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Advantages of Call Center Outsourcing

The ever-increasing need to satisfy customers has led many organizations to outsource their call center services. It is now common to see several organization that hires external call centers. At the same time, they focus on the organization’s other departments. Numerous benefits exist when they do this, which is why organizations are shifting from employing in-house call centers to hiring external ones. In this write-up, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing call centers.

Meaning of Call Center Outsourcing

Call center outsourcing involves introducing a Defsoft Media to handle your customer or call service needs. Various organizations today have recognized the need to apply an expert customer service organization. Thus it is not a new thing to involve one. Outsourcing call center service could be done locally by involving a party from your home country, and it could also be done by applying to other customer service organizations from another country. When these third parties are hired, you can either give out some duties for them to handle or outsource all of your customer service needs and expectations to them. Either of the paths you choose depends on your company goals and objectives regarding customer satisfaction.

As opposed to in-house customer service, where you have your call center and customer service representatives within the shore of your organization, call center outsourcing doesn’t require that your organization provides the infrastructure, equipment, training, staffing, or technology that the third party needs to carry out their operations. You only hire them as your go-to call center representative and get them paid for their service. This doesn’t only helps save you from a lot of costs. Still, it enables you to focus on other operations within your organization.

Advantages of Outsourcing your Call Center Service

It is less expensive.

Securing an in-house call center requires a lot of spending on setting up and maintaining. When you decide to have an in-house call center, you would have to think about training and re-training the human resources involved. Not only limited to that, but you would also have to think about paying their salaries. Apart from your call center human resources that you must take care of every time, it would be best if you also put in place the tools, assets, equipment, internet service, and infrastructure that will be required for the smooth running of your in-house call centers operation. These are not part of your concerns when hiring an outsource call center, as you only get to pay the external call center organization for their service.

They are highly flexible.

Today, so many things are changing, and customers’ needs & expectations are getting high. External call centers have been proven to be able to meet these expectations. Most customers want their requests and questions handled almost immediately, which is what external call centers do. To make things easier, they operate for 24 hours every day and even on holidays. They can handle several calls and demands of various customers at a glimpse. They are well equipped with many resources, making working smoothly feasible even at the busiest times.

Provides Access to Experts Call Center Representatives

Some organizations today have taken the sole responsibility of handling call center activities and operations. They only focus on that, and they render this service to companies. They thus ensure that they are well knowledgeable in this service that they generate. They undergo several training and a proven number of years of experience in rendering calls and customer care services; they give only the best to customers. They are aware of the new and latest strategies in managing your customers because this is what they solely do and focus on.

Access to the latest Technology, Data, and highly Enhanced infrastructure

External call centers are rapidly growing and expanding to meet the demands of several organizations and customers. It is common to see many investing in several tools and infrastructures, software for data collection, Artificial intelligence packages, and many more. All of these are not readily accessible to most in-house call centers.

Improved Customers Satisfaction

Outsource call centers mainly focus on rendering their call service to your customers, making the communication between them and your customer the best. They are trained for this, and they take this as a responsibility. Most in-house call centers handle other operations within the organization, making them inaccessible sometimes. To achieve customer satisfaction and retention, outsourcing to an external call center is the best.

In as much as outsourcing your call center service to Defsoft Media is the best for your business, if it is not done correctly and carefully, you might experience some risk. Below are the disadvantages of call center outsourcing.

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Confidentiality and Security

Maintaining and keeping the data of customers safe is key. Rules regarding retaining the information of each client safe must be met and agreed upon by the external call centers and your organization. It is easier to keep the loyalty of in-house call centers because you all work hand in hand and are well familiar with your persons. Thus, it should be a rule of thumb for you to work with an outsource organization you trust. Compliant regulations such as PCI, ISO, and others must be met at all costs.

It can sometimes be costly if not adequately planned.

It would help if you worked out the duties, operations, and work patterns to be handled by the external call centers. Areas, scope, and mode of operations should be worked out and followed diligently. You and your external call centers should have a planned and agreed contract. If all these are not correctly followed, an organization might incur extra expenses. You could, however, extend your pattern or areas to be handled. Still, all of these must be intentionally planned out and agreed on.


Communication between the external call centers and the other departments within the organization might sometimes be restricted. It is easier for individuals within different departments of the organization to easily communicate with the in-house call centers than with the outsource call centers. Request and Feedback from customers might sometimes need the involvement of some departments of the organization. An excellent way to solve this is to work out a channel with thorough communication between the external call centers and other organization departments.

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