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Working Healthy and Smarter with Gaming Chairs

In recent times, a lot of our activities are executed in the sitting position. A lot of people spend very long hours sitting and this oftentimes results in health complications including backaches, neck pain, and obesity. The use of gaming chairs has become relevant because of the comfort and many benefits that come with sitting in them and this article will serve to enlighten you on why you should do your sitting activities in a gaming chair as much as you can.

Improving your Health and Work Productivity with Gaming Chairs

Productivity is best achieved when your system is very active. But on average, a person can sit for as long as 13 hours in a day, working in front of a computer, eating, commuting from one location to another, reading a book, and even resting on the sofa to watch TV.

A lot of health complications including cardiovascular diseases and even depression have been found to result from sitting for long periods, because the longer people sit, the more they are likely to adopt a poor posture to support their frame and get more comfortable.

Maintaining Good and Healthy Posture with Gaming Chairs.

When you use a gaming chair for your sitting activities, your body system stands to benefit and enjoy a certain level of protection in these three ways:

  1. Better Sitting Posture: The gaming chair comes with cushions and a backrest which is tapered to offer you some support and properly align your spine as it should be when seated.
  2. Minimized Pain: Because gaming chairs offer the necessary support for your body weight, you are able to relax your muscles and body as you go about your activity.
  3. Increased Blood Circulation: Your feet remain flat on the floor when you are seated in a gaming chair and this ensures you get maximum blood circulation even when seated.

The thick padding of the gaming chair takes in your weight and supports your frame , letting you relax so much that you are able to conserve your energy and focus on your work. You really don’t have to do anything to get the best of your gaming chair except to sit in it and do your activity. You can go for short breaks to further replenish and get back to sitting again without any fear of health complications!

Major Advantages of Gaming Chairs

Quite a number of professional jobs are carried out in a sitting position, whether you are a computer professional or just a white-collar worker doing a desk job and attending to files, you will be required to sit in a chair. But the complications that come with sitting for long hours are not a priority and this is why you would naturally just find office chairs in our working environment. But these cheap chairs are barely comfortable and the longer you sit, the more work your body has to do to support its frame in the chairs. This will inevitably cause you to sink into a bad posture and affect your body functions.

Healthy Posture Support

Supporting your body posture is the major advantage derived from using game chairs as this is what relaxes your muscles, helps to conserve energy, and prevent you from sinking into an unhealthy posture as time goes on.

Other advantages of using game chairs include the following:

Great Comfort

Using a game chair will offer optimum comfort that cannot be derived from the regular office chairs. The improved padding and cushions that come with these chairs allow you to sit at your computer for a longer period and keeps you comfortable. Gaming chairs also come with a variety of adjustment options that helps you carry out your computer activities in a comfortable and efficient position. So rather than try and fit into your chair as is usually the case with regular office chairs, you can set your gaming chair to fit your frame.

Gaming chairs are usually more padded than regular office chairs. These paddings are thick, cold cure foam padding that is a top choice in the furniture industry. They compress to accommodate your body shape when you sit and are able to pop right back into position when you get up. Gaming chairs not only offer this kind of padding, because they are specially made for gamers who make a lot of quick mouse movements over a stretch of time, but they are also further covered in faux leather for extra comfort.

Adequate Back Support

Backache is one of the many complications you don’t have to risk using a game chair. This is because this type of chair comes with cushion support at the neck and lower back levels, keeping your spine in a healthy curve.

The gaming chair is designed to help you maintain a good posture in a comfortable way that leaves you sitting tall and confident, leaving you with all of the following:

  • Minimized tension in your shoulders and neck
  • Minimal headaches
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Extended lung capacity
  • Minimal pain in the lower back
  • Increased energy and core strength

Increased Energy

Experiencing increased energy is not strange when using a gaming chair. It is a natural feeling that comes with having a chair support your frame without putting your body and muscles to work in a bit to fit into your chair. An unhealthy posture will drain your energy and reduce your willingness to work. This is because of the strenuous effect of slouching on specific parts of your body such as your neck and back, resulting in a serious, piercing pain that slows your breathing and leaves you extremely tired. It also causes a reduction in blood circulation, further making you feel uneasy and unfocused, but the increased energy you will get from using a game chair will increase your working periods and consequently boost productivity.

Sitting for long periods can reduce blood circulation especially in the feet, which can cause your blood to clot and cause swelling in your feet, or worse, travel up to the lungs and cause what is known as pulmonary embolism.

You don’t have to deal with all these complications when you use a gaming chair for your sitting activities because the chair is designed to protect your feet, neck, back, shoulders and spine! Your spine is properly aligned to allow you to breathe better and increase the inflow of oxygen into your body. This is why professional gamers such as stormKUBO make use of gaming chairs for their marathon tourneys.

Increased Concentration

A research study on the “effects of comfort in the workplace” carried out by ergonomic scientists at Herman Miller has shown that people can easily get distracted when they are not comfortable at work, while good working furniture helps workers stay focused.

A similar study carried out by the American Posture Institute has also discovered that unhealthy posture adversely affects student focus and productivity.

In fact, quite a number of studies revealed the same thing; bad posture equals a foul mood and diminishes brain function. Maintaining a good posture will also reduce the stress hormone called cortisol and improve the production of testosterone. This further reiterates the fact that gaming chairs keep you in a firm, powerful posture that is good for your body and will give you an energy boost that increases your productivity.

Possible Effects of Unhealthy Posture for Computer Users

With an average of 86% of American workers having to sit for long hours to earn a living, lower back pain has become one of the highest causes of health complications in the country; this back pain thereafter becomes an underlying cause of other health problems. About two-thirds of working Americans have to deal with increased, painful fatigue every day, while up to 40% have obesity to contend with and all of this is as a result of carrying out long sitting activities in an unhealthy posture.

Causes of Unhealthy Posture

Both muscles of the upper body and the spine are responsible for holding the body against gravity. The spine retains a straight position except at the small of the back where there is an indented curve in a healthy sitting posture but sitting at a desk or staying glued to your phone for hours can lead to a sagging of the spine, tilting the pelvis and protruding your tummy.

When this happens frequently it tends to become a habitual way of sitting since the body gets used to it over time but your muscles have to suffer the strain and it eventually leads to extreme pain and fatigue. It is easier to overlook an unhealthy posture because it happens over a period of time and you hardly even notice.

Health Disadvantages of Unhealthy posture

A study of unhealthy sitting posture at work using a life-sized dummy called Emma has shown that one can develop a protruding stomach, hunchback,  varicose veins, and swollen joints amongst others from constantly maintaining an unhealthy sitting posture over a long period of time. The result of this study serves to ensure a positive change in the way we sit while at work. Unhealthy posture and its many health complications can eventually lead to premature death!

If you are suffering from any of the health complications already mentioned you might want to look into your sitting posture, get a gaming chair, and make some positive improvements.

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General Benefits of Gaming Chairs for All

In as much as it has been stated that gaming chairs improve healthy posture, many might not see it as very important because there are other furniture and products in the market that also serves to improve healthy posture. But it is important to note that while other products and furniture such as ergonomic kneeling chairs and back braces are tools of general application, gaming chairs have been made specifically for computing purposes.

Gaming chairs are quite flexible and can be adjusted to do a variety of computing tasks, like managing the mouse. Back and armrests are present to ensure support for your frame and its thick padding also ensures you remain comfortable for a long period of time.

Gaming Chairs are effective for carrying out desk activities and electronic sports and can be very valuable for people across different age groups, irrespective of gender:

Benefits of Gaming Chairs for Men

Keeping an unhealthy posture at work can zap energy, strain the muscles, and can cause fat accumulation in men. Resulting in the loss of muscle and an increase in fat.

This will no doubt adversely affect performance and productivity and will even result in loss of zeal when it comes to carrying out sitting activities. Learning to use and eventually making use of a gaming chair in place of the regular office chairs will definitely help you keep up and excel at work.

Unhealthy posture also affects the appearance and will contribute to how a man is perceived and addressed in public. A slouching posture will portray you as a weak and submissive man and can lead to you getting pushed around, causing a loss of confidence and authority. Get a gaming chair and see how positively good posture affects your public outlook and your relationship with others!

If as a man you have to sit for long periods to make a living, consider doing that in a gaming chair. This will help you maintain great posture, stay healthy, confident, and ready to take undertake more difficult tasks no matter how risky they are!

Benefits of Gaming Chairs for Women

An unhealthy, slouching posture can cause the ribcage to expand, reducing the capacity of the lungs and leading to shortness of breath, which tends to happen often when anxiety sets in. While calculated, deep breaths will help stimulate evolved areas of the brain such as the cerebral cortex, short and shallow breaths will only stimulate the undeveloped lower brain, leading to a reduction in brain productivity.

Sitting in a gaming chair makes it easy to take calculated breaths that will allow more oxygen into your body- up to 30%, reduce anxiety, stress, and high blood pressure.

Maintaining a good posture will also give you a better figure as it prevents your hips from developing a backward curve and prevent you from ending up with an unattractive, protruding stomach. Helping you sit tall and look glamorous at all times.

Every woman knows the perks of being elegant and attractive, so you know how important it is to get a gaming chair and maintain that attractive, vibrant look!

Benefits of Gaming Chairs for Kids

Gaming chairs over the same benefits for kids as it does for adults; eradicating the numerous health complications that come with regular office chairs. But we know children love to play video games, a lot! And this further makes the gaming chair a perfect choice for them. Kids can adopt the habit of good sitting posture from a young age with gaming chairs. This will also help them grow strong shoulder and back muscles and over a long period of time, you see them maintaining that good posture as they carry out their regular daily activities.

Healthy postures will also keep the strong and energetic, help them grow well, and give them the boost of confidence to deal with, and excel in activities at home and in public. Getting a gaming chair for that kid with an unhealthy posture will offer them a range of health benefits; all you have to do is buy their favorite video game alongside to ensure they spend a lot of time in these chairs. That way, they can correct unconsciously correct their posture while they have fun.

Benefits of Gaming Chairs for Professionals

Whether you are a write, accountant, professional gamer, computer programmer or secretary, among other sitting jobs, you need a gaming chair to maintain a good sitting posture, conserve your energy, keep you focused on your work activities and maintain alertness all through your working hours.

Your posture can affect your mood and a positive mood is what you need for maximum productivity at work. If you develop bad mood swings, it might not only affect your productivity but can also cause you to lose your job.

Gaming chairs offer a gradual improvement from unhealthy to healthy sitting postures and leaves you refreshed and focused on your many computing tasks. It is not a miracle and will take time, especially if you already suffer the consequences of an unhealthy posture, but as time goes by you are bound to see the positive effects of constantly sitting in a game chair as much as you can while working.

A gaming chair will help every professional deliver professional results at work; you get to sit comfortably, in a healthy posture that calms your nerves, eradicates the strain on your muscles, sharpens your memory, and gives you a boost of energy that keep you focused on work and deliver valuable results!


It is no doubt that people all over the world spend more time sitting than they do performing other activities in a day. Because even when we are not working at our desks, we are resting on a couch and watching television on fixed on our smartphones, replying to texts, and doing a lot of other minor tasks.

Children have to sit to take lessons when they go to school; you are likely to get stuck in traffic on your way to and from work. Movement at work and in other places can be restricted due to a lack of ground for everyone to move around. When you meet up with your friends and loved ones, you are either sitting in a restaurant having dinner, sitting in a cinema, or at a bar, having drinks.

A lot of our daily activities require sitting and having to support your frame with your muscles while doing those activities because you are sitting in a cheap chair will eventually take its toll on you, leaving you with the many complications of unhealthy posture.

Gaming chairs are an effective way of combating these health problems across all ages and gender, as everyone has one health benefit or another to gain from constant usage of the gaming chair.

Chances are high that you already suffer from a bad posture if you spend too many hours in cheap office chairs, which means you are on a downward spiral to bad health and its many consequences.

Are you ready to make a positive change and improve your posture and health with gaming chairs? Check out our site, look into our catalog and use our guides to make your choice. You can go through our reviews from satisfied clients and determine whether you want a cheap or costly gaming chair. Whichever you settle for, get it, learn to use it, and start seeing the positive changes to your health and lifestyle!

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