PVR, or any other devices or components you would want. Furthermore, it has a telescopic center that has a helpful cable management system, which will keep your cords looking tidy.

This 60 TV stand with mount has four wheels that roll smoothly and effortlessly. Each wheel is 2 inches and has a locking mechanism that you can easily use using your foot.

This locking mechanism will allow you to lock the mobile TV stand in one place, and it will stay stable. It has a mounting bracket that will fit easily onto any 60 inch TV, as far as it has the VESA pattern 75×75 – 600×400mm. It can support any TV that weighs up to 100lbs. Furthermore, it lets you adjust the height anywhere between 40 inches to 60 inches.

No need to worry about assembling it, as it will come with all the tools you will need, a detailed easy to understand manual, and an online video that will show you step-by-step how to assemble it.  This Kanto TV stand is one of a kind that you can get.

FITUEYES Artistic Floor TV Stand Eiffel Series

Fitueyes is a professional company that works to give its consumers high-quality products at a value price.  They ensure that they get their product from great manufacturers that will meet the requirements they want, and the consumers will like. One of their products from its Eiffel series is a perfect 60 inch TV stand with mount for someone that wants to give their room an artistic touch, with something modern and unique.

The Artistic TV stand from the Eiffel series has a unique design. It has a trapezoidal design with two sturdy rear frames, and a thick wooden bade to provide balance and support to the whole structure.

This 60 inch TV stands with mount, with a shape like an Eiffel tower, which is a beautiful, timeless creation that will not tip over on you.  It has a high-grade thick wooden base, which you can use as a shelf, and it has another shelf in which you can store all your game consoles, media, and TV components.

You will not have to worry about drilling your wall, as you will need to do nothing like that. The design can hold its self and the TV easily. It can hold any TV up to 75 inches and can support a TV with a maximum weight of 132lbs. As far as the TV has a VESA bolt pattern between 100 x 100mm and 600 x 400mm, it will mount to it efficiently. Moreover, it has a 15 degrees swivel function for the left or right side for you to choose.

It also has a tilt function, which allows you to move it 15 degrees up or down. This function will allow you to choose the best TV viewing position for yourself, so you don’t strain your neck when looking at the TV for a long time. It also has two shrink bands that you can put your messy cables on and allow everything to look clean and perfect.  It is the best artistic 60-inch stand with mount you can get.

Ameriwood Home Galaxy TV Stand with Mount Espresso

Ameriwood Home Galaxy is a company that deals with wooden furniture. They are well-known for selling the most popular, stylish, modern, yet traditional appearing furniture, with many useful features that their consumers would want. So, if you want a wooden TV stand with mount 60-inch to go with wooden décor or interior design that you have, then our first choice for a wooden TV stand with mount would be the Ameriwood Home Galaxy TV stand with mount.

This 60 TV stand with mount has a traditional with a modern twist, cutting edge design. They constructed it using a wooden material that has an espresso color and a high-quality MDF material for their metal and finished it off with a glossy laminated finish. It is a 60 inch TV stand with mount, guaranteed to give you a piece of furniture that is durable, sturdy, and has a construction that one would admire. Furthermore, it is easy to keep clean and keep it in its original appearance.

It has two large wooden shelves that can store any or all TV, gaming, media components, and a center spine kind of shelf where you can stack your CDs and DVDs easily. It has a hidden cord management design in its center spine, which will ensure to not only keep the cables organized but also conceal the cable and cords mess that one has.

When it comes to the 60 TV stand with mount, you do not have to worry about it not being strong enough because made of metal, and it further has two metals attached to the mount that will ensure your TV is firmly in place and will not fall. It is easy to assemble, but it’s not a one-person job, so you will need help from someone else to assemble the whole thing.

The assembled dimension of this TV60 TV stand with mount is 48.9” x 47.24” x 23.4” (H x W x D). We have written the dimensions to let you know that if you live in a compact place, then you would not want to consider this furniture, as it takes up quite a lot of space and if you do want to buy it, then you will have an idea of how much space you need to free up for it. Also, it weighs 62 pounds. It is a sturdy piece of furniture one can get for their TV.

TransDeco Casters Curved Wood TV Stand with Mount

TransDeco is known as the fastest expanding furniture manufacturers based in Southern California. They aim to make exquisitely designed, innovative, and high-quality products that customers will grow to love, not just the product but also its features. In our list, we have added the TransDeco Casters Curved wood TV stand with mount because of its beautiful, innovative design.

This TransDeco furniture has a curved-stylish design, made using heavy-duty steel that has a powder coat that will make it scratch-resistant, and finally has a glossy black finish. They used curved hardwood with an oak finish. It has a contemporary design that will complement any room décor.  It will hold your TV and add an amazing, attractive touch to your room.

It has storage, which are three shelves made of tempered safety glass, sturdy enough to hold six audio-video components, a center channel speaker, and a soundbar.  The dimension of the top shelf is 30″ W x 15″ D and has a weight capacity f 40 Lbs. The second dimension is 60″ W x 17.4″ D x 7.5″ H, with a weight capacity of 80lbs. Lastly, the dimension of the last one is 60″ W x 17.4″ D x 10″ H, with a weight capacity of 120lbs. So, if you are looking for something that will give you a lot of storage space, then this would be the one to consider.

This TV stand with swivel mount for 60 inches can accommodate most TV that has the weight up to 150lbs or below. Moreover, using this mount, you can swivel the TV 15 degrees to the left or right and tilt it 12 degrees up or down. You get casters for simple AV components set up and mobility. It is also easy to assemble.

If you have a large living room or quite a bit of room to spare where you will be putting your TV, then this 60 inch TV stand with mount would be perfect for you. 

VIVO Artistic Easel TV Mount

Reading the name might get you thinking that it only has a mount, but it’s a list for a TV stand with mount. Well, this TV mount Stand we decided to include for people who want a stand-mount, with no storage or any such feature like that.  If you are an artistic person, who wants to put their TV on something unique, with a minimal, simple yet unique modern design, then we would suggest you get the VIVO Artistic Easel TV mount.

This 60 inch TV mount withstand is for people that want an art studio easel look in their home. This stand has an elegant and classy wooden finish. Built to give you a solid and stable piece of furniture. It can support any TV from 45 inches to 65 inches, and that weighs 77lbs.

It is great for compact places, home theaters, apartment studios, or even your bedroom. It does not need much place, and you can easily put it anywhere you would want, without any problem.  You can move it easily from one room to another and attach a soundbar using a speaker mount.

It is a fantastic TV mount for people who suffer from tension or strain on their neck, back, and shoulders. It gives an ergonomic height view, with a 360 degrees swivel.  This TV mount will guarantee to help you find the perfect viewing angle for you.

It also has an integrated cable management system that will ensure all your cords are in place and not cause any harm, all the while maintaining a clean, tidy, and organized look. You will receive all the hardware and tools needed to assemble it, which is extremely easy to do so. This 60 inch TV stand with mount will give you not only the best experience in your life but will help you buy something that is inexpensive but can add an expensive artistic touch to your room.

FITUEYES Universal Swivel Floor TV Stand with Mount

Another Fitueyes product that we wanted to mention is the Fitueyes Universal swivel floor 60 inch TV stand with mount. The main reason we thought we should add this product because it is perfect for people living in a compact place. It has a simple, sleek black design, and looks will look exceptional no matter where you put it. It will not take a lot of space.

This 60 inch TV stand with mount constitutes a strong pole with a black tempered glass base. It is a sleek design and sturdy that you will not have to worry about it falling or creating a problem if you have children or pets. It takes less place, making it comprehensive for you to put it in any room in your house, apartment, or even in your college dorm.  You will not have to drill your walls or anything like that because the base provides it the weight to hold it in place and not tip over.

It has two shelves and a base, which, if needed, you can put something on it and use it also as a shelf. The shelves can hold up to 33lbs, and the dimensions are 15.7” x 12.7, and the heights between the shelves are 6.7”. It gives you enough about the place to put your DVD player or a TV box. The pole has a cable management system that will keep your cables neat and organized.

This 60 inch TV stand with mount is tall and gives you two types of adjustable height. It also has a TV mount that you can swivel 30 degrees to the left or right, ensuring you have a viewing angle that is comfortable. It can take up to 88lbs weigh on the mount. So, if you like in a compact place and have a TV that is 60 inches, then this product you can buy, as it won’t take much place and provide the functions and storage you will need.

Rfiver Corner TV Stand with Swivel Mount

Are you looking for a 60 TV stand with mount that you can place in the corner? If yes, then the Rfiver’s corner TV stand with mount is something you might want to look. It will take less space and add style a simple, aesthetically pleasing touch to your room. If you don’t know, the Rfiver is the top TV stand manufacturer and make products that will give you a lot of features and a place for you to hang your TV.

This TV stand with mount for 60 inch TV, made using good quality tempered glass, which is waterproof and rustproof, so you don’t have to be cleaning it all the time. If you do want to clean it, then it is easy, and you can easily do so by using a soft cloth.

It has a stand that is rectangular with tempered glass that has its corners rounded to ensure you get the strength and security you need for it to hold firmly.

It has three shelves for storage, made with tempered glass. The top shelf has a loading capacity of 88lbs, and the bottom two shelves have a loading capacity of 33lbs. The top shelf glass is 8mm thick, and the middle and bottom have 5mm thick glass. They have a smooth, glossy look and a large amount of storage.

It has a cable clip that will keep the cables and cords organized to give an overall tidy appearance. It has a swivel feature that you can move 45 degrees to the left and right sides. The construction is stable and sturdy to guarantee you that the TV won’t fall or slip. It will go with any décor and will look great in a corner.


Whether you are looking for a classic design or something modern, you will find the best 60 TV stand with mount in our list that is durable, has enough storage, and affordable.  The TV stand with mount helps you change and add to your TV style, no matter what if you have a flat, plasma, or curved TV.  We hope you can find the one that matches your style and give you the functions and features you need.

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