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Top 5 Career Options After Becoming A Forklift Operator

Those who wish to get into the food, manufacturing, or construction industry, can start by becoming a forklift operator and then slowly work their way up. So, what does a forklift operator do?

Well, they steer the high-powered industrial trucks to lift and transport materials from one place to another. Such individuals are looked upon as professional drivers. It is a requirement for them to get a Masterdrive Forklift Operator certification. Also, they should have a higher-level driver’s license.

Forklift Operator

If you think this career path is for you, then here are five job opportunities that you will be able to go for after becoming a forklift operator.

1. Foreman

Who is a foreman, you ask? Well, it is someone who leads a group of workers on a project. This role is related to construction. They act as a point of contact between the higher management and workers as the former is typically not present in the field.

Their duties include assigning tasks to different employees regularly, creating the schedule of workers, overseeing the site, and controlling the budget for the project. If you are interested in becoming a foreman, then it is essential to have at least four years of experience in construction. You can apply as a forklift operator and then advance to the position.

2. Supervisor

Being a forklift operator doesn’t mean that you just have to drive an industrial vehicle. In fact, you will be performing some other tasks as well such as shipping and getting the products ready for safe transport. In addition, you will be required to inspect incoming and outgoing shipments.

Plus, you might be asked to keep track of the inventory as well. These tasks will train you to see the entire operation on the ground. And if you become extremely good at it, then there won’t be a surprise if your employer makes you the warehouse, distribution, or shipping supervisor. When you are promoted to your new position as a supervisor, you will be asked to monitor the performance of your team.

3. Forklift Technician

As someone who drives a forklift, you must have picked a thing or two about how to fix different issues related to it. You can build on this knowledge and become a forklift technician. If you do choose to go this route then you will have to service and check not just the forklift but other heavy vehicles as well.

Plus, you will need to be in touch with your suppliers all the time and manage inventory. And not to forget that you will need to remain updated with all the technological developments as it will help you in refining your methods while servicing forklifts. Having strong analyzing and critical thinking skills will also give you a huge advantage.

4. Business Owner

Why not! If you have gained significant knowledge about manufacturing or construction by working as a forklift operator, it will be safe for you to start your own business. As you will be quite versed in technical skills, it would be a good move if you start selling heavy industrial equipment along with forklifts.

Since you have experience working with them, you will easily be able to answer the questions of your clients whenever they inquire about your offerings.

5. Manager

If the thought of running your own business makes you a bit nervous then you can keep focusing on your job and eventually, you will be promoted to a managerial position. A manager has much more power than a supervisor. Depending on what capacity you worked with the organization, you can become an operation, area, service, or site manager.

When you do become a manager, then your responsibilities will change. You will be required to plot the use of resources and will be responsible for completing the project timely. In addition, you can hire, or fire an employee if their performance is not up to the standard. Also, you can promote a worker if his/her performance has been impeccable.


True, becoming a forklift operator is not what many people are ambitious of becoming. But it is an excellent stepping stone for someone who wants to become a technician, supervisor, manager, or business owner, especially in the shipping, manufacturing, or construction industries.

For becoming a successful forklift operator, you should be aware of how to drive different machines. Moreover, it will benefit you if you have completed a certification course related to this job.

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