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How To Permanently Get Rid Of Weeds In Driveway

Do you get annoyed by the weed that grows on your beautiful driveway, making it look not so elegant? and you want to Get Rid Of Weeds In Driveway

You are not alone. Weeds can be hard to deal with as they make their way through cracks, gravel, and paving stones. The worst thing is, no matter how much you pull them out, it always seems like it grows again, and their quantity increases.

When that does happen, what do you do? You go looking for ways to get rid of the weed in your driveway permanently.

We have a few methods to help you get rid of the weed. However, the best method is to prepare and cover your driveway before laying it out, not to give the weeds any chance.

Why are Weeds So Hard to Kill?

Many yearly weeds can be extremely hard to kill, like horsetail, bindweed, and ground elder. It takes time to get rid of them using traditional methods. The best way is to get their roots out to stop them from growing huge or attaching everywhere else.

People, wind, and pests are why annual weed seeds spread as they attach to them. However, we have a few methods you can try to kill properly.

6 Ways to Permanently Get Rid of Weeds in Driveway

We have six common and effective methods to control the weeds infiltrating cracks on driveways, pavements, or any other surfaces.

Note: If a method has salt, ensure to use it only on hardscape areas and not on lawns or gardens.

  • Hand-Pick the Weeds

The most traditional, famous, and time-honored method still considered the best is where you handpick all the weeds. When you pull the entire weed plant from its roots and everything linked to it, you prevent the weed from regrowing and spreading.

However, this method will work better only on some weeds. The best time to pull weed is when the plant is moist from rainfall or hose because the soil becomes soft under its roots, making it easy to pull. Nonetheless, you should know that it is not a permanent solution as new weed seeds will find their way into any cracks, and unless you seal such cracks, you will face weeds.

  • Boiling Water

The best way to get rid of unwanted grass or weed is by pouring boiling water. Not hot, but boiling because many weed types like hot conditions, but none can tolerate steaming, boiling water. Moreover, salt helps. So you could also add salt into that water.

However, ensure you do not use water-containing oil or meat leftovers. You will have to pour the boiling water over a few days to get the weed to kill it and keep it away.

  • A concoction of Kitchen Vinegar

You can kill most weed and grass types by making a concoction of your own.

You mix:

  • Around 228 grams of salt
  • 8 liters of White vinegar

Spread it and see how the weed and grass get killed. You can add a cup of lemon and 2 tablespoons of dish soap to make it more acidic. If you use pickling vinegar, it will be even more acidic. The mixture is easy to make and use, as it will kill the weeds you have annoying you.

  • Propane Torch

It might be hard to believe that you can use a propane torch to burn weeds growing through cracks. As mentioned before, most weeds can tolerate heat, a fair amount of it. However, not 2,000 degrees that propane flame produces. Many manufacturers understood that people are using propane flame to kill weeds, so they created a long-handled weed touch especially for this task.

  • Horticultural Vinegar

This vinegar is hard to find, but you can order it online. The horticultural vinegar has around 20 percent acetic acid, and when it gets mixed with orange oil and dish soap free from phosphate. This helps to kill the weed plant and deprive it of its ability to grow and reproduce by photosynthesizing.

Ensure that you protect your hands and eyes when using this product as it’s acidic and can burn you.

  • Non-Selective Weed Killer

You would not want to use chemicals. However, if all other methods fail, then chemicals are the way to treat weeds. You can use products that have Glyphosate, like Roundup, to kill the plant, roots, and everything linked to it. Glyphosate is a chemical that will not linger around the environment like other chemicals might in other weed killers.

Permanent Weed Prevention Solution

After trying out the above methods, if you want a more or a permanent solution, then we have you covered. It would be to place material on the driveway that would not allow the weed to grow through it and stop it there.

A great way to keep weed away is by getting a resin-bound driveway. The resin base gets dug centimeters to kill and prevent any weed, existing or new.

After the resin base, it gets covered with soil and gravel bade for drainage, and then the asphalt layer gets added. These layers help keep the sunlight from getting into the soil and prevent the weed from growing.

Driveways that are resin bound have a round mixture making it impenetrable for any weed to find its way up to your driveway. Moreover, this leaves no gaps or joints for any grass or weed to grow through. Therefore, find a good contractor to get this done for you, and you will have no problem with weeds making your driveway look weird.

Final Thoughts

If you hate weeds and their presence, these solutions should give you the outcome you want for your driveway, and they can also work for sidewalks and pavements. You can try the solutions, but most are temporary. The only permanent one is to cover the driveway to love no crack for weed to go through?

Comment below the solutions that work the best for you or any that we have not added but have worked wonders for you.

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