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How to choose the best skateboard to learn tricks


As a beginner, it’s always hard to know how to choose the best skateboard to learn tricks. There are so many choices and brands, so you’re expected to feel lost. This simple post aims to give you all the information you need about each part, so you’ll know exactly what is the best skateboard to buy. The choice of the deck, the trucks, the wheels, and the bearings are essential. However, the most critical decisions will be the deck and the wheels since they’ll significantly impact your performance. You have to learn more about them now.

How to choose the best skateboard to learn tricks

the decks

As you may know, the deck is the part where you’ll put your feet. Since this post is mainly for beginners, we will only discuss the essential deck type. Most of them are made with 7 layers of maple plywood. You can find on the market some boards with 8 or 9, but it’s usually for heavy riders. If that’s your case, you now know what to choose. Maple is the most choice wood for making decks because it has a good balance between flexibility and robustness. Depending on how often you practice, you can have your deck for many months with quality wood. However, know that you can also find decks made with bamboo. It’s a new thing, and many new skateboarders like the idea. It’s eco-friendly, and the decks are more solid than maple decks. The only problem is that sometimes people think they are too flexible and don’t like that. However, bamboo decks are still excellent choices. Since you’re a beginner, the type of deck that you should choose is a popsicle deck. This complicated word only means that the board’s nose and tail are almost 100% symmetrical. It’s great for beginners because you’ll have better stability than other boards. Balance is usually the biggest challenge for someone starting this sport, so that’s a great choice. It’s also ideal for street skateboarding and to learn tricks.

the trucks

Several truck brands are famous for street skateboarding. If you’ve seen youtube videos or done some research, you may know them. These brands are Independent, Thunder, Caliber, and more. When learning tricks, it’s vital to consider two things: weight and control. The trucks are the heaviest part of a skate. So, the more serious they are, the more difficult it’ll be for you to make a high pop or flip your board, for example. Also, when you buy trucks from great brands, your skate is responsive and lovely. You’ll hate it if it turns too slow when cruising or learning tricks. With brands like Thunder or others, they make trucks that have an extensive combination of those two things. That’s why skateboarders love them. Also, always choose tracks that are made in aluminum. Never take plastic ones because they are the worst. With solid, light, and responsive trucks, you’re excellent.

the wheels

The choice of the wheels is really important. As you may know, there are 4 of them in any skateboard, and that’s how your skate will roll. That’s obvious. They are 2 things that you need to look for before choosing your wheels: the diameter and the durometer. For street skateboarding, you need wheels that are between 50-56mm. They will fit your deck; the smaller they have, the faster you’ll go on the road. Also, with these sizes, you’ll be able to control your board well, and it won’t be too heavy. Also, between 50-53mm, it’s great if you want to go to skateparks. You’ll have a good grip which is essential when learning tricks. The second thing that you should check is the durometer. It would be best if you had hard wheels for street skateboarding. To know if they are, the durometer must be between 92A and 101A. For beginners, it’s better to choose between 92A-99A. They will feel grippy, and it’ll be easier for you to succeed with your tricks.

the bearings

The bearings are the small round pieces that are inside the wheels. You have 2 per wheel for a total of 8. The choice is important because you’ll have a better experience when the quality is good. The bearings are excellent when the acceleration lasts a long time, and you do not need to push your skate to ride constantly. Suitable bearings make your skate roll for a very long time. It’s important to learn tricks so you can have a good position without your skate stopping every 2 seconds. To know if they are great, look at the ABEC number. Usually, the higher the number, the better the bearings. If you want to buy bearings from qualified brands, look for Bones or Spitfire.

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Now you have the info you need before buying your skate. The choice of the brands is really important like in any sport. Also, when you check the specs of a skate, you’ll finally understand what they mean and if that’s what you need. Understanding skateboarding is now easier for you.

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