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Benefits of Framing Your Diploma and Certificates

You might want to consider framing your diploma and certificates for many reasons. First, framing keeps the paper flat and protected. It is done with heat-activated adhesives and should never be used on diplomas with gold seals, real vellum, or sheepskin. Check out Jostens diploma frames and certificates order a diploma frame. Aside from protecting your diploma, framing also creates an individual and cohesive look for your diploma.

Custom framing

If you’re looking for a unique way to display your certificates and diplomas, you should consider custom framing them. Your house or office’s decor may be matched with these personalized frames. Additionally, you have the option to add more memento frames. These frames will protect your prized possession for many years to come.

It’s important to choose the right style for your diploma. Do you want to display your diploma on a shelf in a museum or on your mantle? If so, an artistic frame might be a perfect choice. Or, if you’re proud of your certificate, a sleek, professional frame will enhance the calligraphy. There’s a frame for every style and taste, so choose wisely.

Protecting your diploma with mat board

If you’re framing a diploma or certificate, you may consider using UV glass to protect the document from fading. This kind of glass blocks 97% of harmful rays, but it can still cause fading in some cases. Non-glare or anti-reflective glass is best for bright areas, and museum glass offers UV protection and anti-reflective properties. You can also find mats that match your school’s colors or go for a more sophisticated style.

When preserving a diploma, you should avoid dry mounting it. In addition, you should never adhere a diploma to the mat board. Instead, hang it inside the opening of the mat, and secure it with a conservation-quality backing board. In addition, if you’re framing an old diploma, you may want to add a V-groove to the inside of the bottom opening to show the mat board’s core.

Creating a cohesive look

Adding a photo to your diploma frame is an excellent way to personalize the item. A photo of your graduate with their friends or family reinforces the notion that they were supported during their college years. Similarly, a photo of your child can bring a smile to their face. Adding photos to your diploma frame will help create a cohesive look in your home.

Hanging or displaying your diploma above your desk is the most common way to display it. A frame to your diploma will add a pop of color and meaning to your work area. Make sure you hang it away from the computer monitor and other large objects. Then, your hard work will be a focal point of your room. A custom frame with a vibrant suede mat is a great way to add color and interest to your space.

Creating a unique look with matting

When framing a diploma or certificate, consider adding a mat to give it depth. A mat can be one, two, or three colors, and the border can be of varying thickness. A classic mat color for a diploma is gold, but you can experiment with other color options. For example, if you have a diploma that has gold trim, a thin gold line around the edges of the diploma will add a regal touch to it. Another option for a diploma or certificate is glass or acrylic.

When framing diplomas and certificates, choose conservation-quality lignin-free matting. Available in various colors and textures, these mats are 100% acid-free and professionally bevel-cut.

Extending the life of your diploma

Framing your diploma and certificate has several benefits, from aesthetics to preservation. The best way to keep your diploma in mint condition is to frame it professionally. Proper framing prevents the paper from fading or becoming discolored over time. Acid-free materials, museum-quality reversible mounting, and UV-protected glass are some of the options available to you. You can choose from various frames, depending on the design of your diploma. A traditional wood frame will enhance your diploma’s design and complement the other pieces in the room. Wood frames can reflect the space’s style, while metal frames add a touch of modern sophistication. Choose a frame style that complements the room’s decor, or frame a combination of both. If your diploma is valuable enough to be framed, consider a ready-made diploma frame set from a reputable framing company.

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