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Tutflix Creates a Free Virtual Learning Community in 2022

Tutflix has grown by leaps and bounds since its creation in 2019. By creating an online community for students and professionals to learn about the subjects they find interesting, Tutflix has changed the world of education forever. It’s now 2022, and continues to grow as it changes the way people learn, whether on their own or with access to teachers from around the world.

Who’s Behind Tutflix?

Joel Smith founded Tutflix. He had one goal in mind: to create an online community where people from all walks of life could gather and study together. Not only is Joel passionate about education, but he also has fifteen years of teaching experience under his belt. The story goes that he realized it was becoming more difficult for him to learn when he couldn’t explain concepts well enough for his students. With Tutflix, Joel wanted to allow everyone to learn with one another in a safe space. I always believed I could make something like Tutflix when I retired, so here we are!

How Does It Work?

Tutflix is an online community that allows teachers to market their courses for free to gain more students and offers students access to some of the world’s most popular courses. It’s like YouTube, except all of the videos are educational. Tutflix has thousands of videos on various topics, but its biggest hit is Modern English Grammar in 100 Lessons by Arnold Reed, which boasts almost two million views. The site also hosts ESL lessons and material from government-run education programs around the world. There’s even a section devoted entirely to financial literacy!

The Goal of the Platform

The goal of Tutflix is to make learning free and accessible to everyone around the world. We do that by creating an online community where anyone can watch videos on nearly any subject. However, these videos will have built-in features for those who want to learn more about what they are watching through various mechanisms like quizzes and flashcards. Because Tutflix is not intended to be used as a replacement for tutoring or mentorship services, it gives people easy access to information while offering services like email reminders or scheduling tutoring sessions between experts and learners. In time, we hope users will grow in their skill levels because of exposure gained from using our platform.

Is it similar to Netflix?

No, Tutflix isn’t a streaming service for video; it’s for learning. Users can watch educational content about virtually any topic, from making soufflés to building suspension bridges. If you need tutoring and can’t afford an expensive private tutor or don’t live in an area where public education is vital, Tutflix offers a great alternative. It also helps users of all ages learn more about topics they are interested in but don’t have time to pursue—people interested in Roman architecture who want to know more about aqueducts, for example, or Civil War buffs who want information on Grant versus Lee.

So what does this mean for existing online education platforms?

A lot of online education platforms will be pressured to up their game. Currently, some online education platforms have taken tutoring services in-house, still, with Tutflix partnering with individual tutors and providing them an even larger platform to showcase their talents, more (and more established) companies may take note and follow suit.

Who Will Use?

People are looking to learn something new in their free time. Users will be able to post what subject they want to know about. Other users will contact them via email or video chat (optional) with suggestions on books, videos, tutors, or anything else that would help them learn. People can respond or not respond as they please. They’ll also use Facebook and Twitter integration to check out what their friends are understanding. Tutflix’s mantra is: Let your friends pick your classes!

What kind of content will users be able to find on Tutflix?

When you sign up, you are given access to thousands of lectures and lesson plans. Here’s where things get cool: Each video or plan is organized into different levels based on your particular needs and goals. Need to study for an upcoming test? Looking to brush up on an old skill? Or are you interested in learning something new from scratch? Tutflix has curated all its content into dozens of online courses that help match your learning style.

For businesses and universities, is there an opportunity here?

Education is no longer restricted to classrooms. The world has changed, and so have we. We can only expect that things will be even more different from what they are today in another decade. In these tough economic times, people struggle to get by, let alone educate themselves for higher-paying jobs; however, there remains hope! Tutflix hopes to provide an answer to all of our educational needs and make higher education accessible for everyone.

And finally, who are the people behind this project?

Zafar Siddiqui is, Co-Founder, and CEO of Tutflix. His background is in engineering, and he have worked on diverse projects from chip design to petrochemical pipelines. Some time ago, he became interested in helping people learn new skills, so he started experimenting with various ways. Eventually, it led me to online education. The idea behind tutflix is simple: a platform where anyone can sign up to learn something new without having to wait for an available class or instructor.

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