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Robo-Dogs Get Developed BY A Chinese Tech Company

China produces a Robot with a combination of the two elements that get loved by everyone: technology and pets.

Meet the AlphaDog, a Robo-dog who will obey your command is whip-fats, and no need to worry about horrible surprises left on the floor.

The AlphaDog uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and various sensors to make it a high-tech hound. The technology that has gotten used makes AlphaDog see and hear what’s going on around it, and one can even take it for a walk.

The company producing AlphaDog is Weilan.

The chief technology officer at the company, Ma Jie, stated:

“It’s really very similar to a real dog.”

AlphaDog got created using the paw prints of a four-legged machine called ‘Spot.’

Spot got designed by Boston Dynamics for industrial use, and after it appeared in a viral series on YouTube, it became an internet sensation.

The creators based in Nanjing have created this product keeping the consumer market in mind.

They claim that AplphaDog moves at 15 Kilometers / 9 Miles per hour and will spin as a puppy would; when it gets exciting.

Ma explains that this dog has got legs made of metal making, it more stable than an actual dog, and a member of his team kicks the robo-dog swiftly to prove the point he’s making.

As the robot climbs up the stairs slowly, Ma says:

“It can predict the friction and height of the ground (to) adjust its height, adjust the stride frequency, and adapt to the environment.”

The people who created AlpaDog; used 5G technology to give it fast internet speed and instant reaction time, making the robot work autonomously.

Ma went to the University of Oxford and studied reinforcement learning, in which you learn to reinforce activities through reward or punishment.

Using the knowledge he received at the University, he stated how AlphaDog has the habits of a canine.

Under the leadership of Mai Zedong, communist China’s founder, owning a dog had gotten banned. However, since, then this market has flourished.

That is why, in its sales in the first month, more than 1,900 AlphaDogs got sold, even though they cost 16,000 yuan ($2,400).

According to Ma, Computer developers, kids, and tech geeks were the ones who mostly ordered robo-dog.

China is looking to upskill its workforce.

Huge investments in AI and robotics are getting made by Beijing.

Robots are getting used for delivery, to serve in restaurants, give information at stations, and take swabs for Covid-10 tests.

Developers are excited for the future of their four-legged friends and how the visually impaired can get benefit from it.

As Ma said:

“To help the disabled is an important developing direction for us. When the robot dog has the function of vision, hearing, and dialogue too, it can easily interact with disabled people, and lead them to the supermarket or the bus.”

Furthermore, in the future, the company will have AlphaDog bark and add a human voice for the owner and pet to interact.

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