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Understanding the Responsibilities of a Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador is a person who represents a company or brand. The specific duties of a brand ambassador can vary from event to event and may depend on the size, budget, and type of organization they represent. This article will look at some of the top responsibilities of a brand ambassador.

Responsibilities of a Brand Ambassador
Responsibilities of a Brand Ambassador


A brand ambassador is likely to be tasked with creating and implementing marketing strategies for their organization. When it comes to marketing with brand ambassadors these strategies may include developing content for social media networks, designing print advertisements, planning experiential marketing events, and more.

For example, a brand ambassador may be expected to use social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter to engage with customers and generate leads. They may be responsible for creating posts that highlight new products, increase brand awareness and even answer customer questions. Then, they might be required to use scheduling software, to determine when each post should go live.

Event Planning

It’s not uncommon for a brand ambassador’s responsibilities to include planning events or trade shows. If this is the case, it’s possible that they’ll be required to brainstorm new ideas for events, work with an event planner to create a schedule and budget, set up booths or displays at the event, and so on.

For example, if an organization is sending a brand ambassador to attend a specific trade show in another state or country, they may be tasked with finding an affordable hotel and transportation solution. Other responsibilities may include organizing a booth space at the event and creating signage to promote products or services.

Public Relations

Brand ambassadors can also take on public relations roles such as media outreach or even crisis management if necessary. When it comes to public relations-oriented responsibilities, a brand ambassador may be required to send information about the organization to the media, meet with reporters and bloggers, and coordinate media events.

For example, a brand ambassador could be tasked with building relationships with members of the news media so that they can develop press releases or tell stories about their organization through blogs or other outlets. They might also be responsible for creating advertisements that highlight sponsorships or special events.

Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most common responsibilities of a brand ambassador. They may be expected to communicate with customers through email, social media networks, or directly. During customer service roles, ambassadors may need to troubleshoot issues, provide product information, and more.

For example, if a customer has sent an email asking about the benefits of a specific product, they may need to supply information regarding cost, materials, or other important details. Then, they might be required to use software to chat with customers in real-time and answer their questions as quickly as possible.

Account Management

Depending on the size of an organization, brand ambassadors may take on account management responsibilities. This means that they’ll work with clients to ensure their complete satisfaction with products or services. They will need to develop service contracts, collect fees, and more.

For example, a brand ambassador for an event planning agency might meet with clients to help them plan their events. Then, they may monitor the progress of the event and follow up with clients afterward to make sure that they are happy with the results.


When it comes to sales-oriented responsibilities for brand ambassador roles, representatives might be tasked with making cold calls or emails in order to generate leads. They may need to share information about their products or services and then follow up with interested parties by email or phone.

For example, a brand ambassador may call members of a club or organization to offer a free trial of the company’s product in exchange for contact information. Next, they might use software that helps them identify an audience base and create personalized emails or phone calls for this specific list.


Some brand ambassadors may be responsible for training other staff members or helping a supervisor manage a team. During these responsibilities, it’s important that they communicate best practices within the organization and help employees perform tasks as efficiently as possible. They may need to complete some personal administrative tasks as well.

For example, a brand ambassador may help new sales representatives create client lists or follow up with existing clients to offer additional services or product recommendations. They might also share best practices for selling with the team, such as creating email templates and templates for cold calls.

Platform/Media Coverage

Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors may also need to use their personal social media accounts or other platforms to provide product information, share their own stories, and more. This role might be called upon during a publicity event, such as a launch party for a new product.

For example, a brand ambassador could post video or pictures of an event to their personal blog or social media accounts in order to encourage followers and friends to attend similar events at other venues. They might also begin building relationships with members of the news media so that they can develop relationships with reputable sources or build lists of contacts for special announcements or events.

Conference/Symposium Participation

Finally, a brand ambassador may need to represent a company or organization at a conference or symposium. This could be an exciting opportunity that allows the individual to meet with thought leaders and potential customers in person. Depending on the type of event, they might present information about their products and services as well.

For example, a brand ambassador for a convention center might need to speak on an expert panel about industry trends or provide information about the facility as a resource to professionals in their field.

Quality Control

A brand ambassador may be responsible for verifying the quality of products or services provided by third-party vendors. For example, if a company manufactures its own product but still works with a supplier for some components, the representative might need to review the materials before they are used in production.

To illustrate, a brand ambassador may need to inspect and approve the design of a new product at the supplier’s facility before making any changes or finalizing any orders. This ensures that materials are up to company standards and used carefully in production.

A brand ambassador may perform a variety of tasks depending on the needs of their employer. These responsibilities can include everything from cold calling and email outreach to building relationships with media contacts.

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