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How Do Your Actions Affect Others? Learn How

How do your actions affect others around us? Did our words and actions can seriously impact others.?

before starting this article, I would ask a few questions?

Would you agree with me if I said everything you say or do affects others around you? Are you one of those people, who like me, believe that your actions affect others, but how?

Many believe our actions and words have a ripple effect in the world. You know a bigger object always causes it, but even the smallest element can impact highly.

It is the same with us. What we say, text, do, or might post can affect a person negatively or positively. It is like a deadly cycle that I will explain later on. You can change someone’s entire day.

your actions affect others
your actions affect others

As Kerri Walsh Jennings says:

“Being kind to someone has the potential for changing someone’s entire day. It has the potential to change someone’s entire life,” (Vice versa).

McKinsey & Co did research in which they stated how a typical American either reads or hears more than a hundred thousand words each day. Now just take a moment and think to yourself, the words you use every day are you helping or hurting others with them?

For many, the next question would be, why? Because it impacts the people around you. Let us look at how your actions affect others?

How Does Your Actions Impact Others?

Believe it or not, but your actions, words, attitude, behaviour, and even your perception can affect a person. Many people do not know or consider this statement.

It’s like a ripple effect in the world, where a bigger object causes it, but even the smallest objects make a high impact. It is up to you whether you want to impact someone positively or negatively!

Let us look at a workplace example. A leader who is positive in his words and actions will influence his team positively and motivate them to do more. However, if the same leader is down or negative, it will affect the team, and they will procrastinate and become demotivated.

The fact of life is, we never know what is happening in someone’s life, and people look for empathy, happiness, and positivity.

I believe we start a vicious cycle with our words and actions. Let me explain how your words and actions affect a person through the impact cycle.

Words/Actions Impact Cycle

People have various insecurities about themselves, and we do not know what is happening in everyone’s personal life. Some are living a generally happy life, while some are struggling to live.

Imagine a person at work who struggles to get a job and living on loans and help from family and friends finally gets a job as a cashier at a shop. Now, you have never met her, but she’s excited to start her job, even though she has broken nails and messy hair, and no clean shoes.

You as a stranger look at her from head to toe, whisper something to your friend and laugh looking at her. It’s a small action. Or maybe you say, “How did someone who looks like you got a job in this place.”

It’s a small action or a sentence you say, but the effect that it takes on her is something you cannot say. She was already struggling and you just put a dark cloud on her head, and she’s over-analyzing everything, and her confidence level just drops.

What happens? She goes home, overthinking and angry, and takes it out maybe on her neighbour or her siblings or a friend for the smallest of reason because she got overwhelmed with your actions or words, which then puts them down because she has no idea what kind of day they have had and so on, the cycle continues.

Hurtful actions or comments stay with people, and most of them carry it for the rest of their life.

On the other hand, if you would have smiled at her and asked her how she was or even just that she was doing a great job or anything positive. You would have boosted the energy and confidence she was looking for. If she was having a bad day, your positive energy would have reflected on her and made her happy and changed her energy, which means she would take the positive energy with her and give it to others like her friends, family and they would do the same.

That is why Rachel Wolchin states:

“Be mindful with words. A string of some that don’t mean much to you may stick with someone for a lifetime.”

You should always stop and think before criticizing someone or commenting on someone’s looks or generally on how they are. It is easy to judge and criticize without being in their shoes.

You should understand, it’s not only adults but children also get affected by your actions and words.

According to studies, a person, on average touches the lives of around 80,000 lives. Now the question is, do you want to touch them positively or negatively?

How to Ensure Your Action or Words has a Positive Ripple Effect?

There are three tips you can follow to ensure you have a positive impact on someone and you give out positive energy to the next person.

  1. Analyze Your Approach

The first step to ensuring you have a positive ripple effect is analyzing the actions you take. Don’t just take action.

Think: If I take this action, how will it impact the other person?

It is extremely important to focus on the impact our actions can have. The more you evaluate your actions regarding impact, the easier it will be for you to find motivation in ensuring your actions are positive. Appreciate the people around you and always have a positive voice.

  1. Be Conscious

When one understands that their actions actually affect others, making it easy for them to be aware and conscious of what they are doing or saying. Remember, you can be affecting someone’s mental health with the words or actions you choose to use.

If you do happen to burst or something triggers, you always apologize. That is why people always say, “Think before you speak!” With positive thinking come positive changes.

  1. Start With Small Positive Changes

You can make a long-lasting positive impact on others by making small changes in your daily life. There are many, many small things you can do, and we cannot cover them all in an article. However, let me mention a few to give you an idea:

  • Smile! Smile and look in the eyes of people you meet, like cashiers, taxi drivers, family, friends, and other people anywhere at any time.
  • Hold the door if someone is behind you.
  • Compliment someone. A compliment can change the whole outlook of a person’s day.
  • Always show gratitude.
  • Postpositive comments and photos on your social media platform.

They seem small but have a high impact on others. You do not have to overcomplicate everything; you only need to remember that even a tiny bit of positivity can go a long way.

So, what do you think? Do you think my impact cycle theory is right? Have you ever got put down or got your day made by someone’s words or actions. If you have, do comment below on your personal experience.

What impact do individual actions have on other people’s lives?

Each person’s actions have an impact on the lives of others. We can learn a lot from their appearance. Things that are bad have an impact on how we think and act. We make mistakes and learn from them, and we have collected more information on which to base our choices.


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