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Benefits of 3d Game Concept Art Outsourcing

Building a 3D video game takes a very long time and it spans through, developing game concepts, producing scripts, programming and so on. Many game development companies today now outsource their game art design to professionals outside of their organization. This had help them to properly manage the time and cost that are required to keep an in-house game artist. Although other aspects of game development are also outsourced, the game art design is still the most important part of game development that requires outsourcing.

Several game development companies were polled together and many could attest that outsourcing is still the best for them when it comes to game art design and budgeting expenses for it. Game art design outsourcing thus is expected to grow more rapidly in years to come.

Benefits of 3d Game Concept Art Outsourcing

  • Saves time: Outsourcing your game art design helps you save time as you do not have to follow the long recruitment process of hiring an in-house artist. The process of advertising, selection, interviewing, screening and others are not necessarily done for a long time before an outsourced artist is chosen. The outsourcing company only provides you with individuals or agents that take up the work and in most cases, you wouldn’t be required to make a full payment to the company before they begin your project. When you also thought about hiring the professional temporarily in your organization, this might still take up time since the professional would be expected to go through training and adjust to the ethics of the organization. So the best would usually be to outsource to a freelance professional or company as they already have what you require and you do not have to take all your time when you choose to work with them.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Outsourcing comes with less cost since you wouldn’t need to keep an in-house artist again and so you wouldn’t be bothered about paying them. You’ll only need to focus on other employees and also be required to pay the outsourced artist once you approve the project given.

Following this, many organizations in highly developed countries like USA, Canada, UK and Australia choose to hire experts from other parts of the world. This is so because it becomes less expensive to hire others who spend a less expensive currency and both parties will still enjoy their contract. Salaries and payments made to an in-house artist and outsourced experts differ based on the experience, skills, country chosen from, agreement/contract signed and so on. Game art outsourcing has been booming in India these days. This paved the way for young professionals to get connected, explore, learn and work with other professionals from all over the world.

  • Highly Flexible: There is flexibility when a game development organization hires an outsourcing artist/agent in that outsourcing allows the game development company to hire artists, content creators, programmers and so on anytime the need be. The game company wouldn’t necessarily keep creative when they are not needed and it can actually get them when need be. This thus helps get those creative on an occasional basis as per the requirement while the in-house employee gets to focus on other crucial aspects of the game.

No need to budget other expenses:  When you employ an in-house artist, you wouldn’t only need to pay salary but you’d also be concerned about getting a befitting space, providing a computer and other software packages, maintaining the working condition of the computer part, getting all office equipment, ensuring that the employee is in good health and working condition and so on. All of these expenses don’t count when you hire an outsourcing artist. And in most cases, these artists are provided by companies who are responsible for taking care of the spending mentioned earlier. This simply helps you cut down on unnecessary spending and you thus spend on other important things. As good as this is, another nice part of it is that you can always get these outsource experts anytime you want.


We could therefore say that 3d game concept art outsourcing would help you change the pattern of your game business, explore other external creatives and also help reduce the cost of games.

Also, several game development companies who outsource their game art would enjoy the cost and effectiveness, maintenance requirements and other burdens that are deemed to the gaming organization.

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