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Top 10 Countries with the Largest Forest Area

Which countries have the largest forest area? Isn’t it something you would like to know?

Forest, the most important thing for the earth and the humanity within it!

Largest Forest Area

Largest Forest Area
Largest Forest Area

Did you know forests are called the earth’s lungs?

Why? You may wonder.

Forests have many, many trees, which consume and recycle multiple chemical substances and eruptions that would otherwise be harmful to us, the humans.

Humans are utterly grateful for the forests we have as it has managed and maintained out air.

They are an ecological and biological system, which have gotten integrated into the mature.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organizations of the United Nations (FAO), 31 percent of the global area has gotten covered by forests.

If we were to add all the forests area together, there are around 4.06 billion hectares area. Forests do not distribute evenly. They are spread everywhere around the globe.

In this article, we will look at the countries that have the largest forest area.


Around 23.8% of forest covers India’s total area.

Do you want to know in square kilometers? You should know that the forest in India covers 708,604 square kilometers.

India has the largest halophytic mangrove forest. What does that mean?

It basically means that the forest has resistance to massive soil salinity.

That forest in India is called Sundarbans.

It has the most tigers globally, and it’s a known habitat for white Bengal tigers.


The total area of Peru gotten covered by forests are around 57.7%.

Do you want to know in square kilometers? The forest in Peru takes around 738,054 square kilometers.

Did you know that the most famous and well-heard Amazon forest goes through Peru?

This forest in Peru has the most assorted compilation of biological species.

It gets said that around 10% of all living species like thousands of mammals, birds, insects, and animals can get found in this deciduous forest.


Indonesia has a forest that covers 49.9% of its land.

Do you want to know in square kilometers? The forest covers 903,256 square kilometers of land.

When it comes to flowers and plants, no country can compare to it.

Indonesian forest has a large, rich, and various types of flora, which can are nothing compared to the Eastern tropical countries.

In the islands of the Indonesian archipelago, the rainforests have many unique and famous plants.


Around 16.3% of Australia’s territory gets covered by forests.

Do you want to know in square kilometers? It seems nothing in the percentage, but in fact, it covers 1,250,590 square kilometers of land.

The forest Daintree, which got named after the distinguished geologist and photographer Richard Daintree, has an endless mainland forest.

More than 90% of these forests get inhabited by many kinds of bats and butterflies.

Furthermore, 10,000 types of insects can get found there.

You can also find many amazing and interesting types of reptiles and birds, which you will find in the forests of Australia only.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo

A third or 67.2% of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s territory has got forests.

Do you want to know in square kilometers? The forest covers 1,522,666 square kilometers of land.

The second-largest rainforest in the world, the Congo Rainforest basis is here. This rainforest is bigger than Saudi Arabia.

More than 10,000, or around 29%, of species, have gotten known the habitat of this rainforest.

It has gotten recorded that around a thousand types of birds, 500 types of fish, and 500 types of mammals Inhabitat this forest!


22.4% of the china land has chinses forests.

Do you want to know in square kilometers? The forest covers 2,098,635 square kilometers of land.

The rainforest Xishuangbanna is the pearl of all forests.

Did you know that this forest is the one that has gotten explored the least?

In this forest, you can find eight various types of vegetation, from which 58 kinds of plants get said to be rare.

A total of 3500 and more flora spices have gotten registered from this forest.

If we look at this forest from a scientific way, then this forest is necessary as it gets called the genetic bank.

Whys that?

It is because many tropical plant seeds can get found in this forest.


USA forests cover around 33.9% of the country’s land.

Do you want to know in square kilometers? The forest covers 3,103,700 square kilometers of land.

The Tongass temperate rainforest has gotten said to be the treasure of the USA.

This rainforest sections into 19 nature reserves.


It is because its location is in a remote area in Southeast Alaska.

This forest is a haven for rare types of plants and endangered animals.


Forests in Canada occupy around 38.2% of their land, making it the third country with the largest forest area.

Do you want to know in square kilometers? The forest covers 3,470,224 square kilometers of land.

The forest in Canada has more than 150 types of vegetation growing there.

Canada’s symbols, the maple tree leaf, which you can find on its flag spreads throughout the broadleaved forests based in the Southeastern Atlantic.


Around Brazil’s 58.9% of its territory are forests, making it the second country with the largest forest area.

Do you want to know it in square kilometers? The forest covers 4,925,540 square kilometers of land.

The Amazon, which is important for the ecology of the planet also crosses Brazil.

The forests in Brazil are vital because they absorb amounts of carbon dioxide, which we cannot even imagine.  They help to maintain the climate of the planet.


Russia is a huge country, and 49.8% (nearly half of it) has forests.

Do you want to know it in square kilometers? The forest covers 8,148,895 square kilometers of land, making it more than the size of Australia.

Russia is the number one country with the largest forest area.

It has Taiga, the largest forest in the world.

This forest is a biome, meaning it has a biological and ecological system within.

Do you know that more than 10% of the planet’s area gets covered by Taiga? It runs through many northern areas of Europe, Asia, and North America.

Taiga has long and frosty winters; that’s why you can find fir, spruce, and pine-type things here.

The wild forests in Russia are home to bears, deers, elks, wolverine, minks, and many other species.

Which rainforest is the largest?

The largest rainforest in the world is Amazon.

Which countries have no forest areas?

Four countries have 0% forest area:

  1. Qatar
  2. San Marino
  3. Greenland
  4. Oman

Which forest is the smallest?

The smallest forest in the world is Bukit Nanas Forest in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Which is the most dangerous forest in the world?

The Hoia-Baciu forest gets considered the most dangerous forest and gets instances as the Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania.

Which country has the most trees?

Russia has the most trees. It got reported by the Washington Post that Russia has 642 billion trees.

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