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The ’90s era Tamagotchi is Back — This Time with a Camera

The 90s iconic, popular Tamagotchi is back. However, it will have a camera this time.

Tamagotchi’s parent company, Bandai America, is launching a new version of the Tamagotchi Pix.

It has the same structure.

The '90s era Tamagotchi is back with camera
The ’90s era Tamagotchi is back with a camera

It has an egg shape, three buttons, and the objective of letting the user raise their pet virtually.

Furthermore, the user takes the pet through various life stages, like hatching from an egg, feeding it, playing with it. If it does not get taken care of, then after a few days, it will die.

The people who had the original toy will be able to notice the few updates they have added for 2021.

For example, now the pix screen has full color, instead of the black and white screen.

Moreover, you can take pictures of your virtual pet through the built-in camera.

You can now cook food for your Tamagotchi or get food delivered to feed it.

You can now also nourish your virtual pet by painting or doing different activities with it using its camera to take pictures for your pet.

In the updates Tamagotchi, there is an explore mode. This mode allows you to do various activities with your Tamagotchi friends. You can organize ‘playdates’ and connect to your friend’s virtual pets using their Tama Code.

The best feature that it got like the original is how you do not need a Wifi connection to connect to your virtual pet.

The virtual pets are available for pre-orders and will go on sale in July for $59.99.

It is not the first time that the company updated an old toy.

Back in 2017, they celebrated their 20th anniversary in North America by launching the popular digital pocket pet in a mini version.

The company further launched Tamagotchi ON in 2019. In this, they first introduced the color on the device in the markets of North America.

Bandai has not shared its regional sales.

However, Bandai’s senior director of brand strategy, Tara Badie said, their sales were more than they expected.

Badie said:

“We do have plans for the next couple of years to continuously bring new items into North America.”

The company has been in the market for nearly 25 years, and they said that globally they sold more than 82 million Tamagotchis.

In 1996, the brand got launched in Japan first, and after a year, they came to America.

Tamagotchis needed to make a comeback in the United States, unlike in Japan.

Japan has constant launches of Tamagotchis and became the main source of children’s toys for the country.

In 2019, Badie told CNN Business:

“Just like here in America, there are certain products that all kids play with. This is that product … for them in Japan.”

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