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Smart Offices and Benefits of Building Automation Systems

Effective automation in the workplace is slowly becoming prevalent in buildings and offices. Many buildings and offices are continuously being improved by automating some office routine tasks.

These days, many buildings have installed an advanced Building Automation System (BAS) which controls various functions in the building. This is one of the systems used in buildings and offices that make it “smart.” BAS facilitates heating and cooling (HVAC), electrical grids, security systems, and much more. Additionally, BAS offers better options of different custom control systems that vary in complexity depending on how the building was built and its purpose.

Building Automation System
Building Automation System

How is having a building automation system advantageous for your smart office and building? Here are some benefits of building automation systems in today’s world.

Lower energy expenditures

When you install a BAS, your air conditioning, ventilation, heating and cooling, and the electrical operation run more effectively which reduces energy consumption levels and helps you save utility bills.

Your office or building BAS helps you automate building operational channels with devices such as sensors and timers. It enables you to collect and store data about the building’s energy usage and efficiency which will be beneficial in managing your smart office or building. Since you are saving energy, you’re helping in reducing the carbon footprint of the building which helps the environment.

Comfortable Place

Adding the BAS can routinely and automatically adjust the temperature and lightings of the building to suit the weather and season. Doing it this way simplifies the maintenance of your smart office.

As a latent result, you will have fewer complaints about the temperature and lighting (one of the most common office concerns of employees). Lesser employee concerns potentially lead to better productivity.

Boost Productivity

Speaking of productivity, BAS in the workplaces implement smart programs and control systems that make the workplace highly organized and structured. Aside from keeping people comfortable, the BAS keeps the electrical systems functioning more efficiently, without damaging them or leading to expensive repair and maintenance. Daily operations are relieved from disruptions caused due to machine failures or damages.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Did you know that only 25% of building costs are related to capital expenses? Most of the expenses on buildings are used to operate and maintain its operations. Since BAS makes operations more efficient, you will reduce maintenance costs from frequent breakdowns, malfunctions, or failures.

The BAS and other systems working alongside it experience less wear and tear, so it requires less maintenance or repairs. However, you must get your electrical systems and equipment regularly serviced to ensure your equipment maximizes their service life whether you have installed BAS or not. It’s imperative to have those regularly checked for safety as well.

Improve Security

The BAS can be readily connected to your office or building security systems to monitor, control, and create essential backups which increase the level of safety and offers you peace of mind. Aside from that, you can also use it for real-time supervision within the facility. BAS sends smart alerts and notifications for suspicious activities, as well as to lock or unlock a facility remotely given that you have the required software and data collection devices connected.

These are just some of the benefits of installing building automation systems in smart offices and buildings. It might be a beneficial investment that your company can make which will let you enjoy valuable returns over a period of time, especially if you need a systematic area for products.

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