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Why is outstaffing so popular in Canada?

At the moment, there is a high demand for the outstaffing service provided by Professional Staff Recruiting company. Currently, this type of employment is gaining significant popularity, especially in the field of IT. In the developed countries of Europe and America, in particular Canada, about 90% of all firms are engaged in outstaffing, regardless of their field of activity. Why do large successful firms choose outstaffing? In this article, you will learn more about this service.

What is outstaffing: how not to confuse it with outsourcing?

There is a service called outstaffing, which is needed in order to provide the customer with highly qualified employees to perform specific tasks. You do not need to formalize these specialists in your company, which is one of the main advantages of this service. Understanding their difference is quite easy, after having dealt with the main differences:

  1. Differences in tasks. A customer who hires employees through outsourcing gives them a full-fledged task that specialists must do for him. While with outstaffing, a potential customer hires professionals to his team, where they work under his leadership.
  2. Type of tasks. It’s not such a striking difference, however, it helps easily distinguish between these two services. Employees hired through outsourcing are often given full-fledged tasks, such as developing a turnkey website. Specialists from outstaffing companies usually perform intellectual tasks. As a rule, these are issues of blockchain, analytics, etc.

Outstaffing: main advantages

To begin with, consider the situations when it is worth ordering an outstaffing service?

  • No time and resource to search for each specialist. Outstaffing agencies have numerous frontend and backend developers, designers, layout designers and content managers. These specialists already knew each other and, as a rule, worked together.
  • Need to minimize risks and financial expenses.
  • No need to hire professionals in your staff.
  • Your project is short term. For example, you need a mobile application for a company. After the work is completed, there will be no tasks for developers.

What are the benefits for the customer or, in other words, why is outstaffing so popular among large successful companies in developed countries such as Canada?

  • No intermediaries between you and specialists, all communication is direct. You control the work of programmers, designers, layout designers and content managers. If you clearly understand the essence of the project, its processes, etc., this option is right for you.
  • A clear understanding of how many hours on what tasks have employees spent. Also, you will be aware of emerging problems.
  • Obtaining ready-made specialists who do not need to be legally registered in their company.
  • Fewer worries for the customer. All financial issues, vacations, etc. lies on the shoulders of the outstaffing agency. This convenience greatly facilitates the work of the customer company.

We have named the main advantages, although there are many more. If you are looking for a suitable company for ordering outstaffing services, we advise you to contact us. We also work in Canada and other developing countries.

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