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The 4 Basics That You Need To Know To Emigrate To USA

There are people from all over the world that dream of coming to the United States and taking advantage of everything the country has to offer. Some come to study at world-class universities and others look to further their careers. Others still are simply looking to leave behind a country that offered them nothing to come and live a better life in the US like so many before them.

Emigrate To USA

Whatever the reasons for emigrating to the US, it isn’t as easy as many would hope. There are a number of hoops to jump through and hiring an immigration lawyer is a must. Even with professional help, there are a number of things you have to know about coming to the US. In this article, we will go over several of the basics when it comes to emigrating to the US.

1 – You’ll need health insurance

There is no public health insurance system as there is in other countries. Even if there were, however, you wouldn’t be eligible anyway since you wouldn’t be a citizen or resident right away. The same holds true of an immigrant going to a country that does have a public option for health insurance.

This means that if you are to come to the US, you will need to have health insurance for non-US citizens. With this insurance, you will be covered in case you have an accident or an emergency illness. Many policies will also give you the possibility of going to routine doctor’s appointments and may even cover a portion of the cost of prescriptions.

You may not need to have that insurance for long if you end up getting a job that provides you with insurance. Many Americans don’t get their own policy. They often work for a company that will provide them with a health insurance policy that they contribute towards every month. As long as they have a job there, they will have health insurance.

However, there are also many jobs that don’t offer insurance and students will need to provide their own as well.

2 – You’ll need to get a visa to arrive

There are only a few countries in which the US allows its citizens visa-free travel so they can enter at will. This is only reserved for tourists, however. The list is very long for countries whose citizens will need to have a visa for any kind of entry into the US.

This means that if you wish to enter the US and stay as an immigrant you will need to go through the process of getting an entry visa which allows you the option to apply for a green card after arrival.

If you were to be allowed entry with a non-immigrant visa and then stay past your date of return you will become an undocumented immigrant and face deportation. Not only that, but it will be difficult to get a job without the proper papers and be able to live a normal life.

Make sure to understand what visa you qualify for and apply for the correct one before you try to come to the US.

3 – Applying for a visa

One of the most logical visas to apply for is a work visa. If you have certain skills and there is a shortage of people doing certain jobs that you can do then there is a visa that will allow you to come and work for a company in that capacity. It’s called the H1B visa and is used by thousands of hopeful immigrants every year.

This is a non-immigrant visa, however, and only allows you to work for a specific company. If your job were to end then so would the visa. You can try to apply for an immigrant visa while in the US on this one and see if that will give you a permanent ability to reside there.

4 – Get a green card

A green card is a permission to get residency in the US as an immigrant. With this card, you can stay for five years and live as a regular American citizen with full rights besides the right to vote.

When you are in the US legally and on an immigrant visa then you can apply for a green card. Be prepared for a lot of paperwork, a long wait, and a few interviews before you are granted the card. During these interviews, you will need to show that you are here for a good reason and will not be a burden on the system.

After five years then you can apply to become a US citizen and be able to vote and never need to keep renewing your green card. This can also take a while so be prepared to wait after doing the paperwork.

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