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What is Table Shower? Everything You Need to Know About Table Showers

A table shower is a specific type of table having five to seven rain showers (massage therapy, hydromassage, Vichy shower or Swiss shower, scotchtube). This table shower is used in combination with a massage by different beauty salons and spas offering massages to give you pleasure.

Sexual massages are often included in this kind of services in many Asian countries. However, if you visit a beauty salon for a shampoo, conditioner, and/or body wash service in the US, things may be different. Why not They realized how this magical procedure had various health benefits, and they wanted everyone to know about them.

What Is a Table Shower?

What Is a Table Shower
What Is a Table Shower

A table shower has the same shape as a curtain rod. A shower head is a device used for bathing. It consists of a metal bar with several shower heads attached to its ends. It also has a table connected to its one side for providing a waterproof and off-balance massage table with a water drain system. You go to a special table shower spa for hydro­therapy treatments to enjoy all the benefits.

Can you imagine a treatment that requires around 13 US gallons (50l) of water in a minute? Would you not like to know how it feels to have more than 100 gallons (378.5l) of water poured over your back within 10 minutes as you lay on a comfy shallow wet bed? It sounds exciting!

The treatment depends on what you need. You let the therapist know the specific body parts you want water to focus on. The therapist moves the bar to that area. If you’re going to get more extensive experience, you can go to the special table shower spas with a handheld showerhead.

Moreover, the therapist can adjust the temperature and movement pattern of the water to how you would like it. The various jet placements provide you with the perfect water massage treatment you would want on your whole body.

You can also ask for water to drink while taking a bath table shower. The Hosts would have a system to bottle and export fresh, clean water.

The best way to ensure you have an enhanced product adoption of anything rubbed previously into your skin, ask for a body scrub before this treatment if possible.

Nonetheless, if you want a body massage, you can get that with a massage table shower as it will warm you and relax you. Overall it will prepare your body for full-on pleasure.

A Brief History

It is not clear where the table shower originated from. One of its popular names, ‘Vichy shower,’ came from Central France, a small town there. This place has a long tradition of hydrotherapy.

According to a legend, the spring’s therapeutic waters actually got discovered by Julius Caesar as he was trying to invade ancient Gaul (France). He had exhausted and hard-ridden horses. They drank Vichy waters and straightway recovered from the fatigue they suffered from.

Once the Romans came to know about the benefits of thermal springs, they began creating spas in various areas.

In the 16th century, many (a lot) people understood the thermal spring’s potential and started to visit table shower spas near you to enjoy the therapeutic mineral bath tables. Vichy was where medieval French royalty and European aristocracy spent weeks or months searching for a cure and a way of leisure and pleasure.

Idea of The Modern Massage?

Five natural mineral springs are in Vichy town and the areas surrounding it. When you go to that area, you have the option to choose from various treatment facilities according to what your needs or preferences are.

Various treatments get given, including cold water treatment, carbonate mineral springs, and spring water at a 105 F (50.5 C) temperature. Moreover, they also have other treatments, like mud cures, mechanical therapy, and oxygen therapy.

Patients suffering from various illnesses, like liver diseases, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, skin diseases, disturbed metabolism, arthritis, rheumatism, paralysis, and gout, can find these springs to be quite beneficial.

Most people in Western countries actually got to know about the table (Vichy) shower in the 19th century. It was in the 20th century when spas and resorts in the US used table showers providing hydrotherapy and a relaxing massage.

These days, around the wind, many spas and beauty salons offer Vichy showers design-inspired Vichy treatments. The most popular table shower spas are the Korean, Asian, Japanese, and Thai spas. The therapy known as ‘akasuri’ is a combination of massage table shower with a salt scrub treatment, Japanese spas offer, and something I prefer.

The body scrub is one of the best treatments. You can get this treatment and experience in many Korean spas. When you get this treatment, you get a great massage where the therapist uses coarse mitts to rub away your body’s dead skin.

At the beginning of the 2000s, many East Asian massage spas in the US began advertising a much sensual experience to customers.

Why Do Massage with table showers Get a Bad Rep?

Typical, regular massages give the customers options of having it done with their clothes, or if naked, they get covered by a towel. That is not the case with table showers. You have to be complete or half-naked to get the massage with table shower, and because of this, it gets linked with sensual undertones,

It was around the mid-2000s when table showers actually got added as a service in Asian massage parlours. They advertised these services as one getting a sensual experience, making many think they would get a sexual or erotic kind of service. The massage parlours had a negative image when it came to foreign workers and a “happy ending”, making a stereotype link between Asian massage parlours and prostitution.

The fact that the term “table showers” became another term linked with “happy endings” in shady massage parlours did not help its image either. Nonetheless, as far as you get the table shower treatment in a place that is reputable, you will have nothing to worry about.

What is the Process of table Shower

You can expect table showers to be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and sometimes even more. It all depends on what treatments you get done. Moreover, always ensure you leave all your personal belongings in a locker room.

Remove all your clothes and thoroughly bathe in another room before you actually enter the table shower room. Why? It is for hygienic purposes, as it will get rid of any excess sweat, dirt, or particles you might have on you.

A crew member will bring you to a wet room. If you want, you’ve option to get a private room with extra cost. Moreover, those who are not comfortable with being completely naked can get disposable garments or towels for their private parts.

The therapist will instruct you to lay on the table shower. You can choose whether you want to start with your back or stomach. Once you settle comfortably, the showerheads will get turned on by the technician. Moreover, he or she will adjust the temperature to how you want it and will position the showerhead to your main body points.

You can choose other added treatments in which a spa therapist will apply body wraps and scrubs or perform a table shower massage. The salt scrub is the most popular added treat, as it helps to remove dead skin cells from everywhere around the body, making it fresh and clear. Once these treatments get done, the table shower can get used to washing any residual of the products left away.

Once the treatment gets done, the technician will help you to sit up and get out of the table safely. After which, they leave the room so you can finish drying yourself.

What to Expect During A Table Shower?

You can get a massage treatment for many reasons, like stress relief, relaxation, or healing. It depends on the spa you visit. You can enjoy the massage benefits before or after.

If you get a massage after using the table shower, the pleasure effect enhances. However, if you get the treatment after the massage, it will help to remove oil, specifically the ones that are heavily scented.

1. What to wear during the treatment

You always have the option to enjoy massage treatment fully naked if that state has no law requiring clothes. However, a lot of the time, people wish to keep privacy by covering their bodies with towels or disposable undergarments.

Moreover, you should remember you have to take a bath thoroughly before you can actually get to lay down on the shower table massage. Once you lie down on your back, you will turn to your stomach when the therapist tells you to, or vice versa.

2. Water temperature

The temperature of the water will depend on you for this treatment. You can change it to any hot, cold, or warm temperature set.

If you have no idea what temperature will suit you, you can always ask them to pour different temperature water over your body a couple of times during the same treatment.

3. The Massage Room

In many spas, you get this massage treatment in a private and individual shower table massage room with a table shower in the centre. Usually, you find a clean towel placed on the table before the treatment.

Many modern table showers have a bar with a few showerheads connected at the top. It provides a memorizing cascading rain effect. Something I love about it: however, some spas offer something different. When it comes to the massage, the therapist uses handheld showers.

4. The procedure

  • Washing the back – Mostly, the treatment starts with your back getting a water massage. The table will be wet, and you simply lie down on it, facing down. In the beginning, the water temperature will get adjusted by the therapist to make it comfortable for you. Once your back becomes wet, using a loofah, the therapist rubs your whole body backside. Once your back gets rinsed, you turn over.
  • Washing After Turning Over – After that, the same procedure will get done to your body’s front part. However, your hair and face will be dry. Once it finishes, you get a towel to dry yourself.
  • Aligning With Chakras – Some Asian-styled table showers have showerheads designed in a way that they align with your body’s seven chakras. Each chakra actually represents an energy centre within your spine. The water stimulates it by clearing the energy field and aura you have. If you understand and believe in aligning chakras, you should get this treatment done to help get rid of toxins in your body.

5. Luxurious Services

Most massage spas now offer various luxury treatments to their customers, like mud, chocolate, and seaweed wraps. You can also enjoy exotic essential oil massage or a sea salt scrub.

These treatments are what introduces you to the whole table shower, massage, and applying moisturizer to your body experience.

Shower table massage benefits

We have discussed the healing powers water has. However, table shower massages offer a lot more.

Before visiting or booking a Table Shower Massage session, you should understand a few of the below points:

Shower table massage is not a good option for people who are not comfortable with being half or completely naked during the whole session. As we even mentioned before, some spas might provide you with towels or disposable undergarments for you to wear at the table. Nonetheless, during the massage, your skin will get revealed at one point or another. Therefore, ensure you have the comfort needed to lay naked on the table with a masseuse before you actually go for it.

Ensure to always know and ask spas about their policies regarding the shower table massage treatment. Like, some might not give disposable undergarments or allow their customers an option between male or female masseuses.

Ensure to always research the reputation of the spa, specifically if you have doubts about sexual offers ideas. Always book a session once you know the parlour or spa is reputable.


A promise I am willing to give is how you will feel unreal floating on the water when under a low water pressure shower head. No matter when I go or how many times, I always return happy and relaxed from the table.

The fact is, as soon as I lay on the table and before the massage begins, I sense a feeling of enjoyment. The skin nerves stimulation of the shower table massage helps to reduce stress levels.

I mean, imagine how relaxing it is for a light rain set in the right place to fall on you after you have had a long, stressful day. Your sore muscles relax gradually.

As the water temperature will not be too cold or hot, you set it according to how you want it, adding more to the whole experience. Moreover, you can also adjust the pressure of the shower.A promise I am willing to give is how you will feel unreal floating on the water when under a low water pressure shower head. No matter when I go or how many times, I always return happy and relaxed from the table.

The fact is, as soon as I lay on the table and before the massage begins, I sense a feeling of enjoyment. The skin nerves stimulation of the shower table massage helps to reduce stress levels.

I mean, imagine how relaxing it is for a light rain set in the right place to fall on you after you have had a long, stressful day. Your sore muscles relax gradually.

As the water temperature will not be too cold or hot, you set it according to how you want it, adding more to the whole experience. Moreover, you can also adjust the pressure of the shower.

Boosting the immunity

As the table showers help to enhance the lymphatic circulation, your immune system efficiently boosts up. Moreover, the gentle massage encourages further blood flow, helping the body get rid of toxins. This step is essential when fighting an infection.

Moreover, an increase in circulation helps to fight various problems like:

  • High blood pressure
  • Poor functions of internal organs
  • Slow metabolic rate
  • Lazy bowel syndrome
  • Painkiller

By eradicating lymphatic blockage, table shower will reverse adverse effects, like:

  • Headaches
  • Migraine
  • Fatigue
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Depression
  • Arthritis
  • Cellulite
  • Loss of appetite
  • Acne

Beauty improvement

Apart from it being beneficial to your overall health, a table shower further develops and enhances your beauty and vitality in various ways, including:

  • Firms and tone your skin
  • Hydrates your skin
  • Rejuvenates your face and body
  • Facilitates desirable weight loss
  • Promotes better night sleep
  • Loosens too tight and tired muscles
  • Increases the advantages of the face and body creams you use regularly

Best Table Shower Near Me In The USA

Name Of Spas Location
Shangrila Men’s Spa Manhattan, NY
Imperial Spa San Francisco, CA
Utopia Spa Manhattan, NY
Royal Spa San Francisco, CA
Siam Orchid Traditional San Francisco, CA
Tenten Salon Spa Los Angeles, CA

Best Table Shower Near Me In The UK

Name Of Table Shower Spa Location
Asian Massage Spa Newport News, VA
Healthy Touch Newport News, VA
Asian Massage Spa Chesapeake, VA
Oriental Massage Virginia Beach, VA
The Body Chateau Virginia Beach, VA
Bath & Body Works Newport News, VA

The Bottom Lines

The Asian table shower massage is an olden day spa treatment that is mainly used to purify the body and relax the mind before one gets a massage. There might be many rumours of illegal activities linked with such a treatment, but it’s genuinely infrequent. Ensure you pick a reputable spa or salon offering a table shower treatment before getting the Asian massage treatment done.

I hope this article clears any points you wish to know regarding Asian table shower massage. Are there any more points you would let to clarify? Let us know in the below section about any queries you might have, and we will try to elaborate on it further.

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