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The Main Benefits Of Conducting Pre-Employment Medical Assessments

The decision to conduct a pre-employment medical assessment for your employees may seem like an unnecessary step, especially if you are just starting out and the company is small.  However, there are many benefits that come with conducting these assessments. For example, this will be a great way to ensure that any potential employer’s health risks are minimized before they start working in the office.

These assessments also have many other advantages such as reducing sick days and creating a healthier work environment overall! In addition, it will help protect against future injuries which can cause serious problems for both the workers and employers alike. Overall, it’s important to remember that conducting these assessments doesn’t take much time or money at all while providing plenty of benefits!

Medical Assessments
Medical Assessments

What is a pre-employment medical assessment?

A pre-employment medical assessment is a health check that is done on someone in order to make sure they are fit for work. This can be done by an employer or at the request of the individual before they start working. There are many different reasons that this may be performed, such as to protect against future injury, reduce sick days and create a healthier work environment.

A full medical assessment is typically performed by a certified doctor and can include tests to determine an individual’s physical health, their mental capabilities, how well they perform day-to-day activities, and whether or not they are a likely candidate for future injuries. Pre employment medicals will in addition also take into account if the employee has any pre-existing conditions that may affect their job performance or require extra attention while working. This further makes the task of running your company easier.

The main benefits of conducting pre-employment medical assessments

There are many different benefits associated with getting an employee checked out before they start working for you. The following are some of the most important ones:

  1. Protect against future injury – employees who have undergone a complete health check beforehand are much less likely to get hurt at work than those who have not. Getting a full medical assessment will help give you an idea of what to expect from your employee, as well as informing them about any areas that may need extra attention while working. This will also make certain that they are prepared in the case that they do get injured at some point in the future.
  2. Reduce sick days – employers can save up to $3,000 per year for each employee on average when they perform pre-employment medical assessments. This is because many employees go to work even though they’re sick and end up infecting their coworkers and other people around them with whatever it is they have, causing more people to take off work themselves due to illness or spreading things like colds or viruses. This is typically only a problem when employees haven’t been checked to make sure that they are healthy enough to work.
  3. Create a healthier work environment – the more people who get sick at the same time means that there will be one less person to do their job, so this can cause productivity issues for the whole business. It’s also important to think about how this can affect your customer base as well if you have customers going into your stores or working with you during this downtime, which could result in them getting sick as well and spreading it even further.

There are many other smaller benefits associated with having all of your workers go through pre-employment medical checkups before they start working for you such as being able to know what types of accommodations you may need to make for them or being able to better predict what type of future issues they may have, but these are the main ones.

Minimized downtime

Pre-employment assessment will help you minimize downtime with your employees. As soon as an employee comes to work for you, they are your responsibility, and anything that happens to them while on the job is on you. You want to make sure that everything possible is done to keep any injuries from happening and pre-employment assessment can help in this regard.

With all of the different tests available, there will be no reason why you should not know if your potential employees have any history or record of past injuries, illnesses, or conditions which could lead to future complications down the road. This also helps you prevent accidents before they happen by keeping a close eye on sensitive areas like back problems, knee issues, etc. Even mild issues can become amplified over time without proper care and treatment and lead to long-term health issues or even more serious injuries in the future.

Injuries while working reduce morale

It is no secret that employees who are in pain or worried about their health and well-being on a regular basis will not be nearly as productive at work. There may be times when they feel so sick that they cannot even perform simple tasks without it becoming difficult for them to concentrate.

Injury increases time off the job, which means lower wages during those missed times. This can lead to employees getting behind with their workload and making mistakes which will reflect poorly on you as a manager all around. The end result of this could mean an increase in medical expenses for you if the problem persists long term due to your own negligence.

Pre-employment exams help solve these problems by encouraging workers to take care of themselves before starting their new so they can do their best work while onboarding. If they have chronic issues, you will be able to catch them during the exam and give them recommendations on how to treat or prevent future complications with a healthy lifestyle.

This shows that you care about your employees and their overall health which will go a long way towards building employer-employee loyalty as well as making sure that any workplace accidents are kept to a minimum so no one gets hurt or sick because of neglect from either party involved.

This helps reduce your bottom line costs by forcing workers into taking charge of their health before coming to work for you which means less money being spent on employee’s salaries and medical expenses down the road. You also feel better knowing that your investment is protected when you hire people who are physically fit and healthy enough to handle the tasks you have in store for them.

medical assessment

It is important to know as much about your potential employees before hiring them so you can make the best decision possible. Pre-employment medical assessments are a way for you to find out more information about their health and help protect against future accidents or injuries that could lead to costly downtime, missed wages, higher medical costs in the long run, and even lost productivity at work.

If any of these sound like something worth avoiding then consider conducting pre-employment exams on all new hires from here on out!

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