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PWA for Shopify Plus Stores

Are you looking to optimize for mobile and make your eCommerce site more user-friendly? If so, a progressive web app (PWA) might be the perfect solution for you. In this article, we’ll discuss why PWA is an ideal option for Shopify Plus stores, and explore some of the key benefits that PWAs can offer.

What is a PWA?

Consider a PWA to be a perfect blend of native applications and a web page. It is a software development methodology that enables a website to act and feel like a native application, providing a seamless experience to the user.

A PWA can be downloaded to the user’s home screen and can even send push notifications. Just like a native app, they can be accessed offline and load instantly, regardless of the quality of internet connection and, what is more, are highly customizable.

More and more brands are switching to PWAs for their online stores, including Starbucks, George, Uber, and Alibaba.

Benefits of PWAs for your online store:

  • Quick loading time
  • Good performance in poor network conditions
  • Small size
  • App-like features (an icon on the home screen for easy access, offline mode, push notifications)
  • Avoid app aggregators like Google Play, App Store, etc.
  • Instant updates

A website powered by Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is a truly mobile-friendly experience that enables your customers to stay engaged with your store.

PWA for Shopify Plus stores

A progressive web app (PWA) for Shopify Plus stores is a great way to improve the shopping experience for your customers. PWAs offer many benefits, including faster page load times, the ability to add an app icon to their home screens, and better offline access.

By implementing a PWA for your Shopify Plus store, you can boost conversion rates and increase customer loyalty. As a platform with a headless commerce approach, Shopify Plus provides a smooth transition of your store to a PWA. The headless architecture separates your frontend design from your backend infrastructure. Because each end is powered by different technologies and interconnected via a series of APIs, each system is fully optimized without compromising the exchange of data between platforms.

Benefits of headless commerce include:

  • Integration – building a custom enterprise architecture with APIs enables deep integration with tools or services of choice (like a PWA or a separate content management system).
  • Flexibility – by separating the back end from the front end, you have full ownership and control of the frontend experience and the tech stack used for building it.
  • Omnichannel – allows you to extend shopping into any customer experience on any device or platform.

PWA – why is it worth investing in?

In a world where the mobile eCommerce experience has taken priority, and customer expectations are higher than ever, brands must optimize for mobile to deliver long-term business success.

Why investing in a PWA:

  • Since PWA acts like a website, it is discoverable by search engines, unlike native apps.
  • PWA store boosts UX thanks to the native app-like experience and re-engages with users through web push notifications; this leads to a rise in conversions and a reduction in bounce rate;
  • PWAs are downloaded directly from the Internet (being SEO discoverable), and can decrease the cost of user acquisition;
  • Frontend work is done independently of the backend, thus reducing development and time to market;
  • PWAs use web technologies and work across different OS systems, eliminating the time and knowledge spent on creating native apps for other OS systems. Businesses can save the costs of designing, developing, and maintaining a native app;
  • PWAs are cross-platform, which means that they work on any platform and separate versions for Android and iOS are not required.

Thank you for reading! We hope this article has been helpful. If you’re looking for a reliable partner to help you implement a PWA for your Shopify Plus store, look no further than vtlabs. Our PWA development company is experienced in implementing PWAs and can help you get the most out of this technology. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your store’s performance.

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