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How Much Does a Coffee Roasting Machine Cost?

Generally speaking, a coffee roasting machine will cost you 30-40 000 Euros assuming that the batch capacity is more or less 30 kilograms. However, the truth is that everything depends on your business scale. If you are not going to produce so much coffee per week, the price will drastically get cheaper. Besides that, there are different kinds of coffee roasters, different brands, etc. If you want to find out how much a coffee roasting machine costs, you can read the rest of this article below.

Large Coffee Roasting Machines – Cost

Anyone who wants to open a commercial coffee roaster must calculate the price of the coffee roaster first. These machines’ maximum batch capacity can reach 30 or even 60 kilograms. You can produce a massive amount of roasted coffee each week. To not be groundless, let’s take an example. The CMS-30 coffee roaster from Coffee Machines for Sale is a great choice for owners of large coffee roasteries because the hourly output of this machine is 125 kg of coffee.

Let’s assume that it takes 4 hours every day to roast the daily amount of coffee beans. If you do some quick math, you will know that you can produce 2 500 kilograms of coffee per week (not incl. Saturdays and Sundays). The net price of this coffee roaster is 38 500 Euros. This isn’t the highest price, because there are also coffee roaster machines that cost more than 60 000 Euros, or in some cases more. The CMS-30 coffee roaster is a classic drum roaster, which means that it uses fuel like natural gas to work. This solution decreases the costs that you would have to potentially pay – energy is more expensive than gas.

Let’s analyze another example of a great coffee roaster, but this time for smaller businesses. If you are looking for a machine that will roast about 1 000 kg of coffee weekly, you might be interested in this model: the CMS-12 coffee roaster. This is the younger brother of the previous machine – the maximum batch capacity, in this case, is 12 kilograms, and the hourly output is 50 kilograms.

If you do the same equation as before, you will get precisely 1 000 kilograms of roasted coffee per week. The maximum batch capacity is an important feature, but what’s really different about those two similar models is the price. In the case of the CMS-12, you will have to pay 19 000 Euros (without the taxes). As you can see, it is possible to find a robust coffee roaster for less than 20 000 Euros.

The Price of Coffee Roasting Machines for Smaller Business

If your coffee roastery is a part of your whole business (because you also run a cafe), you probably don’t need a large coffee roasting machine. First of all – you won’t overpay for your roasting machine. You have much room to maneuver because there are many interesting options of commercial coffee roasters but in smaller sizes. You can also choose if you prefer electric or fuel-powered mechanisms. Let’s take a look at a miniature version of the previous coffee roasters – CMS-1.

This coffee roasting machine offers a 4 kg hourly output. If you roast your coffee occasionally and you sell it only in your coffee shop, you should be satisfied with this product. You can make more or less 100 kg of coffee per week, which is enough to be able to sell it to your regular and some new clients. The net price of this machine is 7 000 Euros, which is a great price for a classic drum roaster.

If you are looking for innovative and modern solutions, you can also consider the Stronghold S7 Pro coffee roaster. This electric coffee roaster machine is packed with plenty of smart functions, e.g. it allows you to save the latest roast information, so you can re-use it later, you can always change the hot air and halogen level, etc.

As always – you need to pay more for electronic devices. This device’s hourly output is 3,4 kg, but it pays off to invest more in such a device, which is 15 300 Euros. In exchange for that, you will always get the same roast level – this is one of the most stable devices on the market. The best coffee roasting machines you can find on

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