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Picrew Character Maker: Picrew Me, How Do You Make Your Own Avatar?

Picrew me is an online service that allows users to create beautiful or funky avatars of themselves or their friends.

Everyone these days wants to look good and likes the attention that people give them when they wear nice clothes and pretty faces. That is why so much attention is paid to social media picrew character maker networks. Social consideration and social acceptance are among the greatest things for humanity.

Every major company in the world knows the importance and impact of self-consciousness and consideration. Undoubtedly, even the world’s largest tech company Apple had introduced avatars a few years ago in their gadgets. We all know about the Apple memoji, its impact on Apple users, and how obsessed people are with these new technologies.

According to their mood, personality, and personal preferences, users can create emojis or avatars on Apple devices, known as memojis. Users can use these memojis to share them with their friends and family to please them. Users can also share their avatars and friends created on any Apple device in any social media network. Picrew Me works almost similar to Apple’s emojis.

Read on to know more, which helps users create virtual avatars of their own similar to the avatars used in Apple devices. The readers will also learn how to create their avatars in this article.

Picrew Me

What is Picrew or Picrew Me?

A few months ago, there was a trend in the social media network TikTok, and it was so different from typical trends. Almost all TikTok, Instagram and Tumblr users followed the trend and used it in their TikTok and other social accounts. Most of them used the trend for themselves with, and some other users used it for their friends to share it with them secretly and record their reactions. That trend was none other than creating a virtual avatar of oneself with the help of an avatar-making website.

Picrew is a website that enables users to create doll-styled avatars with a virtual texture.

Japanese company Tetrachroma Inc developed the avatar maker with the help of two developers in 2017. it was officially released in 2018 and circulated among various social media networks.

Picrew character maker is a website that helps users to create a virtual character or avatar with so many options and features. The landing page has a collection of brand new images, images used by other users, avatars used by other users in the website, and the new avatars available for the users to create their character.

The Character maker has various options for its users ranging from choosing avatar style, format, and color to creating the avatar, and users can share their avatars on any of their social media networks.

Features of Picrew.ME

There are several reasons to choose maker over other avatar makers as an avatar Or character maker for sharing in social media networks. However, we have chosen some of the most important features that users need when using an avatar Or image-maker like Picrew.

  • Less Time consuming: The most valuable features that not every avatar Or character maker provides to its users. It is its Time-efficient performance for its users. Picrew Me will take less than 10 mins to change one’s face in a picture into an avatar of their choice.
  • Creative Inventory: Another main reason to choose Picrew Me over other avatar makers is its availability of various options and different creative samples for creating the avatars. The user can choose from a wide range of avatars with much freedom regarding the avatar’s design, color, and format.
  • Easy to use interface: The user interface of this avatar maker website is so easy to use and very convenient to create characters. If the user is new to the virtual avatar world, Picrew Me provides a wide range of tutorial videos to create avatars on one’s own with simple steps. Picrew Me is one of the easiest and most effective avatar makers in usage today.
  • Not so expensive compared to others: The users who use Picrew Me do not have to spend thousands of dollars for a package of avatars like any other avatar maker out there. The costs are less than half of the other avatar makers that cost vast money even with more minor features.

If someone is looking for an affordable and convenient avatar Or character maker, then it is the best website to consider.

How To Create a Picrew Avatar

It may not be very clear at first glance of creating an avatar in the Picrew Me avatar maker, but if a user follows the below steps, it becomes easy to create an avatar of oneself. Follow the steps to create an avatar.

  1. Type the URL – ‘’ in a browser, and the user would land on the website that creates an avatar. The website is originally in Japanese, and the user must make sure to change it to English for convenience in the website’s usage.
  2. Once on the website, there would be an option of ‘Picrew Creator’ on top of the website’s page, click on it, and you will be taken to a login page, where you are supposed to sign up with your email, or you can sign up with Google or Facebook.
  3. Sign-in, the user will be in a dashboard that helps one create an image-maker. Once a user clicks the + button, a new menu will pop up to choose the type of avatar. The user could choose either a customized or a random generator.
  4. Chose an avatar generator, the main edit page will open, where one can edit or create an avatar of oneself. Users can add names, descriptions, and tags for the new avatar.
  5. Upload the image that needs to be converted into an avatar in the image maker icon.
  6. Edit the avatar by adding, removing, or editing parts given in the website – users can create individual parts like base, skin tone, eyes, face, Etc, and arrange them in layers for further editing. Users can add or remove any parts from the avatar at any editing point.
  7. Customizing the avatars, the user can download the image or the avatar by clicking the image download button.

How To Upload Picrew Avatar in a TikTok Video

Once created an avatar in the Picrew Me website, users can share or post the avatar to any social media network, including one of the fastest-growing social media, TikTok. Following the below steps, one can easily use the avatars creator and use them in their TikTok videos.

  1. Once successfully creating an avatar from the Picrew Me website, open the TikTok application on a device and create a new video by selecting the Plus icon.
  2. Create a video as usual, then tap the Effects icon by releasing the record button.
  3. Click the Green Screen background mode which has a sun icon on it and download the arrow.
  4. Select the required Picrew photo used in TikTok. The image can be edited as desired.
  5. Confirm the video recording by clicking the red checkmark icon once finished.
  6. Sounds, text, tags, and effects can be added to make the final video.
  7. When everything is done, tap the video online.


The best ways to entertain ourselves and others. With one of the most accessible and convenient user interfaces, Picrew Me allows users to create their own and their friends’ avatars for a considerable price if they are commercially using the avatars. It has one of the most extensive inventories of the most creative avatar collections for its users. If one is looking for a website or software that can help convert their images into a character or avatar, one should consider it to modernized their character on social media accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to make your Picrew?

You can create your picrew by going to the URL ‘’ and uploading the image that must be converted to an avatar Or a character. The users can also create an avatar from scratch by creating and editing individual parts of the website.

How to use Picrew?

One can use their picrew avatars by sharing them with their friends and family or post them to different social media networks like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and more. One can also use their picrew avatars in their YouTube videos to share worldwide.

How to make a Picrew on mobile?

Though there is no application of Picrew Me, one can create a picrew character by visiting the ‘’ website through the mobile browser. By following the same procedure mentioned above, one can create an avatar of their own or their friends on their mobile, too, without losing quality.

Is Picrew Me a paid website?

Picrew Me is paid for any commercial use, but Picrew Me is entirely free for non-commercial use since the user does not intend to monetize the avatar created by the Picrew Me website.

Is Picrew Me safe to use?

Picrew Me is entirely safe for use as an avatar creation and is a legit website with no malware whatsoever.

What picrew is everyone using on TikTok?

Picrew trend with #picrew hashtag.

What is Picrew?

doll-style avatar maker website.

Where is picrew based?


Can you sell Picrew?

You’re free to sell your art as much as you want, but you need to be sure it’s your own.

What is the best free avatar creator?

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