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3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Video Production Company

Video has been the go-to form of content for brands, businesses and even large corporations who want the best bang for their buck. Since the advent of the internet and the amalgamation of smartphones and computers, people have been watching far more video content than ever.

Before then, marketers and advertisers working for businesses who wanted to reach their audience visually had to pay prime sums and get permission for their little spot on TV. But now anyone can take advantage of video without having to break the bank.

But with this increased competition comes a raised bar. It’s no longer enough to have mediocre video production. People have seen it before. In fact, people watch so many videos today that four times as many people would rather watch a video about a product or service than they would read about it. And if you want to get noticed at this time, you should consider hiring an expert video production company who have years of experience crafting stunning video content; like CoolBox – Video Production Company Brighton.

In this article, we’re going to discuss three major reasons why you should hire a professional video production company. With the help of experts in the field, you can create your own big-screen moment that makes a lasting impression and gets tangible results.

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1. Videos are one of the best ways to increase brand awareness.

The term ‘brand awareness’ has been thrown about a lot in recent years. But there are good reasons why.

Brand awareness is one of the vital components to launching and becoming a successful brand or business. In essence, brand awareness refers to how often you’re noticed and how strong your brand recall is on people’s minds—and video is one of the best ways to slap your logo and slogan into the farthest reaches of the internet and get seen and heard by more eyes.

High-quality videos have a tremendous impact on the minds of consumers. We’re visual creatures, first and foremost and videos are usually far more enticing and entertaining than plain text. They can also stir up more emotions, which is one of the main components of increasing brand recall. Marketing and consumer studies have shown conclusively that videos help viewers retain a brand’s message. And this is exactly what you want to increase brand awareness.

Professional film production companies who have a wealth of knowledge and experience under their belt can help you promote and cement your message with stunning visuals and audio. They can help you match the right story, style and type of video perfect for relaying your brand or business message and increase your brand awareness and ultimately sales.

2. Having the resources in one place.

Producing high-quality videos that’ll have an impact on your audience and achieve the results you want takes more than a pretty camera and a good microphone.

There’s the planning, the research, the strategy and the distribution to think about. There’s also post-production editing and other key aspects that go into creating the kind of video content that goes into creating incredible video content that makes a mark.

One of the major benefits of hiring a professional video production company is that they have everything required to create such video content either by connections or in-house. Rather than searching high and low for different people to do the different jobs necessary, expert film companies can pull the right strings at the right time and bring everything together in the right order so each step of the video production process is as smooth as can be. They use their knowledge and expertise to guide you each step of the way, saving you time, effort and most important, create amazing video content.

3. The growth potential is massive.

Video content has the power to tell profound stories, serenade with beautiful audio and compel with powerful imagery. It can also have a massive impact on your growth and sales.

According to these top video marketing statistics from 2021:

  • Over 84% of marketers agree that videos have helped increase sales.
  • Video marketing recorded a 34% better conversion rate compared to other types of ads.
  • Video content is estimated to be 1,200% more successful than text or images.
  • Almost 91% of marketers are satisfied with their ROI on video marketing.

It’s not hard to see why video content has been such a big deal for so long and continues to be and will continue to be far into the future—with some marketers and businesses such as Facebook claiming video content will completely take over text.

Professional video production companies are there to help you achieve these kinds of results. The best ones have these kinds of results as part of the repertoire. Hire experts in video production and you can reap these massive growth potential components. By working with a professional video production agency, you can increase your audience engagement, leads and sales like no other format can.

The founder and CEO at ThriveVerge, The Verge, and Thrive Revolution. He launched Thriveverge in 2016, a leading behavior change technology, business, media, and entertainment company with the mission of ending the collective delusion that burning out is the price we have to pay for success.


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