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Best Boyfriend Jeans For Various Body Type

Do you want to know what boyfriend jeans would flatter your figure and be best for your body type?

Boyfriend jeans are the fashion trend nowadays. They have become an essential part of many women’s wardrobes and fashion. These jeans normally have a fitted design at the hips and seat and a comfortable and generous cut through the legs. You can purchase them in many styles, fits, and assortments.

However, it can be hard to know which boyfriend jeans would be perfect for your body type and will earn good points with you and help hide the areas you find not as attractive.

We created this boyfriend jeans shopping guide to save you time and frustration finding the best boyfriend jeans that will look great on any body type. Let our choice look at the best Jeans, and we have tips at the bottom for what to consider when buying boyfriend jeans.

Straight Leg Boyfriend Jeans for Big Thighs

If you have thick thighs, boyfriend jeans with baggy cuts can look undesirable. However, boyfriend jeans that are snugly fit at the hips and fall free in a straight line from hips to the hem would look great for thick thighs and camouflage them perfectly.

To achieve an overall slimming look, you should consider buying straight-leg boyfriend jeans that have slim cuffs just above the ankle, emphasizing the remote parts of your leg. The best fabric for you would be jeans with a dark wash and a good stretch.

For bigger thighs, the horizontal distressing boyfriend jean is something you should leave out as it further widens your body. A cleaner style equals a more sophisticated appearance.

The jeans you should try if you have big thighs are:

  • Deep Indigo Boyfriend Jean by Mavi Emma
  • Kut From the Kloth Catherine Boyfriend Jean
  • Sure Stretch Denim NYDJ Marilyn Straight Leg Jean

Relaxed Boyfriend Jeans for Plus Sizes

Do you shy away from boyfriend jeans because you’re plus size and think they will not look great on you? Believe it or not, that is not the case. Such a style looks fabulous on plus size. As a plus-size person, purchase boyfriend jeans with a relaxed fit and made from soft but sturdy denim. Moreover, they have cuts to flow easily throughout your curves.

Another tip for the best plus-size boyfriend jeans would be to buy the one that has a high rise at the back, providing coverage and helping to lift the appearance of your rear end.

When it comes to the hems, you have two choices. The first is to get the uncuffed one, so it has a cleaner hem style for a polished look, great for offices. The second option would be to buy pre-cuffed jeans and ironed hems to get a better effect with a casual vibe.

The jeans you should try if you’re a plus-size are:

  • Lucky Brand Plus Size Reese Boyfriend Jean
  • James Jeans Plus-Size Neo Beau Z Boyfriend Jeans
  • Kut From the Kloth Adele Slouchy Boyfriend Jean

Relaxed Boyfriend Jeans for Petites

Short people can often find it challenging to style cropped and cuffed jeans. Nonetheless, petite women can rock boyfriend jeans simply by determining what fit and style would be suitable for them. A slim and dark boyfriend wash jeans tapered at the bottom of the legs will make your outline look long and lean. They are often called skinny girlfriend jeans or boyfriend jeans.

The best way to make your legs look as long as possible is by not going for boyfriend jeans with cuffed styles. You could wear boyfriend jeans with slim cuffs or avoid rolled cuffs, but they would still look shorter and make you look fatter. Therefore you should go for a slim fold-up or finished hem and no cuff type boyfriend jeans.

Good boyfriend jeans would be the one that distresses above the jean. This modern feature will give your legs the needed attention and make your legs looks longer.

The jeans you should try if you’re petite are:

  • Distressed Slim Boyfriend Jeans by Joe’s Jeans
  • Destructed Jeans by DL1961 Nolita
  • Relaxed Petite Sylvia Boyfriend Jeans by NYDJ

Slouchy Boyfriend Jeans for a Boyish Body Type

Don’t be put off boyfriend jeans when you have a slender body frame. You will be happy to hear you can wear this style with pride in its all comfortable and slouchy glory! For boyish body types, you should get boyfriend jeans that are slouchy with baggier thighs.

If you want to add curves to your boyish body, you can wear them with whiskering or rips strategically placed around the hips and upper thigh to emphasize that area. Furthermore, you could wear the boyfriend jeans with many distressed rips that other body types might find hard to pull off, which will be great for your body type.

For an effortless boyfriend denim look, you should roll your hems. You can keep cuffs above your ankle to make your legs appear longer. You could also choose jeans with wider and higher cuffs to show off your slim calves.

The jeans you should try if you have a boyish body type are:

  • The Beau Boyfriend Jean by AG Adiano Goldschmied
  • Skinny Big Star Slouchy Boyfriend Jeans
  • One Teaspoon Baggies Jean Awesome

Slim-Fitted Boyfriend Jeans for Curvy Body Jeans

If you have an apple, hourglass, or pear body shape, you naturally have all the curves people wish to have. If you are one of those people, the best boyfriend jeans would be the slim-fitted ones. To get an overall trimmed look, you should go for boyfriend jeans that are tapered or skinny on the legs with a bit of a slouch. You do not want jeans with too much fabric as it adds a pound to places where you do not want them and hide your beautiful, attractive shape.

The jeans you should try if you have a curvy body are:

  • Slim Boyfriend Jeans by Free People
  • Slim Boyfriend Jeans by J.Crew
  • Slim Boyfriend Jeans by Citizens of Humanity Emerson

Tips for Shopping for Boyfriend Jeans for All Body Types

When you go shopping for boyfriend jeans, they should be relaxed and fit your figure type correctly. The best boyfriend jeans would be the ones that fit flawlessly at your waist and hips.

Adding a belt is your choice, but ensure your boyfriend’s jeans fit perfectly around the waist area that it does not heave or cinch.

Always try on the jeans before buying them to ensure it has no gapping or excessive fabric around your stomach area, as it can look like you have added pounds.

Overall, the straight-leg type boyfriend jeans fit the most flattering. This type is roomy around and through the legs and is relaxed so that it glides over the flows of the figure, falling straight from the hips to the hem. The jeans have a slouchy style but are not a lot baggy.

If you wish to accessories your boyfriend jeans with belts, you should choose a wider classic black or brown leather belts, as those are the ones that look great. You can tuck your top into your belt to show your body shape and fit it close to you.

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