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How to Use the Social Security Death Index?

There are several ways to find someone’s information using the Social Security death index. To find an individual, you can search for birth dates, name variations, and other details. You can also order a copy of the individual’s SS-5 form. If you’re looking for someone’s SS#, this is the right place to find them. To learn more, read on! You’ll be surprised by the results!

Using the Social Security Death Index

The Social Security Death Index contains over 80 million profiles of deceased people with US social security numbers. The information on the index is updated monthly. A person’s death can help you determine if the dead person had any dependents. However, you should know that the Social Security Death Index is not a perfect solution to your identifying problem. For this reason, you should use the information with caution and follow the steps listed below.

The Social Security Death Index contains important clues to other records. In addition to the date of death, it also has specific details of the deceased person’s birth and death. You can use the Social Security Death Index information to request an SS-5 application, which costs money. It is not a substitute for proper research, but it can help you search. In addition, you can use the Social Security Death Index to order an SS-5 application, which is available only from the Social Security Administration.

Searching on the birth date, month, and year.

The birth date, month, and year fields are separate from the name. You can search these three fields to find more information about the deceased person. Searching for the birth date is helpful if you know the person’s name but have trouble finding other records. You can search for a person’s birth date if the person’s name has several variations. Use the month field if you want to see a person’s birth date who died in a specific year.

The Social Security Death Index is a massive database that includes essential information about over 77 million Americans. This information is vital to survivors who need to stop or apply for benefits. However, most of the data come from 1962 onwards. The Social Security Administration began using a computer database to process claims and benefit payments. Before that date, many entries were not updated in the electronic database, so it was impossible to search for information about a deceased person.

Searching by name variations

When searching for an ancestor’s name, you might encounter many different spellings, punctuation, and other details. Therefore, it’s important to exhaust all possible options when searching for that person. Fortunately, many SSDI indexes allow you to search by wildcards. Using these wildcards in your search, you can find results for people by many different names, including Pat* Smith, Patricia* Smith, and Patrick* Smith.

When searching with the SSDI, you can also search by the first three digits of the individual’s social security number. This will let you order the individual’s Social Security application. In addition, the first three digits of a person’s SSN will tell you what state the person was issued in. If you use other information, such as the person’s birth date, you can narrow your search.

Ordering a copy of the person’s SS-5 form

If you are interested in the ancestry of a deceased person, ordering a copy of the person’s Social Security form is an ideal way to learn more about their background. The SS-5 form is a social security application commonly used in genealogy research. This form allows you to know the name and birth date of a relative, which is often available in public SSDI databases. While the Social Security Death Index only contains the names of a few people, the SS-5 form has an extensive database of deceased people dating back to 1937.

Many people request this form to learn a person’s maiden name or their parent’s names. However, fewer documents will reveal the names of the mother or father of a person. It is possible to order a copy of a person’s SS-5 form online, but you need to remember that copies are not cheap. You should also be patient since it might take up to six months for an agency to process the request.

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