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5 Important Features Of SaaS Websites

Among the many aspects of a SaaS website that should be considered is its visual appeal. The colour scheme, animation, and product visuals must be appealing and should evoke an alien experience. The bold headline, animated mobile app prototype, and on-point copy set the stage for an alien experience. A video tour can also show the product in action and gives prospective customers a feel for it.

Intuitive navigation

One of the major challenges for SaaS websites is the complexity of their architecture. Most B2B SaaS companies have well over a dozen pages on their website. To ensure that each page is viewed, it’s important to assess the importance of the content and which pages should be included in the main navigation menu. The best SaaS websites are easy to navigate, offer clear navigation, and allow prospects to consume the information they’re looking for without wading through the rest of the site.

Another challenge is that many users have different levels of computer literacy. The average developer does not spend enough time observing people use products, so delivering an intuitive design is complex. Instead, focus on most of your target audience – the people who use your SaaS platform most often. It’s better to make your navigation as simple as possible for them if you’re targeting people already familiar with it.

Product visuals

There are many ways to create compelling video product demos for SaaS websites. One way is to incorporate a short video explaining how the product works. According to Wyzowl, 73% of customers would rather watch a video than read a sales letter. Video product demos also help entice users to sign up for a subscription.

Use video and illustrations to convey a powerful story. Using videos and illustrations on your SaaS website can help you engage your audience with the product. For example, include testimonials and links to customer stories to engage them with your brand. In addition, make sure that your website has links to social media platforms and email addresses for further contact. This way, visitors will have a visual experience related to their needs. And of course, remember to provide social proof as well, so people feel that you’re trustworthy.


If you’re developing a SaaS website, consider implementing an animation. Animation can help explain how your product works, illustrate a specific feature or entertain viewers. It can be particularly helpful when used as part of a live demo. In addition, using a prepared animation can help answer objections, highlight possible uses for the software, and demonstrate how the company understands the needs of its customers. Animated video content is beneficial for growth marketers. They’re an excellent way to qualify leads, present your product, answer questions, and close the deal. In addition to being a perfect way to educate new leaders, animated videos can also help close sales. Animations are great for bringing people into the story and triggering questions they might not have otherwise considered. Animations can also help demonstrate case studies. As long as you keep your marketing budget in mind, animations can be effective.


One of the most important features of a SaaS product is navigation. Navigation helps a user flow through the application with ease. Therefore, it should be well-designed to avoid the frustrations and inconveniences that deter a user from making a purchase. Here are some tips for creating a navigation menu. First, plan a clear hierarchy of pages. Next, include key links on all levels. If the website is designed poorly, users will search instead of using the navigation.

A good example of navigation on a SaaS website is incorporating a suite of collaboration tools, including a free version of the product. The site should be easy to navigate and displays the pricing page prominently. Put the user experience of your websites first. It means that some product categories are displayed through drop-down menus.


A large part of the success of any SaaS website lies in the site’s visual appeal. The color, font size, and lettering can impact a user’s ability to read the text. The best SaaS websites include testimonials, case studies, and other forms of social proof. This tangible proof is crucial in removing any hesitancy before purchasing. Use videos or pictures to add a human touch to social proof. No longer will a logo be enough – users want to hear firsthand stories of real users using the product. If you’re a SaaS company looking to get a higher conversion rate, it’s important to add relevant content to your website.

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