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Key Advantages for Biometric Attendance Monitoring Systems

In order to efficiently run a successful workplace, you need to keep a close eye on your staffs’ attendance. There are various ways to do this, with many providing benefits and drawbacks, however using a biometric attendance monitoring system is undoubtedly the best of them all. Within this article we will discuss why this is the case, outlining the advantages businesses across various industries can expect.

Biometric Attendance Monitoring Systems

Filling out attendance on a check sheet with pen and paper is most definitely a thing of the past. Since then, we have had numerous other attendance monitoring systems such as clock-in machines that are compliant with card and code.

Whilst it must be acknowledged that this method is certainly more technologically advanced and has an upside of attendance data being recorded on a machine that is then transferred to a computer to view, there were still drawbacks. For instance, having a code or card as the way of logging your attendance into the machine means buddy punching is tricky to remove altogether.

Buddy punching refers to logging someone else’s attendance on behalf of them, which creates a false recording of attendance and sets a dangerous precedent within the workplace if multiple members of staff believe they can do this to avoid working the hours they have been scheduled to complete.

How are biometric systems different and superior?

Biometric attendance systems differ from clock-in machines due to the fact that they require biometric identification, unique to each individual of course. This means that no staff members can cheat the attendance system because valid identification can only be completed by the machine matching a face, iris or fingerprint biometric to the one saved in the system.

Advantages of a biometric attendance system for recording and monitoring employee presence in the workplace include:

  • Enables strong ROI
  • Simplifies payroll
  • Highly accurate
  • Prevents buddy punching

Biometric Attendance Monitoring system

1. Enables strong ROI

Not monitoring attendance accurately allows for the likelihood of employee time theft to take place, meaning your business loses out on work from employees who have left early without being noticed by the time attendance system. A biometric attendance system, however, prevents this from happening due to individuals unique face, iris or fingerprint identification passing as correct clocking in or out.

You can then get the exact amount of hours work from each member of staff, leading to a better ROI due to time theft being removed as an issue.

2. Simplifies payroll

Biometric time attendance systems require no overhead to collate and verify payrolls, instead a simple, automated process can be set up. Companies such as NCheck have created systems that can integrate with popular payroll software and services available on the market like QuickBooks Intuit or Tally ERP.

3. Highly accurate

Biometric markers are not in short supply when it comes to these systems. Due to the vast number of biometric markers, it makes it extremely difficult for anyone to fake their attendance. The algorithms and technology is so advanced and sufficient that individuals can be identified even when they are stood in a group or have a face mask on.

4. Prevents buddy punching

As mentioned above, preventing buddy punching is important to improve the accountability and responsibility in the workplace. A biometric system creates no hiding places when it comes to recording attendance, thereby eliminating employee time theft and boosting ROI.

There are numerous other benefits to biometric time attendance monitoring systems which goes to show how much of a genius invention these are and why industries across all sectors can benefit from implementation.

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