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What is Picuki? Top 15 Picuki Alternatives for Instagram Editor, Viewer and Downloader

Picuki or pocuki is a simple yet free Instagram profile browser and editor. You can view, downlaod and edit Instagram profiles, stories, followers, posts, tags, and locations for free for an extended time like a PRO.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites that cope with innovative life today. We’re all aware that you can edit your images and videos through it. You may alter the brightness, hues, and contrast, among other things. But, you won’t be able to save it to your gallery straight away, which is annoying for users. There are a variety of apps that will allow you to keep your Instagram photos and videos, but Picuki is the best. Keep reading, and you will find everything you need to know about Picuki.


What is Picuki?

The application Picuki or pocuki means editor and viewer. –. With the benefit of not requiring you to register an Instagram account to explore. It means you can see and edit your Instagram stories and posts. You can search for anyone’s Instagram page by typing their name. Also, you can edit your photos and videos to the next level as if you are a professional editor.

Instagram Picuki application or website

Allows you to download and save Instagram photos and videos. Picuki’s impressive and unique feature allows users to download pictures without having an Instagram account. Yes, one does not need to log in to their Instagram account to download photos and videos; instead, they may search the user account. It can be done with the account and with the help of hot hashtags.

Picuki isn’t simply a photo-editing program; it’s much more. Picuki is an image editor, similar to someone who uses Instagram to share photos. As a result, you must download it to modify the images. Backgrounds may be changed, picture colors can be modified, and photo saturation, brightness, and sharpness can be easily tweaked. Other software has this feature, but only to a limited extent. Picuki allows you to take your image editing to the next level, giving your photos and videos a professional look.

Picuki is also known as pocuki, an image editor and viewer, but its domain does not have a very good rating on several trustworthy sources. However, it is not forbidden; rather, it is functional and available for download. It is one of the best ways to read profile pages of friends, relatives, celebrities, or even random people without joining up or creating a new account.

How to Use Picuki?

There are two ways how to use Picuki.

  • To find public videos or photos, search its name or user ID. Picuki will not ask you to log in to your Instagram account.
  • Search using hashtags to see the pictures and videos. Find anything you are looking for on Instagram. And like the first option, you don’t need to log in to your Instagram account.

Advantages of Picuki: Instagram editor and viewer

  • Other apps need you to check in before you can view videos or pictures. But with Picuki, you can store photos and videos. You can do it without logging into your Instagram account. It is pretty convenient because you don’t need to put your details before using it.
  • You can use hashtags, names, and user IDs to find anyone’s Instagram profile. Be it your favorite celebrity or your family and friends. You’ll have no trouble finding what you’re searching for whenever you want to.
  • Easy to use and convenient. There are no details that will make it hard for you to use it. You can understand how it works.
  • You can create professional-looking edits to your photographs and videos. Even if you suck at taking photos and videos, you make it better using Picuki. You will have the kind of photos you might find much more beautiful.

Most Popular Picuki Alternative Apps

If Picuki isn’t that convenient for you or you want to try something else. And if you are looking for some features that Picuki does not have. We have different alternatives you can use apart from Picuki. Let us share with you these are the best alternatives we found that will please you.

1. Inflact

It is one of the most recommended Instagram viewer tools. You can view stories and download photos as long as you want. You can also see the highlights as long as it is in public. What’s nice about this tool is that you can check and view those who blocked you. And they will never have any idea about it.

One feature that you will enjoy about this tool? You can track if there’s a story from the account that you can keep monitoring. You can also collect and save posts in your Inflact profile. And the best thing about it is you can watch a hundred profiles if you want to.

2. SmiHub

SmiHub is almost the same as Pucuki. You can view Instagram stories, images, and videos. But the difference is you can view all that, and your identity will stay hidden. The owner of the post you viewed won’t be able to know that you have checked his post.

Features of SmiHub

  • You can search all the profiles you want by searching hashtags and locations. You can find whoever you want to see the accounts like that. Guarantee that you will find and access all the posts of the account holder.
  • Using hyperlinks, you can download videos and images you want. It will not take too long to download, so it is less time-consuming. You can enjoy all the videos you download, be it from a video of your favorite artists or some funny videos.

3. StoriesDown

It is a website where you can see all the posts posted on Instagram. You can check your family and friends’ posts without them knowing it. You can also talk to anyone you don’t know as part of the fun if you want to. StoriesDown collects all the activities in one place based on time. And this site will assure you that they will not share or sell your data to anyone.

Sometimes comments are frustrating, and some are offensive. You don’t need to stress yourself reading all the negativity. You have the power to control your Instagram. If there are things that are bothering you, avoid them. It is one of the best features of StoriesDown you might like.

Features of StoriesDown

  • Archive Photos. Sometimes you want to hide your photos from particular followers, and you want to delete them. But with StoriesDown, you don’t need to take down your photograph only to hide it from your followers. You can put it to archive photos. Yes, you read it right. You can archive your photos if you don’t want to delete them, but you want to hide them from some of your followers.
  • Archived Stories. You can extend your story for more than 24 hours. You need to re-upload it. You can put it on your archive stories and upload it again whenever you want to.
  • Save Photos. Sometimes you want to save photos from Instagram, but it’s impossible. Your only option is to take a screenshot. You can keep any pictures unlimited.
  • Mute Instagram Stories. Some people love to post, and sometimes we find it frustrating. We can’t unfollow them right away, and with StoriesDown, you can mute stories you don’t want to see.

More StoriesDown Features

  • Free. You don’t need to pay any single penny to use this website. You can use it anytime you want without breaking the bank.
  • You don’t need to give your details to make your account. You can keep your identity private.
  • You can view and download Instagram stories and post with no limits.
  • It will not take too long to search the profile you want to check. You can go through to Instagram accounts you like to track.
  • It works on different devices, may it be on your mobile phone.

4. Gramhir

It is an Instagram analyzer and viewer where you can see the popularity of an Instagram account. You can also see and expect how many likes and possible viewers a post will have. Remember, you can see its statistics. You can do all, which means the account holder will not be able to find out that you are monitoring his account.

5. Instaxyz

This Instagram viewer tool is free and safe. You can see a shortlist of popular users. You don’t need to think about which pages or profiles you want to track. You can also check all the comments and view the statistics and media. It will be easy for you to keep updated with the trend, and you will know what content you can do.

6. Fullinsta

One way to view photos and videos is on Instagram. It uses the principle of Instagram API to let you see all your desired content. This web-based Instagram Viewer tool is easy to use. You can use a hashtag or their user name to find the account you want to check. Apart from this Instagram viewer tool, it is safe and sure you don’t have to worry about it every time you browse.

7. IGLookup

It is a little different from the other Instagram viewer tool. With this web-based application, you can check the private photos you want to see. You don’t even need to send a request only to see their pictures. And what’s good about IGLookup is that your identity will remain anonymous. And that is even after checking out all the images they are hiding from the public. It is a free, safe, legal, and secure Instagram viewer.

8. Watchinsta

You can search and view any Instagram profile you want to see from any device, public or private accounts. With this application is that you can retrieve deleted files and messages. And it also checks Instagram updates.

Watchinsta Features

  • View Private Photos. You can see not only the public photos but also the private ones.
  • You can browse any media and export it to a Zip file if you want to.
  • You don’t need to log in to your Instagram account to browse accounts or posts you like.
  • It never stops changing. You can always see a new feature added.
  • No one can detect what you do, so it is safe, and your identity will always stay private.

9. InstaDP

This web-based tool is on a different level. Why? You can not only view Instagram profiles, private photos, or stories. With InstaDP, you can all view the reels, and it is also a story downloader. One feature of this Instagram viewer tool is that you can zoom the photos. If you find the images too small and you can almost see them. You can zoom in to adjust their size, and you can finally see the picture better. But the photo will not be blurry, but it will remain in full HD.

As mentioned, you can download Instagram stories through this tool. You can create collections of all the posts you like. You can also make an album of your favorite posts, as it is like Pinterest. How can you download the stories and posts? Type the username and then download it. You can do all these in private like the other Instagram viewer. No one will know your identity.

10. 4K Stogram

4K Stogram is a viewer for Instagram that works with all different operating systems. The tool will allow you to browse and download Instagram photos, stories, and videos and save a backup of your Instagram profile and import a list of your Instagram followers.

11. Dumpor

You can use Dumpor tool for free to view all of your photos from private reels on the photo sharing service. There is no need for you to get any ad-related nonsense when you view your IG feed. There is a search feature that allows you to look for specific users or phrases in your feed to check and download their posts watch their stories or reels anonymously.

12. InStalker

If you want to stalk photos, videos, tags or IG stories then you must try InStalker, It’s a great online tool to check for the user accounts that blocked you from their Instagram account.

13. Pixwox

If you want to download or save any Instagram post or video then Pixwox is the number #1 choice to use. You can check other user content, activities fake followers and much more.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is Instagram editor and viewer legal?

Yes, hundred percent safe and legal. You can browse, download and view posts safe and sound. No one will notice your actions. No one can trace all your activities, so you don’t have to worry. Your identity and data will stay private.

Is there a way I view Instagram stories anonymously?

Use one of the Instagram viewer tools. Search the username you want to look at, and that’s it. You can now see the story in private. And you don’t need to think about it because the account holder will not be able to notice your action.

Can I view the Instagram stories of users who blocked me?

Yes. And you can see not only the Instagram stories but all the posts, videos, and even the hidden or private photos. You can see them even if the account holder blocked you.

How can I view Stories without a login and an account?

Use Picuki, and you can go through all the stories you want to check. In Picuki, you don’t need to log in to see what’s going on, on Instagram. You can search anyone’s profile using their username. And you can finally see everything on their account, including the stories.

Why is Picuki not working? Is it down?

Some of their functions were not working recently due to increased demand on their server. Many users have reported that Instagram stories aren’t working and that Picuki isn’t loading properly.

Final Thoughts

Using an Instagram viewer and editor tool like Picuki is convenient. It is better than using the actual Instagram Application. It has features you can’t find and use on Instagram. What is good about these tools is that you can use them, and there is nothing to worry about when browsing. No one will see that you track what they do or whatever they posts.

It has a lot of advantages for someone who likes to browse and check someone else’s account. No one will even trace that they do it. But it is a little bit scary because you don’t have any idea that someone is watching you. Some people are not aware of this kind of application. So they are not don’t know that someone might invade their privacy.

But after all, this application is good. Some advantages and features might help you in different ways. It could be applicable in some situations.

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