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The Basic Guide to Video Production

The video production process is divided into three stages: pre-production, production, and post-production. Pre-production is the planning stage in which you map out your strategy and script for the video, production is when the video is shot, and post-production is when you edit the video and add music and other effects.

Basics of Video Production

Finally, to track the success of your video and feed it into your analytics platform, you’ll need to find a way to track it. Let’s go through the steps one by one.


You must first plan what you want to produce and what equipment you need to make a video. It would help if you also planned out the schedule for your video production in NC. In addition, you should plan the lighting and audio for your project and consider any special needs such as heating or sound. It’s also important to create a shot list for your video and identify the talents that will appear in the video. After determining who will act in the video, you can begin putting the video together.

The most important part of pre-production is setting up your production. A lot of work goes into it, so you need to prepare for it.You may also need to hire additional personnel and find the right location. Regardless of your experience, you should ensure that you have the right resources.

The first step in pre-production is creating a creative brief. It should include your video’s objectives and target audience. You should also consider the budget and timeline of the shoot. It will help you plan the shoots accordingly and help the entire production process go smoother. In addition, the brief will give you a clear idea of what type of footage you want. Video types and formats can be of various genres, such as event-related, educational-related, corporate-based, promotional or commercial, real estate-related, or social media-related. It can also be an animated info-based video. However, when it comes to engaging the target audience and increasing traffic to video content via search engines, affordable seo experts can assist in boosting and promoting the brand or company to a whole new level. A good video will not only help you sell your product or service, but it should also help your target audience understand your message.

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The production phase includes filming your video. Because you’ve planned ahead of time, you should know how long this phase will take. And your job as a producer or stakeholder is to keep things as close to that schedule as possible.

This stage of the process usually necessitates the appointment of a director. That could be you, or it could require you to hire a professional depending on the complexity of your production. Directors are essential for ensuring that your talent gives the desired performance, that you get all of the shots you need, that they are properly framed and lit, and that the script and storyboard are followed.


Taking your best takes and shots, stitching them together, cutting everything down to fit your desired length, recording a voiceover, coloring the video, and adding music and special effects are all part of the post-production process. The first step in video editing is to gather your best takes and import them into your video editing software. To make life easier for yourself:

  1. Cut each clip down to its most important parts.
  2. Put them in a rough timeline now.
  3. Organize and group your B-roll footage.
  4. Begin working through the script and storyboard, correctly ordering your footage. If your video requires a voiceover, you may have to do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you (see the talent section of the pre-production process).

Voiceover actors, like onscreen actors, require guidance. Check that they are appealing to your target audience and that their delivery of the script reinforces your core message. The final component that can take your video to the next level is good music. Not every video requires music to play throughout. However, background music can fill space, mask audio snippets, and keep people engaged.


Distribution options include sharing your video on social media, embedding it in an article, sharing it with industry outlets, asking industry influencers to share it, and putting paid advertising behind it. Hence, it reaches your target audience sharing it via an email newsletter or your social media channel.

Whatever method you use should be consistent with your pre-planned strategy for reaching your target audience in the most efficient way possible. The goal is to maximize your investment and generate a positive ROI. So, if spending money on ads or promoting your video will leave you significantly over budget with no return, don’t do it.

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