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Can a General Dentist Give Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign treatment is the best option for you to restore your perfect smile or correct a minor dental issue like an underbite or a crossbite. If you have been considering Invisalign before, you probably wonder if a general dentist can provide Invisalign treatment.

This guide will help you discover if you should get aligners from a general dentist.

What Is Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign treatment
Invisalign treatment

Invisalign treatment uses clear aligners to straighten crooked teeth. The braces are invisible and removable. Many patients prefer Invisalign treatment over other options as it is practical and comfortable.

Invisalign treatment begins with a consultation with a trained dentist or orthodontist. The initial consultation gauges the suitability for Invisalign treatment. It also allows your Invisalign provider to customize a treatment plan for you. You might have to wait for a few weeks before your aligners are ready.

Once you get them, your dentist or orthodontist will help you wear them and guide you on eating and brushing your teeth. The aligners will finally straighten your misaligned teeth after some time.

Can You Get Invisalign Treatment From a General Dentist?

Most general dentists can provide Invisalign treatment. However, it is essential to note that dentists do not get additional training. On the other hand, orthodontists continue with training even after graduating from dental school.

They join orthodontic residency programs to get further training. These programs take around two to three years of full-time training. Training is more hands-on during residency. The residents focus on orthodontics, including innovative dental solutions like Invisalign, traditional treatment options such as lingual braces and metal braces.

That is why many orthodontists have the skills to provide quality Invisalign treatment. However, some dentists also have the skills and training to create perfect aligners for their patients. If you have been searching “best Invisalign near me” and have done thorough research, you have the option to choose whoever you prefer.

Why Get Invisalign From Your General Dentist

If your dentist offers Invisalign treatment, it will be best to visit them for the treatment. Visiting your general dentist for the Invisalign treatment offers several benefits such as:

1. More Convenience

You will not have to visit several offices if your dentist offers Invisalign treatment. It will make it easier to go for follow-up and teeth cleaning appointments. Moreover, you can access other dental services like teeth whitening.

2. Your Dentist Knows You Better

Since you have been visiting your general dentist for quite some time now, your dentist is already familiar with your dental health history. Such information allows them to offer quality dental care.

3. You Can Trust Your Dentist

Many patients fail to show up for dental appointments since they had a bad dental experience in the past. Visiting your dentist for Invisalign treatment might be the best option for you if you have had a bad experience elsewhere.

The chances are that you are already comfortable around your dentist. This will speed up the treatment and make it more efficient.

General Dentist vs. Orthodontist – How to Make the Best Decision

If you are interested in Invisalign to fix a minor or major dental issue, you need to make sure you make the best decision. Here are the steps you should follow when choosing a certified Invisalign provider.

1. Identify the Underlying Dental Issue

Before you decide to see a dentist or an orthodontist, it would be best to identify your problem. For example, you are better off seeing a dentist if you are dealing with a minor dental issue. On the other hand, you will have no other choice but to visit an orthodontist if you are looking for a solution to severely crooked teeth or any other major dental issue.

2. Find a Certified Invisalign Provider Near You

You will also have to identify viable options in your area. For instance, you might be forced to see an orthodontist if your local dentist does not offer Invisalign treatment. In such a case, you can search online on the official Invisalign website to find a list of certified Invisalign providers in your area.

You can also check online reviews and ask for referrals from friends and relatives to find a provider near you.

3. Talk to Your Dentist or Orthodontist

Take the time to interview the dentist or orthodontist you have in mind before making the final decision. Ask them all the questions that you might have and gauge their responses. Choose an Invisalign provider you are most comfortable with.

Both general dentists and orthodontists can give Invisalign treatments. It is up to you to choose a certified Invisalign provider you can trust.

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