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Essay Writing Format: Definition, Styles, and Tips

Do you study at school or college? Then, you know how it is important to learn the basics of essay writing. Most students face difficulties when they are assigned to complete an essay. It is due to the fact that not everyone has a clear understanding of essay features and peculiarities. Do you want to write great essays that can meet the requirements of any demanding college professor? Listen to academic writing experts from a professional essay service – a legit, fast, and reliable way to get help with your papers. Competent writers will be glad to share their experiences and help you get the desired A-grade.

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What is Essay: A Clear Picture of It

An academic essay is a piece of writing whose aim is to consider a topic and develop some ideas or arguments. The writer should conduct careful analysis and research to provide evidence of the main idea. There are many essay types each of which is written with a certain aim. It doesn’t matter what essay type you are assigned, you need to keep in mind the following structure: an introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. 

An introduction is a part where the writer introduces the topic. It shouldn’t be too long. The main body consists of 2-3 paragraphs, depending on the content. It’s the part of the essay where the writer reveals the topic and gives arguments. And finally, the conclusion. It’s the part where the writer sums up the ideas presented in the paper. 

What Are the Main Types of Essay?

The type of essay depends on what the author wants to convey. Here are the major essay types: 

  • Descriptive. The main goal of writing a descriptive essay is painting a vivid and realistic picture with words. This kind of essay can contain a description of any things, people, events, experiences, etc.
  • Narrative. It’s a first-person essay where the writer tells a story involving the reader in it.
  • Expository. This essay style differs from others. The writer can’t express his/her own opinion here. Instead of this, the writer should provide credible facts.
  • Argumentative. The writer presents a certain view and looks for arguments that can provide this point.
  • Persuasive. It’s about logic and reasoning. The writer chooses an idea and provides evidence that one idea is more persuasive than another one. 
  • Analytical. There is no need to use strong argumentative language. In this essay type, the writer should conduct an analysis of the topic. 
  • Reflective. In a reflective essay, the writer should provide insight into his/her experience. Compared to other essay types, this one focuses on past personal experiences.

These are the most common types of essays that students are assigned at a university. You need to differentiate them to complete a high-quality paper. 

The Best Tips on How to Write a Brilliant Essay

Essay writing isn’t as easy as ABC. Follow the tips below to overcome writer’s block and create a good essay paper.

  • Choose an essay topic you feel passionate about. If a teacher gives you freedom of choice, then focus on topics you know something about or would like to learn more about. Keep in mind your reader’s interests when picking the topic.
  • Write an essay outline. Devote several minutes to writing an outline not to miss anything important. It will help you not to lose an idea and follow a logical plan. 
  • Stick to the essay format. It’s essential to convey the main idea in a well-formatted paper. Make sure you have all the necessary essay parts in the essay. Each paragraph should introduce a new idea and contain evidence that could support it.
  • Look for credible information sources. You need to use only trusted sources where you can find accurate facts. You are recommended to use educational websites, online libraries, and other credible sources only.
  • Don’t forget to cite your sources. It’s vital to cite sources correctly. Remember that there is more than one citation style. Follow the guidelines given by the teacher.
  • Write grammatically correct sentences. Whether you lack the knowledge of grammar rules or you are an expert, use a grammar checker. At the final stage of writing, make sure you haven’t made mistakes or misprints. A trusted grammar checker is a tool that will help you to submit an error-free essay. 
  • Check whether your essay is authentic. For this, you need to use a good plagiarism checker that would detect non-authentic thoughts and ideas. If you use someone else’s idea, you need to convey it in your own words. If you can’t paraphrase the idea, you need to insert it in the form of a quote in your paper. Don’t forget to mention the author of the thought.
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Edit and proofread the paper

Edit and proofread the paper

Some students finish their writing when the conclusion is over. But it is a big mistake. You need to reread your essay at least once and edit it. Start writing early to have enough time to edit the paper. You can read your essay to someone who can evaluate it if you find it difficult to do it on your own. Make sure the essay is logical and is free from any kind of errors. You can turn to experienced custom writers and editors who will polish your paper. It’s a good idea to contact professionals if you want to be sure that your paper will be evaluated high.

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