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What are the different types of notification systems?

A notification system is a way to send a notification or message to alert a group of people or an individual fast and efficiently, typically in times of emergency. These types of notification systems are typically used by law enforcement, fire departments, local governments, companies, communities and more to improve and complement other security and safety measures already in place.

Notification System

Typically using a database of names, email addresses, phone numbers and delivery methods, mass notification systems need strong communication infrastructure(s) with the needed amount of bandwidth to deliver the number of messages needed. With the possibility to be triggered either through human interaction or sensing devices like gas or smoke detectors and others, mass notification systems are a needed investment for the many organizations out there needing real-time instructions and alerts in times of crisis.

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In today’s day and age when emergencies happen, there are a few emergency alert systems you can exploit to communicate with the people who may be affected. The first one, touched upon briefly in the introduction, is the mass notification system, which sends recorded messages to phones in order to alert nearby individuals. Very much in the same vein, wireless emergency alerts (or WEA) are generally used by state and local authorities, sending alerts to all people’s wireless devices (including phones) in the affected area(s). Also revolving around the same approach, SMS text notification systems can be used to send emergency text messages to numbers contained in a database who have opted to make use of the said system.

notification systemNotification Methods

However, with people now owning a multitude of devices, and with a variety of situations to cater to, other notification methods should be explored. Public outdoor notifications for example use speakers and sirens (usually stationary), placed throughout the area that will be activated in case of crisis to alert people. Another option is using colour-coded alerts, where each colour lets an individual or staff know what the emergency is, and thus how to deal with it. It’s just another way to silently and efficiently communicate a crisis with the individuals concerned without alarming everyone, thanks to that singularity, healthcare facilities are often the ones to use this notification system. Lastly, organizational emergency alert systems are more tailored to, as the name indicates, organizations like schools or businesses. Sending notifications to computers and mobile devices alike, different communication channels are exploited to communicate the ongoing emergency to all concerned parties promptly and effectively.

The only contrasting difference between each distribution method is the system of distribution utilized, regardless of the distribution method, the aim of all of these notifications systems is the same, to provide the recipients with the information often vital they need, when they need it.

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