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Indoor VS. Outdoor Ping Pong Tables (3 Key Differences)

Table tennis is an excellent sport to play with friends and family.

Whether you’re in your home or ot on the street, it doesn’t matter. There’s always room for some good old-fashioned ping pong action when everyone gets together at one table (or two).

A great thing about using either type outside would be if there were some big party happenings since people are always looking forward to playing games together.

Things to consider

The outside of your home is where you spend most of the day, so it makes sense that there would be some special considerations for tables in this environment.

For example, the best outdoor ping pong tables are made from aluminum or melamine. They can withstand direct sunlight without fading quickly, thanks to their low cost and durability.

They also lack any veneer surface on top, which helps keep them lightweight enough when transported around. But, you may make moving them about more complicated if someone has difficulty balancing heavy furniture (though I recommend using two people).

Here are the 3 key differences between indoor and outdoor ping pong tables:

1. They come in different materials

Outdoor ping pong tables come in different varieties, such as aluminum construction for those living at higher elevations with a greater risk of snowfall during winter (and needing cheap storage solutions).

For tournament play, only wood or wooden derived material can be used not to damage parts that may cause injury if someone falls on them wrong.

The best outdoor ping pong tables are made of hardwood because they last longer and don’t warp when wet. You can find them in different shapes like rectangular or octagonal. Still, if you want something more portable than an entire table, foldable ones are available on the market these days.

Indoor table tennis tables are often constructed of wood, fiberboard, or particle board. The tabletop’s best material is typically considered metal (lightweight). Joola indoor ping pong table is the most popular.

However, these aren’t too fond of intense sunlight and moisture as they will cause fading in color over time which can affect its durability depending upon how frequently you use your ping pong set outdoors during rainstorms.

The frame might also consist primarily of lightweight aluminum instead of construction. This isn’t necessarily wrong, but when exposed directly to natural daylight, keep in mind.

Indoor tables have wooden tops that can become worn in an unheated room, while outdoor ones use weatherproofed metal or concrete material.

The bounce of ping pong balls is higher on Indoor table tennis surfaces due to lower air friction than those made out of wood, which leads them to go faster throughout the day.

It’s entirely possible for you will be able to make some impressive shots if your competition happens upon one.

2. Storage space

To protect your outdoor ping pong table from inclement weather, consider getting a cover to keep it dry and clean.

You can find table covers for both flat or folded tables. They’re waterproof/water-resistant, so they’ll withstand rainstorms and sun damage in addition to protecting against dirt particles when not being used – this way you don’t have to worry about dirtying up either surface of the frame with spilled fluid after every game (or practice).

Indoor ping pong tables are great for storing, but you must ensure that the surface doesn’t get too hot in direct sunlight or when it’s humid.

Wood and fiberboard won’t like moisture at all. They’ll expand with increased humidity levels, making them uneven (potentially dangerous). Some indoor spaces don‘t fold up, so there is no way around this issue.

Where do you store your ping pong table?

Some good places to consider include finished basements, garages in moderate climates that are well-insulated or have a shed attached (to protect it from harsh weather), and even inside homes.

Suppose there isn’t enough room for one oversized item like this plus all its components – including additional storage – just because we’re talking about games here. So, consider spreading out across different areas within the house, and nothing feels too crowded.

3. Price

The cost of an outdoor table tennis table is often more expensive than that of indoor versions. This may be due to the higher quality materials used in their construction.

So, what exactly is the cost of an outdoor table tennis table?

This depends on how much you want to spend. If your budget for a new indoor or greenhouse-quality outside court only allows upandanly $1500, then be prepared that this will get tongue in cheek because even though they are made from higher quality materials like hardwood forests with expensive engravings.

These tables, nonetheless, cannot compare when compared against ones constructed using cheaper alternatives such as plywood decking over simple fencing.


If you are in the market for a ping pong table, deciding whether you want an indoor or outdoor model is essential.

Outdoor tables offer several advantages over their indoor counterparts. They are typically more durable and can be used in various settings.

However, they also come with some disadvantages, such as the need for regular maintenance and susceptibility to bad weather conditions.

Ultimately, choosing an indoor or outdoor ping pong table depends on your individual needs and preferences.

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