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New Real Estate Website Technology That Ensures Incoming Traffic

Are you a real estate agent and looking for ways to improve your customer satisfaction, website design, property search tool efficiency, stay relevant and modern, and utilize the latest technology to optimize your processes? Read on for an invaluable tip on how to achieve this success through new real estate website technology.

You should find out more about Showcase IDX and how you can use it to improve your real estate website and service. With this user-friendly property search tool, your customers can find the home of their dreams and begin the buying process from your website, customize their searches and receive automated notification emails when new properties are put on the market that match their specific search filters. You can automate your follow-up with personalized, smart content to keep the conversation going, keep customers engaged, and maximize your sales potential.

The showcase also offers a range of other benefits for customers and real estate agents, such as unique customer engagement tools, a social platform for families and friends to search for properties together, and great customer service. The many benefits of this advanced technology will be detailed below.

What is Internet Data Exchange

Internet Data Exchange (IDX) is software that lets prospective home buyers search for their area’s MLS (multiple listing services) properties. MLS is a database established by cooperating real estate brokers to provide data about properties for sale across multiple platforms and display it all in one location. Internet data exchange is a revolutionary concept and it opened up a whole new world for buyers. Before internet data exchange, buyers had to rely on a real estate agent or broker if they wanted to view listings in their area, whereas now they have this easy-to-use and highly efficient online tool.

Showcase Internet Data Exchange

This is the leading internet data exchange software and home search for real estate websites. If Showcase covers your local or regional MLS, it is the best choice for your real estate website. The Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) highlighted Showcase’s work in a 2019 RESO case study on the latest real estate technologies in internet data exchange and home searches.

You can use this powerful home search interface to get more out of your real estate website, as its internet data exchange search feature is very accurate, and provides your users with continuously updated information about listings in their area. Your customers can use this IDX  search service to find their ideal home and begin the home buying process straight from your website. Showcase boasts a number of benefits both for you, the real estate agent, and the prospective home buyer. Read on for more information about these benefits and useful features.

Flexible Search Options

Showcase’s interface provides you with two different search options to display on your real estate website. The streamlined search uses proprietary technology to combine different MLS feeds. Your customers can use this feature to search for real estate across multiple MLS feeds simultaneously and seamlessly. This is the fastest, easiest, and most efficient way to search for property.

There is also an advanced search option that allows your customers to filter their searches for very specific information, such as the year in which the property was built, whether the property has an open house available, and square footage. These detailed searches are fantastic for customers with a precise vision for their dream home. Hot sheets and search subscriptions can be made based on these detailed and specific advanced searches.

For real estate agents, Showcase provides a massive advantage as it is equipped with all you could need to get people searching for homes on your website. It uses lead capture and leads engagement tools to ensure that your valuable leads are engrossed in their search and can be communicated with easily.

Social Search System

When searching for their perfect home, prospective buyers often involve their friends, family, and significant others in the process. This is why Showcase has created the social search system, which is a sort of social media platform on their website for customers to share private comments, react to listings with emojis and invite friends and family to view and discuss properties. On this platform, customers can save property listings to look back on at a later time.

Each member of the search group is treated as a lead by the interface, which means you will get higher quality leads and have more points of contact around a potential deal. What’s more, the listings on the social search system are specially formatted to be social media friendly, so you can share them easily on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The platform also uses several methods to encourage customers to engage with listings, take action, and move forward in their search and purchase of a property. For instance, it suggests customers set up a personal tour of a home or reach out to sellers.

Lead Dashboard

A significant benefit of Showcase is that the lead dashboard uses CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools so that you can track all site visitors and registered leads. Customer Relationship Management is a strategy that companies use to manage interactions with customers and potential customers. This tool allows you to see customers’ activity, such as the listings they view and hide. This information is valuable as it will tell you which properties they like and do not like. CRM tools help you to tailor your service more to a customer’s specific wants and needs.

Showcase internet data exchange has integrations with several popular and top-quality CRMs and you can send the data collected on your lead dashboard to a third-party CRM easily. You can also use the information provided by the lead dashboard to create detailed and highly specialized email subscription notices to customers based on their exact needs. Search subscriptions can send customers daily, weekly, monthly, or instant notices that there are listings that match their exact specifications available in their area. As soon as a new property is added to the market that fits the search criteria of a customer, they can be notified by this incredible, clever service, which is fully automated, so does not require manpower to function. How ideal for you and your staff!

Your Customers Benefit From Showcase Internet Data Exchange

One of the many perks of Showcase is that your customers will benefit from full tech support from a US-based customer service team and an online chat function. While most other internet data exchanges are known to have long wait times to hear a response from support, and receive a resolution, reviews for Showcase frequently detail how they answer the phone and are happy to do a screen share to support both agents and web developers.

The chat system will also keep customers up to date on any MLS changes. Showcase is constantly improving and updating and the internet data exchange search is mobile-friendly. Rather than simply condensing everything down to phone screen size, Showcase has designed its website to be functional and pleasing to use on a smaller screen, like a mobile application. What’s more, it uses a fully integrated map search feature and boasts super fast search response times.

Moreover, the home search tool is fully customizable, and you can choose the design and specifications so that it is easy to use, attractive to look at, and practical. The real estate agent can customize where, how, and when visitors to their site are prompted to register for new search listings that meet their search criteria. This benefits the agent as they can maximize interest and traffic on their website, but it also benefits the customer who wants to use a tailored, efficient, and practical online search tool.

Real Estate Agents Benefit From Showcase Internet Data Exchange

As their website claims, Showcase is “Easy for technology novices. Powerful For pros.” As this suggests, you should not be afraid of the technology or put off using this service as it seems overwhelming or too complicated. Showcase has an expert onboarding team that will guide you through each step of implementing this tool into your real estate agent website. Once it is up and running, you won’t believe how easy it is to manage and what a difference it makes to the traffic on your website, customer satisfaction, and efficiency among your staff.

Showcase uses server prerendering in its approach to SEO (search engine optimization), and as such its clients see more traffic from Google than any other internet data exchange. The elegant and professional formatting of the search tool will make your website stand out from competitors, with a modern feel and very user-friendly features.

Part of the cost of your subscription to Showcase is the constant updates and fixes provided that will keep your website relevant, up to date, and innovative. With seamless, continual updates to your internet data exchange solution, Showcase’s team can manage your website’s security and improvements.

Real estate agents can also join an active community of other agents, brokers, and experts through Showcase. Through this platform, agents can learn strategies and share actionable tips about personal branding, marketing, SEO, social media, and more. This allows agents to grow and evolve in their business management and make the most of their potential.

Real Estate Website

Reviews Of Showcase IDX

There are customer reviews available to read on the Showcase website, including delighted customers who say this service was what they had been waiting for all along, that Showcase brings the leads, and that it is the best internet data solution out there.

In the Made in America (MAM) 2021 Internet Data Exchange and Home Search Report, which was the largest real estate technology study ever, Showcase was the clear winner. They also made MAM’s list of the 7 Best Real Estate Tools for Top Producing Agents in 2021. As Made in America states: “The company’s focus is on doing one thing ([internet data exchange]/home search) and doing it exceptionally well.”

Tomoson says “if you’re a realtor, [internet data exchange] is a must!” and calls Showcase comprehensive and easy to install, with beautiful search and listing pages, and revolutionary. You can search online for more reviews of this great tool, and read through the many satisfied customers’ testimonies on the Showcase website.

With Showcase, real estate agents can beat out their big portal competitors with a better search tool, powerful calls-to-action for customers, lead capture technology, and automated listings-based content and subscription emails to help them secure more property sales. The team at Showcase will keep real estate agents’ websites modern, updated, and slick-looking while maintaining a straightforward and manageable format that appeals to customers. This clever technology will ensure traffic on real estate websites. Although it seems like advanced and complex technology, Showcase is a dream for real estate agents, as it is accessible even to those who are not super tech-savvy. A full onboarding service is also provided to ensure satisfaction from the real estate agent.

If you are a real estate agent looking to modernize your website and maximize your sales potential, this guide should have convinced you that Showcase is the way to go. You can grow your business and make your life easier, improve efficiency, capture and engage prospective customers’ attention, and design a trendy, modern, and easy-to-use website with Showcase. Some of the other amazing benefits of this tool include its multiple search options, social search system, which families and friends can use to share comments on properties, and the lead dashboard that uses customer relationship management technology.

As if the many wonderful features boasted by Showcase do not speak for themselves, there are also many glowing customer reviews you can peruse to see why other real estate agents love and trust Showcase, and why they chose this tool over its competitors. Moreover, as it has been demonstrated, Showcase features lists of the best home search tools and lists of the best real estate technologies in recent years. What more do you need to know? Make the smart move and subscribe to Showcase today to see your real estate business into a successful future.

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