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How to Grow Organic Links and Improve Your SEO in Search Engine

There are many ways to get backlinks for your website to grow organic links. The old methods include contacting your friends and getting them to link to you from their blogs. You could link from your own set of resources and old blogs. But there are better ways to do this and stay within the rules of buying to grow organic links from people you may or may not know and also trying to get into trouble because they sell links.

Grow Organic Links Via Guest Blogging

You could do guest blogging for other people. Guest blogging is when you get in touch with another person who owns a blog that might be related to your content. You can request that you write for the person’s blog for free and see if they are willing to let you tag along with a link or two in the article or the information section of the writer. This way, you get it legitimately and extraordinary and get great value because they will probably only release such real estate to people who deserve to be posted on their blogs.

Be a great resource. When people reference your work in their articles or on their website, you could become a great resource and authority to whom other people want to introduce their readers.

You can be the guru of SEO or the guru in cake baking, and this is great; people link great things, and great things spread around the internet like wildfire. When you learn how to build good content with great pictures and videos, you can continuously add on and grow, and your readers will only grow in numbers because you are at the point where they can return for more tips. Free is always good; with free things come good links and great sales.

We are keen to share more about SEO tips on our blog, so do find out more about SEO tips on our website blogging.

Link Building on Expired Domains

Ok, now, you are here because you need to improve your website’s traffic. Don’t worry. You have reached your perfect destination. Here is our kind effort to help you in the best possible way.

To improve traffic in the long run, start building up more and more to grow organic links. Link building on expired domains has been famous for many web admins.

Now for those who need help understanding what backlinks are, they are your website’s link to another popular website.

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How to Build Quality Backlinks?

To build quality backlinks to grow organic links, you need to find out which website has several broken links or finds an expired domain related to your niche so that you can ask them to replace the broken link/dead part respectively with your link for mutual benefits.

Here is the step-by-step procedure for expired domain link building. Follow these steps blindly and improve traffic to your website.

Search for an expired domain with a keyword of your choice and find an expired domain with several backlinks.

Go to ExpiredDomains.Net and search for an expired domain that is: related to your niche that has several backlinks (don’t worry, I will teach you how to find the number of backlinks)

It has a good reputation on the world wide web.

Has the website expired? Then how will I know if the website is related to my niche?

Go to and see how the website looked before it shut down. Based on this, you can easily decide if the website is related to you, for a few websites have wired names to understand what they are related to.

Once you have chosen a website, copy the URL and paste it into the Site Explorer of Once the results are displayed, click on inbound links and select links. This shows you how many backlinks the chosen website has.

If the number of backlinks is reasonable enough, export the file. Sort the excel sheet based on ahrefs rank and delete every link whose rank is less than. Copy the rest of the URLs and paste them in on the tools remove duplicate hostnames tool. Paste the results in a new excel sheet and name the column Linking From.

Copy the “Linking From” Column and paste it on the extract unique hostnames tool. Copy the results and paste them in the second column.

Name this column as Domain. Cross-check every link and make sure the domain names match with the Linking From column.

Name the third column as Linking To. Now in this column, paste the expired Domain for which we have found the broken links.

In the fourth column, mention any word (paste your keyword) for reference, name it Tag, and save the file in CSV format.

We are all set with the prospects list, whom we can contact using Buzzstream.

Prepare a template with an attractive message to reach prospects using Make sure the template has your website’s link for reference, and also make sure your website has notch quality content which is extremely important to convince the prospects to link to your website.

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