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Prince Philip Dies-Mourning Period and Funeral – What Happens Next?

The husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, died on Friday. The death has set in action the carefully planned long events that will get completed with his funeral.

A major royal death gets planned beforehand and years before.

However, the details get kept a secret. Furthermore, some plans will have to get changed because of the restrictions Coronavirus has caused in the United Kingdom.

It has gotten understood that all proposals have to get signed by the Queen beforehand, but it’s unclear if this has happened yet or not.

Furthermore, it has not gotten known how much a role Prince Philip has in planning for his funeral.

Nonetheless, some renowned parts of Prince Philips’s death arrangements have gotten the codename “Forth Bridge by the royal staff, government ministers, and media partners.

The following things that will take got announced.

What will happen with Prince Philip’s Remains?

The remains of Prince Philips are at Windsor Castle. This royal residence is west of London and where Prince Philips and the Queen have been residing in the current months.

For his last weeks, in the middle of March, Prince Philip returned to the castle after he got discharged from a London hospital following his heart surgery.

His remains will lie in the castle until his funeral at St.George’s Chapel.

According to the royal corporation, the College of Arms plays an important role in planning; this arrangement got made with the royal custom and the wishes of Prince Philip.


Many Britians from all over the country provoke mourning when a major royal dies.

In the last decades, we saw thousands of people fill the country streets to remember the lives of Princess Diana at her death and at the death of Queen Mother.

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of Britain, on Friday said:

“We mourn today, with Her Majesty the Queen. We offer our condolences to her and to all her family, and we give thanks, as a nation and a Kingdom, for the extraordinary life and work of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.”

On the day after Prince Philip’s funeral, the royal buildings will have flags flying at half-staff until 8 a.m. (3 a.m. ET).

It will include all the UK’s “official” flags — the Union Jack, the flags of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, plus cadets and ships’ colors.

The flags that are on many government buildings like 10 Downing street have already got lowered.

Furthermore, flags flying at half-mast got seen on the Sydney Harbor Bridge on Saturday in Australia.

Many public tributes were in the plan of Prince Philip’s death but they are most likely to get obstructed because of the restrictions made of gatherings due to Coronavirus.

Recently, the gatherings outside with six people or more or two households have gotten banned in the UK.

On Friday, the College of Arms had to inform the public regretfully to not attend or participate in any of the funeral events.

The government gave the same advice, as a Cabinet Office spokesperson in a statement said:

“Although this is an extraordinarily difficult time for many, we are asking the public not to gather at Royal Residences and continue to follow public health advice particularly, on avoiding meeting in large groups and on minimizing travel.”

Furthermore, the spokesperson added:

“We are supporting the Royal Household in asking that floral tributes should not be laid at Royal Residences at this time.”

On Saturday at noon, Gun salutes will get fired all across the UK.

The Ministry of Defense in a statement wrote:

“Across the United Kingdom, in Gibraltar and on HM Ships at sea, saluting batteries will fire 41 rounds at one round every minute for 40 minutes.”

He further added:

“The public is encouraged to observe the gun salutes from home, they will take place behind closed doors but broadcast online and on television.”

Prince Philip’s Funeral

The duke’s funeral will not be like the funerals held for most senior royals because of the Coronavirus situation.

The funeral will happen at the St. George’s Chapel within Windsor Castle. It will not be a state funeral like it would be if a Queen is to die.

Many ceremonial funerals will get televised and would have some public involvement also.

However, any ceremonies or processions done by the military will happen within the walls of the castle, so that public members do not gather.

A funeral like this one would normally get attended by the state heads worldwide.

However, right now, only 30 people are allowed to attend a funeral in the United Kingdom because of the social distancing.

Therefore, only the close friends and family members of Prince Philip will attend his funeral.

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