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Best summr eessentials for a perfect summer vacation

Have you yet decided on your favourite spot for summer essentials? Are you planning any for the summers or have you decided to stay at home and chill with friends and family? Either way, you will be having the ultimate fun of your life. So why not have a planned vacation, rather than the usual make it awaited and interesting. In this way, your dream of having an inevitable vacation with your favourite one will become true.

Having a vacation preplanned is the best thing you can do as it is always fun if these things go as you planned and hence helps in avoiding any unwanted circumstances.

Well, this is just a suggestion, and some of the time I go unplanned to some new place without a plan and explore new places.

Tips to follow on a vacation

We wish for you to have a great time at a perfect place, so here we are with a few solutions, or better we could say a few tips for your vacation.

Place to visit

If you have made up your mind to have a planned vacation, then you are in here for good or if you want something super sudden then you can continue reading too. Right now when the summers are about to hit every corridor, you might wish to reach a beach as soon as possible, with a beach chair and sipping Pina Colada, where the warm breeze is just hitting right at the spot. This makes one visit the beach as soon as possible. Now when we talk about something super surprising then this time we would suggest ditching the beach and going explore a meadow, a wide grassland filled with wildflowers and insect noises. The summer cold breeze from the water body touches your face on this warm summer afternoon. It does already sound fun, so you must definitely keep it in mind. Bookmark the best place you wish to visit and make it a spontaneous camping trip, it would be definitely fun.

People to be with

No matter if your vacation is planned or not, it would definitely mean nothing if the people you are going with don’t match your vibe. It is very much essential just like deciding the place to visit for your vacation, get someone who actually understands and you could be around them sharing the same idea and having equal amounts of fun. There should not be any moment where you people are uncomfortable with each other, sharing every memory inside the same camp should be as fun as this idea sounds, so make sure to take your family or close ones with you for your trip.


You are planning a vacation for the summer, so in no chance, you will be missing the SPF for your eyes. We take various steps to protect our skin from the sun, in the same way, we should be very much careful regarding our eyes as well. The perfect way to prevent our eyes from harmful UV rays and protect them from any underlying issues as well. These sunglasses will effectively block the rays from entering the eyes, also if you have a thing with glasses as well you can use UV protection as well in order to get these glasses. If you want your glasses to be in super trend then try and get yourself a set of rectangular sunglasses.


All-time essentials for the summer are sunscreen and an umbrella, sunscreen is very much applied to all the exposed body parts to the sun. The formula helps in blocking the rays up to some extent but they will only work for a short period of time, and you have to reapply it once you step out in the sun again. Carrying an umbrella will also help in protecting from the rays and also from the heat. This will also help in actually having a less tiring day comparatively.

Summer dress

This is the all-time favourite category when it comes to summer vacation. Going to a beach or meadow doesn’t matter, a summer dress is much required for one enjoying a heartful vacation. I always like to imagine myself wearing a pink or a yellow summer dresses, a warm and light colour that reflects the rays of the sun, with each passing wind the dress floats its way off, wearing a hat with it and enjoying cheese crackers with it. I wish I could speed back the time to super summer afternoons, eating lollies and cycling with my friends.

Polaroid camera

Our type of camera photo is the one that actually looks like a memory, the one which is an absolute movie, a beautiful happy ending, and polaroid pictures do give such a vibe with it. Another thing is that these pictures give an absolute retro vibe, and are instant right at your palm that is exactly what these pictures are. What else would you actually give to get such a picture?

Summer perfume

Well this being my favourite category, perfume has always been a summer essential one cannot miss. During this one can actually have summer perfume for all their needs. Perfumes in summers should be the ones that last longer, something super fruity and citrusy. This keeps the air surrounded chill and fresh for longer hours and one must definitely avoid the fragrance that is heavy.

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