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Why & How to Become Emotionally Detached

How to become emotionally detached? Being linked to someone or something brings with it a lot of concern and uneasiness. What steps do you take to become emotionally detached? It is difficult to do!

Emotions are a part of human nature. Emotions are not as simple as feeling sad, happy, or angry.

Everyone has felt butterflies in their stomach, fell in love, felt vulnerable, felt anxious about money, and have felt many other emotions get felt in daily life.

Emotionally Detached: Effective Steps to Follow

Emotionally Detached
Emotionally Detached

People have so many insecurities, making them even more panicked and anxious.

Emotions are not bad things. However, they can lead your emotions to come heavy on you.

That is where emotional detachment comes.

Another word for emotional detachment is to let go.

When you ask the question, how to become emotionally detached? You are actually asking how to let go of the emotions that you carry.

Again, let us tell you, it is not an easy task to become emotionally detached, but you can do it with practice.

Follow the practices we have mentioned on how to become emotionally detached. In short, how do you become emotionally detached?

What is Emotional Detachment?

Searching on Google “What is emotional detachment?” will give you various definitions.

However, all of these definitions will link to say the same thing, which is:

“A person’s inability or unwillingness to engage with their own or others feelings. It can intervene with their emotional, social, psychological and physical development.”

In our article, when we say emotional detachment, we are referring to the practice of having boundaries, sincerity, and preventing unwanted impacts happening to us or others because of our emotions.

In simpler words, our article does not focus on lacking interest or feeling.

It focuses on accepting everything that comes your way calmly. Moreover, it is accepting that it is good and bad and some things cannot get changed, so why disturb your inner peace?

Why should you let failure, opinions from other people, various situations and circumstances affect how you feel?

Benefits of Practicing Emotional Detachment

  • You will not waste your time worrying about useless thoughts or emotions.
  • You will become more accepting of what your life is and what it will hold in the future.
  • You will become more productive and innovative because your mind will be from all other useless thoughts.
  • You will become more peaceful and feel empowered, enlightened, and thankful for everything.
  • It will help you not take things personally as much.
  • You will not become affected by what people say or do.
  • Overall it will help you let go of the things that will drain you emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Ways to Become Emotionally Detached

“True detachment isn’t a separation from life but the absolute freedom within your mind to explore living. by Ron W. Rathbun

Is a State of Mind

First, you have to understand all kinds of attachments in all states of the mind.

What is true detachment?

Ron W. Rathbun was a minister and studies meditation says how true detachment is not getting separated from the whole aspect of life, but getting absolute freedom in your mind to explore living.

What that means is, one can practice detachment, as it’s a state of mind; it’s not impossible to achieve.

Once you understand that, the practice of how to become emotionally detached becomes easier.

Understand Healthy & Non-Healthy Detachment

You have to understand that at times being emotionally detached is not bad, but at times it can be extremely unhealthy.

For example, if you want to detach yourself emotionally because your emotions get too intense or out of hand, it is healthy.

However, if you’re looking to get emotionally detached to isolate yourself from everyone or to become numb emotionally, it is unhealthy.

If you happen to have unhealthy emotional detachments or wish to practice unhealthy practices, then we would suggest you get therapy and see a doctor.

Be Mindful

You have to practice being mindful, which is a part of letting go.

How can you be mindful?

You have to listen to your body and mind.

Ask yourself how you feel emotionally and how it is showing, physically?

When you listen to yourself emotionally and physically, you can find a pattern in your behavior and know what triggers you to get overwhelmed, frustrated or angry.

Once you know what triggers you, you can be ready to remain calm in highly emotional circumstances.

Be Accepting

Acceptance is easier said than done.

You have to learn to be accepting of the person you are, of who the people around you are, and how you can not control everything that goes on in the world.

How does one become accepting?

When a situation is not going to your according, then take a deep breath and understand that you cannot control everything, whether it’s the outcome of any situation or the behavior or feelings of another person.

Remember, you can only control a huge part of yourself, and the rest you learn to accept.

Do Not Expect

Expectations, who does not have any?

Everyone does, and it is the worst thing when it comes to losing your peace and comfort.

When you have too many expectations, you can reach a level of discomfort in your job, relationship, or in anything fast and in an easy way.

Take one day at a time, and do not expect anything from anyone.

Whatever happens in the past, let it go and concentrate on your present.

You will not disappoint yourself or get disappointed in people around you.

Learn to Let It Go

Take it slow, but learn to let go of things that you do not have control over.

Do not let emotions drag you down, mentally or physically.

You have to understand that the only things that you do have control over are your beliefs, your actions, your thoughts, and your belief.

You have control over everything that is from “You” and nothing else.

Trust us when we say to do this, as it will free you in a way that you have never felt before.

However, do remember, letting go does not mean giving up.

It is learning to have hope and not letting anything drag you down.

Final Thoughts

As we said in the beginning, becoming emotionally detached is not an easy thing. However, nothing is impossible. You can practice it, take it a day at a time and a feeling at a time, and overcome anything you want, without a problem.

You understand that nothing is certain and how you have control over nothing but parts of yourself, and that is all. Once you realize that, you will start to become emotionally detached; healthily.

What is the meaning of being emotionally detached?

An emotionally detached person will not willingly or fail to connect with anyone on an emotional level and at times help them keep away from unwanted drama, anxiety, and stress.

How to practice detachment?

Teach yourself that you cannot control others, do not react, only respond and separate yourself from people you do not feel comfortable with. Also, face your fears, desires, and doubts.

What are the signs of having emotional detachment disorder?

You can have this disorder if you have a hard time calming down, show no emotions, do not want comfort from anyone, even their caregiver, and when doing daily activities, are sad, scared, or irritable.

How to know if you’re attached to someone in an unhealthy way?

Unhealthy attachment to anyone is when you have feelings for:

  • A person who you do not know well
  • A person who is committed to someone else
  • An abusive person, physically or emotionally

What disorder can cause one to lack emotions?

Alexithymia is a disorder that 1 in 0 people have, in which they last the feeling of having any emotions.

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