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5 Adorable Ways How to Make Someone Blush

No matter whether it’s a guy or a girl, do you ever wonder how to make someone blush? You should make an effort to show her/him that she/he is unique. Make him/her blush by sending him/her beautiful SMS and compliments.

How to Make Someone Blush

Sounds exciting, right?

It can get hard when it comes to making someone blush.

However, all the fun is in making someone blush.

It’s a sign of love, embarrassment, and many other feelings.

When someone blushes, they grin from one ear to the other and give you the most killer smile you would have ever seen.

The thing with blushing is it can also happen when someone feels embarrassed or shame, but in a couple, it creates excitement.

There are some ways you can use on how to make someone blush.

You can try the below methods on how to make someone blush on a guy or a girl.

A guy should get to experience a chance to blush and get the rush that comes with that feeling!

Make Someone Blush
Make Someone Blush

Adorable Methods to Make Someone Blush

  • Pass Compliments
  • Make Eye Contact
  • Do Some Unexpected Flirting
  • Plan a surprise
  • Light Teasing
  • Texting is a great way to win your girl’s/boy’s heart
  • Girls/Boys blush when they receive genuine compliments
  • By looking at your girl/boy, you can make her/him blush
  • Make your girl/boy blush by appreciating her/his activities
  • A girl’s/boy’s beauty/love is enhanced by blushing
  • Make every effort to be a gentleman/nice-girl
  • Gently annoy her/him.
  • When you’re around other individuals, crack an inside joke.
  • Show her/him how precious she/he is to you if you’re connected with each other.

Compliments…Compliments ….Compliments

Who does not like hearing a compliment?

Genuine compliments can make anyone blush.

Do not build up to your compliments; make it genuine and sudden.

If you want to make someone blush, you have to ensure the compliments are personal.

Do not say things like:

“Your clothes look good, or I love your hair.”

These are compliments, but they are not intimate. Intimate compliments that would make someone blush include things like:

“Have you cut your hair because it has made you look even prettier than before” or, “Your smile makes me smile and makes my day”

The compliment should make the other person realize that you notice everything about them.

It will make them happy and blush that you take notice.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is something when done right, can make anyone blush.

However, there is a difference between making eye contact and staring.

If you happen to stare at someone, they will only feel uncomfortable.

So, now we have you wondering how one maintains eye contact.

When the guy or girl is talking to you, look at their face and slowly take your eyes to their eyes, while listening to each word they are saying.

After a few minutes, you will see them blushing.

Eyes are expressive, and so much can get said from them, including making someone blush.

Maintain slow, happy eye contact and see them blush.

Unexpected Flirting

When you are going out with some, flirting is something that should never die out, because it not only makes the other person blush but also keeps the romance alive.

The unexpected flirting is when you flirt with someone when they are least expecting it, making them blush with embarrassment and happiness.

How do you flirt unexpectedly?

Imagine you’re out for a family dinner or around at your friend’s house with your partner, whisper something flirty or something dirty to your partner or text them, and watch them blush with embarrassment and grin with happiness from one ear to the other.

This method works every time; no matter whether you do it to a guy or a girl, it will for sure make someone blush!

Plan a surprise

A surprise date or a gift is something that will make someone blush.

Imagine you come back from a hard day at work and your partner has made you dinner or a warm bath or have a wrapped gift, even if it is just a flower waiting for you.

Would it not make you blush with happiness?

A surprise in life keeps things excited.

Make it a routine that once a week, you surprise your partner with something they would not have expected.

So, give your guy or girl a flower, a cake slice or pick them up from work and see them blush with happiness.

Light Teasing

We understand that blushing occurs when adrenaline flows through someone’s body.

Now, what is the best way to get the adrenaline flowing?

You tease your partner!

A light touch on their hand, thigh, cheek or make circles on their inner thigh and see them blush their heart out.

Remember, they will not only blush but also get excited and will think about you the whole time.

Keep the teasing light, so they keep wanting more and blush also.

Teasing like this will work best when you’re out in public, as they would not know how to react and fluster.

10 Texts to Make Someone Blush

We have 10 text messages that you can send or write as a note to your girl or guy and see them blush.

  1. How do you always look so beautiful? I can never imagine a day without you.
  2. You make my life perfect, with your smile and how perfect you are.
  3. No matter how much I look at you, I can never get enough.
  4. I can never imagine how my life would be without you whether it’s today, tomorrow, or any day. Never leave me, my baby.
  5. I am completely, intensely, and deeply in love with you and everything you do.
  6. Let me tell you, one thing baby, there are many attractions in the world, but the way you are is what will always catch my attention.
  7. You are the reason why I keep my phone in my hand.
  8. When I am with you, I feel alive. When I am thinking of you, I smile. And when I am sleeping, I have dreams of you. Now I wonder how I was living all these years without you.
  9. I have no words that I can use to express how I feel about you or how astonishing you are.
  10. Since I have seen you smile, I cannot concentrate on anything but the fact how your smile makes everything lighten up.

Final Words

It’s a big misunderstanding that only girls should get made to blush. Guys deserve the same thing, the same thought.

Therefore, whether it is a girl or a guy, make them blush with the tips we have mentioned. Keep the romance and excitement alive by keeping the other person blushing. Let us know your tips on how to make someone blush if we have missed something out.

Does blushing makes a person attractive?

Yes, a study at the University of California where they say that people who are embarrassed quickly are more likely to blush and can get seen as more attractive than a person who stays calm.

Do guys find blushing attractive?

Yes, most guys think that blushing is a sign that a woman is attracted to them and boosts their confidence. Therefore, they find blushing women more attractive.

Does blushing mean a sign of love?

Someone might not stop blushing because they are happy and they can not contain it, and they smile for no reason, which can get considered as a sign of love.

What is the cause for anyone to blush?

Blushing happens when something emotional caused you to release adrenaline hormones in your body. The adrenaline affects the nervous system causing the capillaries (they carry blood to your skin) to get wide, causing you to blush.

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